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Sunday Funday: Links For Your Week!


Troop Palm Springs Tee

How are you guys!? We’ve been spending the weekend hanging around the house while our new front door gets installed and all painted up! EEEEE!! I’ve also been researching preschools (terrifying) and planning out some new DIYs for the house and for Arlo. Now I just gotta figure out how to re-balance my time so I can actually do the DIYs!

To give you a quick update on our latest releases… the What A Thrill shirt is still available in a couple sizes. If you’re looking for one of the sold out ones, pop your name on the “notify me” list to be the first to know when it’s restocked! Troop Palm Springs tees are still available in all sizes. Wahoo! Heart sunnies have been flying too! Lots of you scooping those up. So grateful for all your support on this collection! It’s a little different for us and I’m so glad you love it. Here’s a couple more links for your week!


OMG food cart favors!! So freaking cute!

Loving these lavender sandals.

A colorful guide to Paris!

Adding this book to my “Must read when I actually eventually have time to read” list.

New fave earrings!!

This new “House Plants” series so SO good.

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