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Arlo: Seven Months


Arlo: 7 Months

Seven months feels like he’s basically a year now. Kind of like how 5:16pm feels like 5:15pm but 5:17pm might as well be 5:20pm. Know what I mean? Haha!

So the biggest thing to note here is TEETHING. Holy moly, it’s no joke… huh!? Definitely one of the hardest things we’ve faced so far, but Arlo is now the proud owner of two tiny teeth. He started acting INSANE about two weeks ago, scream-crying bloody murder with no calming him down. While he’s a whiny, screech-y, demanding and active baby, he’s never been one to sob/scream for hours on end with nothing that will soothe him. Once I finally weaseled my finger into his mouth, I felt a very sharp point of a tooth and we realized that was the culprit! I’ve been in tears a few times, and tylenol and these munchkin mush feeders have been our best friends, but I *think* we’re about out of the woods on that one… until the next 25 teeth start! Haha!

Food is still an area where I feel really not confident. We’ve been trying a little of everything and while he still seems to eat the most when he eats purees, he’s started getting kind of frustrated with the whole “being fed” thing. He also won’t eat any mashed food with any texture whatsoever. He kind of seems to be showing signs of wanting to feed himself, perhaps?

So I’m thinking we should try more of the baby led weaning approach and see how that goes. Except… I’m convinced he’s going to choke to death!? I know several of you have recommended baby led weaning to me before, but did you guys just watch your babies like HAWKS when they ate or do I have an abnormally strong baby? Whenever I’ve given him big chunks of food to nibble on, he either manages to shove almost the whole thing in his mouth OR he bites big pieces off and the chocking hazard really freaks me out! Am I just too paranoid? If any of you have good resources or thoughts on what’s safe and what’s not, best practices, etc., please let me know. I feel so lost here!

Honestly that feels like what consumed us the past few weeks, I can barely remember anything else! We definitely need to baby proof. ASAP. He’s scooting around all over the place but still can’t quite get up into a real crawling position. He can sit like a champ and I love that, as a result, I can set him down places now if I need a free hand for a second. His new favorite game is rolling the ball back and forth and throwing everything he can get his hands on then immediately laughing about it. Haha! He also dances and bops with music now. Ohmygosh it’s so cute!!

And that’s baby A, seven months and crazier than ever!

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  • chelsey

    Hey there! I have found this website EXTREMELY helpful for baby-led weaning: – they even have an online video course so you can see what type of gagging while eating is okay! Hope it helps 🙂

  • Caitlin Lee

    Baby led weaning for the win! Yes, you watch, but then you’ll relax about it. You’ll learn the different between gagging and choking, They will gag a lot as their gag reflex is way more sensitive than ours is. Which is a good thing! It prevents them from choking. From how you’ve described Arlo, he seems like he’s a determined little guy. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s way happier once he starts feeding himself. It’s the best way to promote independence and autonomy. They feel like they are in control, which they are! Good luck in your research! Read a little bit more and you’ll see that it really is an easy way to feed baby! The best part is not cooking twice! They eat what you eat. It’s awesome.

    • Kelly

      Thank you for the encouragement!! I definitely think he’ll like it if I can get past my crazy fears!!

  • Dorothy

    Oatmeal is a great transition food! Each time you give it, make it a tiny bit chunkier by adding a little less water. That helped our boy transition to solids.

    • Dorothy

      Also, our boy hates messy hands so we still spoon feed him but he will eat cheerios and other things by picking them up. As long as they’re not messy! 🙂

  • Lily toledo

    I Agree with the rest of the comments. Have you tried plums organic pouches ? He could hold the pouch himself and learn to suck on it and feed himself! My one year old LOVES them.

    • Kelly

      I haven’t!! Will have to look into them!! He’d probably love that, he loves holding his sippy cup himself!

  • Tran Nguyen

    My baby is 16 months (I guess not a baby anymore… :*( ). She loves stuffing her face with food if we leave it in front of her, and won’t stop when her mouth is full. Even when she starts choking she keeps wanting to put more and more food into her mouth.. so we definitely keep an eye on her when she’s feeding herself. And we will pull the plate away if her mouth gets too full.

  • Molly

    Our baby gagged on every. little. thing. If it was even slightly more chunky than puree, he was very dramatic and acted as if he would die, but he just got watery eyes. So scary at first, but we got used to it. Luckily that stage passed! It was easy enough to fish out anything that HE thought he was choking on.

    We started with cheerios because they get soggy really fast and if he gagged, I could easily get it out or give him a tiny something to drink to wash it down. He LOVED feeding himself cheerios (one at a time) and it had the plus of keeping him busy. We also did blueberries! They smash up easily (he gummed them to death) and are easy to swallow.

    As far as baby led weaning, we cut up soft food like fruit small enough that he couldn’t choke on it (about the size of a blueberry) and let him go to town, putting a few pieces down at a time. Otherwise he tried to double fist it and cram it all in, or throw it on the ground. Haha!

    You could always strip him down and let him try feeding himself oatmeal and see how he does. I tried that a couple times and my baby wanted to squish and feel it between his fingers before putting it in his mouth. Lots of clean up, but he enjoyed it and actually ate it instead of gagging. Also, he’s a big spoon grabber, so I try to give him s little toy to play with as I feed him.

    Last of all, purées in pouches are great! When I can get them on sale, I do becuase he can kind of feed himself while I supervise.

    Best of luck momma! Arlo is a doll and you’re doing great!!

  • Grace

    I’m a pretty laid back parent , but I did baby led weaning and let her eat anything dissolvable till she got teeth… but I would just say that choking on stuff is pretty much gauranteed at the beginning … especially if you have a food crammer. Just know the ways to help if they need it … but they get through it pretty well by themselves

  • Jess

    (Fat fingers!)
    ..weleda teething powder it’s great and natural so you can used it as often as needed we dip our haakaa corn toothbbrush into it and that keeps him happy for a wee while! 👍🏼
    BLW is the way to go max has been feeding himself since 6months He was grabbing at my plate so I gave it a go and found meal time were so much more enjoyable when he can sit there and play with his own food instead of spoon feeding him every 10secs! and don’t worry about how much is actually going in remember food is for fun under 1!
    Good luck
    Jess and max

    • Jess

      Ok that was wired ⬆️ Thought I’d pressed send half way through! (Hence the fat fingers) But the good stuffs in the second half! Basically weleda powder and baby led for the win!

  • Amanda

    We did baby led weaning and it worked great for our little guy, he absolutely loved feeding himself. I will say you guys should definitely look up some CPR videos online before starting because it’s pretty much a given choking will happen in the beginning. Most of the time they just are gagging and a-okay, but I had one time I had to do the baby Heimlich. It was definitely a scary moment but because I knew exactly what to do I was able to stay super calm and do what needed to be done. And after it was all over my little guy went right back to eating like nothing happened.

    As for the teething, you might try rubbing a wet washcloth over his gums every day. It helped out a little bit when our guy was teething and also got him prepared for when we would start brushing his teeth with a toothbrush.

    Love seeing and reading Arlo’s monthly updates!

  • Megan

    Have you tried dry toast. We found this to be a great starting point. Cut them into soliders and let our daughter go to town. They get soggy super quick and the help with feeding as well as gross motor development.

    I was avoiding letting my daughter feed herself but I couldn’t stand the thought of food being EVERYWHERE and I feared she’d choke. But one day I just told myself to suck it up and handed her the spoon. I’ve never looked back

  • Deanna

    There are already so many great comments but a couple more resources for baby led weaning you should check out are and the Baby-Led Feeding Cookbook by Aileen Cox-Blundell (it is on Amazon).

  • Mariella Towey

    First of all, I love Arlo so much! As for the teething, Camilia has made teething for my 9 month old not as dramatic as I thought! It’s all natural and works like a charm every time.

    I promise it’s a life saver!

  • Krista luney

    Try mum mum crackers. They melt when they put it in their mouth and completely safe to eat. Mine didn’t want anything to do with mash food and wanting to hold the food himself. It work and he love them. NO worrying about your little one choking.

  • Melissa

    Ok first things first – GET AN AMBER NECKLACE ASAP!!!!! There are natural essential oils in Baltic Amber and it is a pain relief for teething babies. It 100000% works and has become my go to baby shower gift for all of my momma friends. I literally did not even know our little man was teething – no crying, no fussing, no drool. It is unbelievable how amazing it is. He wears a necklace 24/7 and you really need to get one for A.

    Next, I was a paranoid freak about choking (I literally had a panic attack when I thought our little man was chocking on a piece of an apple – he just gagged, spit out the apple and started laughing at my hysterics). After doing a million hours of research I found that it is quite difficult for a baby to truly choke and they have great gag reflexes for this very reason. We started baby led weaning at around 6 months. I would mince up everything and put it on his tray for him to play with/ eat. He also loved cottage cheese (warning – it’s messy, so best for right before bath time) and I found that was a good transition food. Even now – he’s 15 months – I will cut up a single chicken nugget into about 6 pieces because he will shove a single piece into his mouth.

    An important thing I read was that food before one is just for fun – so don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Just give him a variety of mushy foods – hummus is another fav – to practice the hand to mouth movement. Oh also the organic puffs (for example: PLUM) was another favorite for learning how to feed himself and practicing his pincer grasp.

    I also second giving him the pouches – Ralphs has a great organic brand and it is usually the least expensive option. Our little guy enjoyed holding it and learning how to suck the puree out. I still give these to him when we are out and about and he wants a little snack.

  • Les

    I can’t believe it’s been 7 months!
    I still remember when an ig friend of mine sent me a MSSG and told me to check out your feed. I was straightening my hair and I just knew. And here we all are 7months later. Haha
    ….and if that’s how I feel, I can only imagine how you feel.


    Happy 7 little A. ❤
    Can’t wait to see what he has in store for us next month!

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