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(Some Links That Are Way More Important Than A) Happy Weekend


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I wrote a “Happy Weekend” post and then wanted to punch myself. The domestic terrorism in Charlottesville last weekend was horrifying, but not surprising. Our president’s reaction to what happened in Charlottesville was vile, but not unexpected. This. Is. A. Problem.

I’m not the first to say this and I hope I won’t be the last but… when there are two sides, and nazis and the KKK are on one of them… You choose the other side. It’s not hard. If anyone here disagrees with that, you have come to the wrong place.

This blog is meant to be a happy place but it’s also meant to be an inclusive, positive and supportive community for ALL. We spread love and not hate. Except what happened last weekend shouldn’t even be disguised as just hate. Racism, religious intolerance, sexism, homophobia, so many more. Those words need to be heard and they need to be condemned. If they are going to be shouted from the rooftops by white nationalists, we need to shout louder. And while I may have a long way to go in educating myself on the deeply-rooted issues at the helm of the happenings this week, and I’m not going to pretend I don’t, I know enough to be 100% sure that staying silent is the worst thing I can do. Especially when I am lucky enough to have a platform such as this to speak from.

There is no place for racism in this world and no place in this country for a president who thinks the people spewing it are “fine people.”

This weekend, I’d like to encourage you to spread love, positivity and inclusiveness, as I always indirectly do. But I’d also like to encourage you to start condemning the opposite. In lieu of our typical links, I wanted to share some important articles and videos that my peers, who are far more educated on these topics, have been sharing this week. I am learning a lot and I hope you will too.

The Most Important Things To Watch and Read This Weekend

A very hard but very important video to watch from Vice, where a reporter interviews white nationalist leaders and counter-protestors.

On Raising Race-Conscious Children.

On why and how words matter.

Eight ways you can help after Charlottesville.

On why people are still racist.

A syllabus for white people to educate themselves.

On how Charlottesville was painful, but it wasn’t a surprise.

First hand accounts from U. Va. students.

On how “nice white people” benefit from Charlottesville and white supremacy.

A reformed white nationalist speaks out on Charlottesville.

A live conversation about what’s happening in our country right now and how to learn what to say and how to help.

Should any of you have further articles to share, please leave them in the comments below so we can all learn from each other. 










  • Lisa

    Kelly, thank you so much for using your platform to speak up. I find it unfortunate that many influent Bloggers (“nice white people” as the Teen Vogue article accurately states) share a Picture in their IG Story 2 days after the fact because they’ve been called out on it – I mean, don’t These People read the News, don’t they care about the Society they live and their children will grow up in?
    Anyway, enough for the rant. Thank you for the links – I may not live in the US, and Europe has a different Story, but it watching what is Happening in the US feels like a distorted Vision of the future on our side of the ocean. I really hope that People stop being that narrow-minded, bigotted and just plain stupid, but hope is running low These days…

  • Mia

    Thank you for using this platform to stand up against hate. Stay strong.

  • Kelly


    Thank you so much for speaking up on your platform and sharing these links! I think the 1st link from Vice is especially powerful. It’s hard to watch, but so necessary to.

    I especially love this “… I know enough to be 100% sure that staying silent is the worst thing I can do.” Remaining silent or “staying out of it” is ultimately choosing a side. Thank you for not staying silent. Sending love to you, your family, your team and to all the other Studio DIY readers.

    • Kelly

      Thanks Kelly! I totally agree. The Vice video is hard to digest, but so important!

  • Marie

    Thank you! It’s about time people start speaking up and stop just ignoring what’s going on. I wish more people would do the same!

  • Kristina B

    I totally get how some bloggers want to give their audience a way to shut out the ugliness of the world and don’t address news and politics but there’s just some things you can’t shut out and I love that you are using your platform to shut out HATE.
    I’ll be using my tiny platform, my store, to offer sheet cake (a’la Tina Fey) to anyone who comes in. 🙂

  • Karen

    This twitter thread about not giving platform to White Nationalists/Nazis/Spencer was pretty eye opening.

    Specifically talks about a need to give people tools to combat propaganda and recognize it instead of spreading it.

  • anna

    This post is amazing! Thanks for addressing these issues instead of just sweeping them under the rug.

  • Christina

    You go, girl! Thank you for that articulate, thoughtful statement. And for saying something when you could have chosen to be silent.

  • Jonel

    Thank you for using your blog to address an important social issue. I participated in an extremely peaceful walk in support of Charlottesville on Saturday. At 56 years old, I am finding it hard to imagine that I am just this year having to march for social issues. How sad that our society has gotten this way. I am starting to post thankful thoughts on my facebook page daily in hopes that the gratitude that I am throwing out will inspire others to be thankful.
    Today I am thankful for bloggers like you who are standing up.

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