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Happy Weekend!


Giant Christmas Light Balloons

Find the giant light balloons here!

It has been an eventful week. With the fires here in LA, Jeff ended up taking Arlo and Bella out to the desert to escape the terrible air quality. But I can’t help but think how lucky we are that the air quality was all we were worried about. I’ve linked a great way to help/donate families affected below in our links.

On a vastly different subject, I’m just back from a week of insanely productive meetings with our product team. We planned out products all the way through January 2019!! And omgomgomg it’s so good. SOOOO much new stuff going. SOOOO many amazing clutches coming. It is killing me not to share every single thing with you. But I am going to try to start sharing some more sneak peeks!

And speaking of the shop, TODAY is the last day to get your holiday orders in and get ’em in time for Christmas!! We have free domestic shipping on orders over $45 with code ‘XMASSHIP’ and if you spend $60 or more in the shop you can get your first clutch FOR FREE when you subscribe to Can’t Clutch This and use code ‘CLUTCHGIFT’! You guys. That’s crazy!

Here’s a quick rundown if you want to scoop some things up for gifts (Or yourself? No judgment!): Our new gift shop, past clutches and keychains (We still have some eraser clutches left!!), holiday balloons, gift cards and you can also give a Can’t Clutch This subscription as a gift.

I also have to say thank you for your insane support of the toaster pastry re-launch. I mean, I knew a lot of you wanted it and worked SO hard to get it back for you, but it sold out SO fast and I’m just equal parts grateful and EXCITED for you to get them in your hands. Finally!!

The Best Things on the Internet This Week 

Baby2Baby has organized an Amazon registry so you can purchase items for families who’ve lost everything in the fires.

As if I could fall any more in love with Jenna Lyons.

Looks like you guys have a new fave… this rainbow bracelet!

A dance video for your enjoyment/depression that you aren’t ever going to be as cool. No, just me still? haha!

I am so in love with Chelsea’s fruit doll project. These are definitely going to be happening in our home!!

This look.

These little clothespin people ornaments are SO cute!

I would like to live in this room please and thank you.

Such a pretty gingerbread house omg!!

Happy Weekend!


Faves From Our Shop!

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