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Can’t Clutch This Reveal: August


Big Mistake Eraser Clutch

Big mistake. Big. Huge. I have to go shopping now!

It’s an ERASER CLUTCH, folks!!!!! A giant eraser. And we couldn’t resist a good movie reference while we were at it because duh. =) Even better…. 1) We brought back on of our most popular keychains, the (faux) fur pouf!!! And 2) Per so many requests, we’re trying something new this time! Instead of two keychains, we’ve created one keychain and one enamel pin that go with the clutch! Lots of you have been asking for more pins so we thought we’d give it a whirl!! The pin is a super cute little pink diary with a heart lock!!

This one works so well for those of you headed back to school but is also just awesome even if you’re not because I KNOW all of us are still strolling those school supply aisles. The pink is such a fun shade and the “Big Mistake” is embroidered on and looks SO good in real life. I can’t WAIT for you to get your hands on it!!! Check out the video below for all the details

Big Mistake Eraser ClutchBig Mistake Eraser ClutchBig Mistake Eraser ClutchBig Mistake Eraser ClutchBig Mistake Eraser ClutchBig Mistake Eraser Clutch

Photos by Jeff Mindell

Remember, if you are already a subscriber be sure to head to your shop account and add your keychains before your box ships on August 20th!

And if you haven’t yet joined Can’t Clutch This… let me tell you about it! It’s our month-to-month subscription where you get a new (exclusive!) clutch in the mail each month. You can choose to add on fun keychains (and now pins too!) each month!! With each clutch, my goal is to help you infuse a little bit of Studio DIY style and color into your everyday! Head over here to learn more and subscribe!







  • Terrell

    LOVE IT!!! You all nailed another fab design! My daughter will love using this for her first week of Jr. High and then I can steal it back for a fun carry too! LOVE the enamel pins!! Keep those coming!!! 🙂

  • Kristina B

    I missed it and I am so sad it’s embarrassing.

  • Molly

    I love it! Such a fab idea! Also Kelly, I’m loving the pants! Where did you get them from? xoxo

  • Julie Gallagher

    YAY! This is so so ggod! Every month it just gets better!

  • Mia

    OMG I am dying!!!!! I am so sad that I’m not on the waitlist and I can’t get it!

    • AJ

      This isn’t one I’d use if you’d be interested in mine!

      • Valerie

        I tried to buy this this morning after being one of the first few people to view the reveal on YouTube. Unfortunately it was sold out, and I was only able to get on a wait list. Why blast something all over the internet that is unavailable? Seems so weird to me. been following your blog/insta/YouTube since the beginning and feel very put off that you are promoting something that is sold out. When I spoke with the live chat she informed me that the YouTube video was for subscribers (can’t clutch this) only!?! I’m sorry, I didn’t realize it was a private video. I wouldn’t have watched if I had known….

        • Kelly

          Totally understand your frustration, Valerie! Unfortunately, even if it’s sold out, the blog, youtube and Instagram are the platforms I have to use to share the reveal with subscribers. Plus, it’s something we’ve worked really hard on and are excited to share with the world. Our subscription has grown faster than expected and we are constantly working on our ability to get more clutches in the hands of more people!!

  • Jewel edwards

    Please bring back the broke clutch as a special purchase!

  • Michelle

    Haha, you always have such hilarious and creative ideas! I love it!

  • artificial sinew supplier

    Wow! This is another fabolus design you shared with us. Loved it. Thanks for sharing it.

  • Leah

    OBSESSED with this clutch and that photo of you “erasing” the paint on the wall. SO CLEVER.

    I’ve been quietly obsessing over these clutches without signing up all year. My fiance and I recently moved in together causing me to purge a lot of clothes/decor for space and commit to not buying every cute thing I saw (#savingforahouseandpayingforawedding).

    Well the Big Mistake eraser clutch did me in. I LOVED those erasers as a kid. Here’s hoping more inventory comes in, but I must say even if they don’t, I know the next available one will be to die for.

    Keep up the amazing work Kelly & Co.

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