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Arlo: Eight Months


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Once again, it feels like we are now the proud parents of a totally different baby! Arlo has changed SO much in the last month, he’s SO much more mobile and sooooo much happier as a result.

He’s discovered his ability to stand and now that is ALL he wants to do. He’s only pulled himself up once, which I think is largely due to a lack of things low enough to pull up on, but anytime we try to set him down now he immediately stands and we have to fight him to get his butt on the ground! He’ll take tiny steps too while holding onto something, but he is very unstable and falls a LOT. I think he’s gonna go right from his scoot-crawl to walking.

He’s also been a champion at trying and liking new foods lately! His aversion to textures has disappeared and now he’ll eat all sorts of things. My favorite method of feeding him right now is giving him teeny tiny pieces of whatever we’re eating, like eggs, turkey, broccoli, etc. He is slowly starting to show signs of a pincer grasp but for the most part still just shoves his whole fist in his mouth and sees what stays in. Haha! We haven’t done a ton of the traditional baby led weaning stuff because it was too stressful for me. He is incredibly strong and gets giant pieces off of everything and I can’t take it, so other than giving him some big chunks of bread or cucumber, the tiny pieces works for us! We also still do about one jar of organic baby purees a day. Oh and Arlo LOVES water, he thinks he’s very cool when we let him drink out of our glasses, too. Our only remaining eating/bottle struggle is that he doesn’t want to sit still so even though he’s hungry, it’s sometimes a fight to get him to sit still long enough to eat.


His new favorite party trick is the high five! I’m trying to teach him to wave, clap and sign “more” but he has no interest in any of that yet. LOL! Anyone have tips for how to successfully teach sign language??

He is very into taking things out of other things right now. If we load up his diaper bag or his car seat with toys, he’ll take each one out individually and entertain himself for quite some time. Also loves Tupperware like a typical baby! He met over 50 of our friends and family while we spent the last month back east and was such a champ. He really loves people and doesn’t seem to have too much stranger danger! He’ll flash a smile at pretty much anyone that looks at him the right way. And he does this new squint/laugh/squeezes-his-fists move which cracks everyone up every. time.

The only bad news currently is his nighttime sleep has gone completely out the window. He sleep trained himself at about 2 months and I was all cocky like “I don’t know WHY parents are so tired all the time, sheesh!” And then our sleeping angel baby started waking up anywhere from 3 to FOURTEEN times a night and now I’m just gonna go slap myself across the face for you. He didn’t even do that when he was a newborn so it’s been a hard pill to swallow. To be fair, he got hit with teething, his first cold and then travel to a new place and time zone basically all at once so I’m hoping we can get him back on track now that his jet setting is done for a bit. He does take two or three long naps during the day so we are grateful for that!

Sleep or no sleep, we’re loving this total goofball more and more with every new bit of personality we catch a glimpse of! Once he finally starts talking, I KNOW he’s gonna have so much to say. Oh and it goes without saying that we are unbelievably excited for his first Christmas!!!!!!!!

And that’s baby A, eight months!

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  • Sarah

    My nephew learned ‘more’ and ‘all done’ in sign language and it has been SO helpful – it’s crazy how those two words let them communicate so many of their needs, not just with food. I think that using the signs when you ask if they want more or are all done helps them connect the signs with the meaning!

  • Danae | Made2Make

    Is Arlo and my daughter the same baby? I swear your monthly updates sound just like her it cracks me up! We started signing with her at a very early age and just now at 9 months she’s starting to “get it” and sign back. I think the most important tip is consistency and repetition and once you’ve signed “more” or “all done” follow it immediately by the action. That way they don’t get confused and start associating the sign with the action. We use “all done” for everything – to signal the end of eating, end of bath time, end of a diaper change too! Good luck!

    • Kelly

      Haha! Perhaps they’re long lost twins! 😉 So encouraging to hear she’s starting to get it around 9 months!

  • Alexandra

    I’m not really a “baby” person, but Arlo has won me over big time. He’s just the cutest and you guys are the best. I love following along and vicariously experiencing it all through your stories and posts. Thank you so much for being awesome!

  • another momma

    Just a ‘tip’ -take it or leave it…

    Since he takes 2-3 long naps during the day, he may be sleeping too much during the day and not be ‘tired’ at night. He may need to drop a nap and/or take shorter naps during the day. It’s a tough transition at first, but it makes a world of difference in their night time sleep. Our kid was in daycare and would get in this cycle where he would sleep 3-4 hours at daycare (over 2-3 naps) and then sleep like crap a night for us! I told them to wake him up after 2 hours and try not to let his take another nap, and then he finally started sleeping mostly through the night again.

    Also, Sometimes they just need to be more active! Now might be a good time to get him one of those ‘walker’ push toy things! Our little guy just wanted to be mobile, too, and would literally do laps with the walker thing until he could walk on his own.

    And, the jump-a-roo was such a life saver to help him burn energy during the day.

    Good luck.

    • Kelly

      I totally think you’re right! We’re going to try shortening his naps and see if it helps. Fingers crossed!

  • Brittany

    I’m a FTM with a 9 week old, so I’m not knowledgeable about 8 monthers, but I did read that travel/different places often affect baby’s sleep, so sometimes another round of sleep training is needed once you get home. Good luck, Mama, Arlo is such a cutie!

    • Kelly

      Awww! I miss the newborn stage so much, so snuggly!! But yes, you’re definitely right on the travel front! We’ve got some re-training to do for sure!

  • Hannah

    I was going to teach my daughter to sign but my nanny shared with me that sometimes that delays them speaking real words. So I decided not to and by 11 months she was saying ‘more’ along with a few other words! I know it’s different for everyone and totally support signing if that’s what you decide, but I was totally unaware of this so I figured I’d share 🙂

    • Natasha

      Hi! I’m a speech-language pathologist and just wanted to comment on what your nanny had said… it is actually a common myth that using augmented communication, such as sign language, will delay verbal speech. Kids (and adults) will do whatever is easiest for us so once they get to an age where speech is developing they will use speech instead of the signs but it will in no way delay speech! Just wanted to pass on this info since using baby sign is a great way to have your child communicate with you. 🙂

      • another momma

        I agree! We used sign a lot with our son starting at about 10-12 months. Once he picked up on it, it was such a help for him to communicate and minimized the meltdowns! I read studies that prove that signing actually increases early language development, and we have found this to be anecdotally true. My son is 18 months old and talks a ton! The doctors, daycare workers, friends, family all agree that he is talking very well for his age. He even puts 2-4 words together! Once he learns to say (verbally) a word, then he will usually stop using the sign for it shortly after that. But, there are still some things that he signs because he cannot verbalize the words yet. There are lots of baby sign books and websites if someone is interested in getting their kid started.

  • Citlalli

    So, I’m not a parent at all, but the following helped my nieces/nephew when they were young.
    I would suggest diffusing some lavender oil at night? Maybe some chamomille tea before bedtime, or even a chamomille bath?

    • Kelly

      Ooooh interesting!! I actually think I have some lavender oil so I’ll have to try that!

  • Laura

    Other commenters have given some good tips regarding introducing sign language. Make sure you say the word aloud as you are signing it, that way he will learn the verbal word as well, not just the sign. Also try to only use one sign at a time to make it clear what you’re referring to — so if you’re feeding Arlo and want to know whether or not he wants more, just ask “More?” or “All done?”, but DON’T say “Do you want more or are you all done?” Hopefully that makes sense! 🙂 My daughter picked up signs for milk, more, and all done just through us using those signs consistently every time we said those words to her, and she started communicating “yes” pretty quickly as well when we presented her with a simple question such as “More?” or “All done?” or “Would you like banana?” (her fave!) — she indicates “Yes” with either a happy grunt or, eventually, with a cute “YA!” As long as you make sure to talk verbally with him often, a few useful signs shouldn’t delay his verbal development. It feels absolutely AMAZING once they start communicating back to you — you will LOVE it! 🙂

    • Kelly

      SO appreciative of this tip!! I was definitely saying “do you want more” and that makes so much sense why you should just say the word. I’m so excited for him to start communicating!!

  • Jessica

    We used puffs to help reinforce the sign “more.” She picked it up in one weekend! I would say more and sign it at the same time, then give her a puff. Once she started understanding what it meant, any small motion that resembled “more” was reinforced with a puff until she achieved the full sign. Now, the problem is she thinks “more” means puffs but we’re just shaping it by offering her favorite foods and signing at the same time. Phew, that was wordy! Hope it helps!

  • Lindsey

    He’s too cute! I die for y’all’s IG stories. Our babies sound so much alike! No joke. I totally get the waking up bit. She’s 16 m and STILL wakes up all the time. Active babies! They don’t quit! Homegirl was walking at 9 m, so stressful. So good luck! Only advice is try and stay calm when he is walking, which sounds like soon! So happy for you!

    • Kelly

      Ah, a fellow active-baby mama! They really don’t stop. He finishes a bottle or gets up from a nap and is IMMEDIATELY trying to get out of my arms and on the floor to move. Ha! Time to baby proof!!

  • Indya | TheSmallAdventurer

    I have noticed that he is happy non-stop these days whenever he’s featured on yours and Jeff’s Instagram Stories! He just seems like he wants to do everything and I love that. I hope his curiosity with the world stays with him!

    I didn’t know you were trying to teach him sign language, that’s awesome! Do you and Jeff both know it? Loving these update posts, they’re just too cute!

    Indya ||

    • Kelly

      I really hope his curiosity sticks with him too. I absolutely love it!

      We don’t know sign language but have seen family members use it with our nieces and it’s so helpful, so we’re excited to learn a few basic words!!

  • Fiona

    The best way to teach sign language to babies is through play. Doing something funny for him and then showing him the more sign. It’s slmost like clapping for babies. Also, repetition – make the water sign every time you give him water. Ask him if he wants water and make the sign.

    Whenever my babies were on the verge of a milestone it usually caused sleep issues. When they are learning something new all the other patterns fall to the side for a bit. It will straighten out. Also teething really hurts so that could be the cause as well.

    He is such a lovely happy little man – you seem to be enjoying every minute!!

  • Sarah

    My son signs a lot and started pretty early on… my secret weapon are Baby Signing Time DVDs! No I didn’t pop him down in front of the tv for hours on end. We would just put it on in the car (because he has always been terrible about riding in the car peacefully). Before we knew it he was signing!

  • Ahzahdeh Neshat

    Oh man, once they start moving, they don’t stop! Someone asked me the other day if I wanted to go workout with them, and I told them my workout was chasing my 16 month old around the house all day.

    My child has been a terrible sleeper since day one, but has finally started sleeping a bit better now that she’s more active. The eight-month sleep regression was killer, though. Not sure if you guys follow the Wonder Weeks, but it will usually forewarn you whenever sleep/naps are going to be rough!

    As for signing, repetition is what finally got our little one to start doing it. We just use one word for the signs (“milk” “mama” “more” “done”) and sign as we do it. Except now she signs “done” in my face whenever she’s done playing with me and just walks away. Kids are so fun!

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