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Arlo: Twelve Months


Monthly Baby Photos with Number Pillows

The final update. *CRIES* Last week, my baby turned ONE YEAR OLD! I guess the biggest update here is just that he, essentially overnight, became a toddler. He got a big ol’ haircut (That one is our fault!), his laugh changed, he understands everything, and he throws full blown toddler tantrums. Did any of you notice such a seemingly abrupt change when your babes hit one!?

He now claps for everything, it’s so cute! And he grabs your hands and makes you clap too. He reaches and points for what he wants. He responds to all sorts of things we say to him, and he doesn’t miss a THING! That is probably the coolest thing about being a parent. Watching a little human learn and understand… it’s so mind blowing!!!

He’ll sit still for longer at night now so we can get through nearly two full (short) books! He still loves music more than anything and dances any time a song comes on. (!!!!!!) His favorite toys of late are a shape sorter and this basketball hoop for the tub. He doesn’t have much interest in anything else, toy-wise, but there were a LOT of great toy recs here so I may look into some of those soon!

He’s not a big fan of anyone else holding him right now, but he wants to make sure everyone is looking at him, talking to him or smiling with him. He’s a big flirt, especially at the grocery store. He continues to be incredibly opinionated (there’s a LOT of screaming involved) and sleeping and eating is still a bit of a rollercoaster. I think a lot of this has to do with the fact that he just keeps getting sick.! Ugh, I knew kids got sick a lot but MAN is it rough to live through. He’s been sick almost non-stop since Christmas. Any genius solutions to boosting a baby’s immune system?

Still no real words from him, just repeating some sounds/pitch-levels, and no walking yet! He will walk while holding our hands now though! When he feels like it.

This has been the most random final update but this month, it really feels like there was an overall shift in his behaviors versus any specific milestones or issues. We had the best time at his birthday party and there will be a whole separate post coming on that. Obviously you’ll continue to see Arlo here but I won’t be doing any more monthly updates. As he grows from a baby into a person, we’ll continue to be more and more selective about what and how we share. But for now, that’s it! That’s Arlo, twelve months. One year. 365 days. The best days I could have ever asked for!

Monthly Baby Photos with Number Pillows




  • Genesis

    I seriously cried as I as reading, my baby turns 1 in a week. I just feel like I been going through this crazy adventures of being moms. Together.

    • Kelly

      I can’t believe how fast it’s gone!! Everyone warns you it goes fast and wow, they aren’t kidding!!

  • Abby

    He is just so cute! Happy birthday Arlo! Our babies were born on the same day! And yes, I feel like suddenly I have a toddler and she is throwing fits and refusing to eat and I’m like what happened to my perfect baby? She was sick over Christmas, and then got a another cold like 2 weeks later and I was over it! So I started using thieves oil from young living, its totally a multi level marking thing and you have to find someone who sells it but it helps with immunity and she has not gotten sick again. And she has even been to Disneyland and around other sick kids. I put it on her feet before we leave for the day and at night before I put socks on her. So far we are sickness free! Just wanted to share what has worked for us, cause ya sick babies make everyone miserable!

    • Kelly

      AH! Not wishing tantrums on you but it does feel good to know that I’m not alone!! haha! (And thank you for the tip!!)

  • Barbara

    Hi Kelly! it is expectable that small children get sick once every month and it gets worse once they enter daycare (-_-). If your baby gets sick more frequently maybe you wanna ask the pediatrician about it, also if he has recurrent ear infections.

    Hope it helped 🙂
    PS: Arlo is the best I love his new haircut 😉

    • Kelly

      We JUST read that “once a month” statistic elsewhere too and wow, I can’t believe so often but makes sense I guess!! So sad to see him sick so often.

  • Julianne

    I love all of your projects, photos and love even more that you adopted like we did! Our little chunk of love Mateo is only 10 months old but found your blog looking for taco/cactus party stuff! (He’s a desert baby from West Texas). Congratulations on a year of parenthood – you’re doing awesome! I don’t look forward to my little one getting sick or having the full-on toddler tantrums but we noticed a major leap in personality and comprehension last week. It’s such an adventure watching it happen so rapidly! I just miss the snuggles!

  • Nikki Stanley

    So proud of you and so happy for you! Love your creativity, your sense of style! You will always be my “Hey now, you’re An Allstar”😉

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