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2019 Gift Guide: My Holiday Wishlist + Favorite Things


2019 Gift Guide for Unique and Colorful Gifts

Got another gift guide for you all today!

Similar to my toddler gift guide, this list is a combination of items I have and love and items I’ve been eyeing for myself or came across and thought they’d make a really wonderful gift for someone in your life! Once again, it’s full of a lot of small businesses and makers whose work I really admire. Here we go!

2019 Unique and Colorful Gift Guide Ideas

Photo by Jeff Mindell | Graphic by Meagan Knight for Studio DIY

Unique and Colorful Gift Ideas

1. Woman Sweatshirt: I have this sweatshirt and live in it, and anytime I wear it, I get TONS of questions about it! She has a few others too, the cut is great!

2. The Magic Is In You Flag: I’ve been saving this flag for our next nursery, but I think it would be so great in a living room, hallway or other space too. I love the sentiment, and in general have been really drawn to fabric wallhangings lately!

3. Icon Women Art Print: I came across Violet Red Studio’s work at a little shop when we were in Becaon and just LOVED her iconic women series. Each print (and there’s cards too!) has a different iconic woman illustrated alongside a powerful quote she said. What a great gift for any woman in your life!

4. The Art and Flair of Mary Blair by John Canemaker: Since we’ve been learning about Mary Blair so much as a family due to Arlo’s Small World obsession, I’ve been personally getting even more interested in and inspired by her career, too. This book is on my list this year as a result!

5. Embroidery Now by Jennifer Riggs: We’ve worked with Jen here on the blog in the past and I was so excited when she sent me her new embroidery book! I was a HUGE cross-stitcher and needlepointer as a kid but never got into embroidery. It’s something I’d love to learn and this book has so many stunning ideas and patterns to work off of! Great gift for a crafter in your life.

6. Leopard Scarf: I’ve been really wanting a pretty silk scarf lately, to tie in my hair or around a bag! I thought the price point of the ones from Kingston Jewellery was really amazing compared to many I’ve seen, and the designs are stunning!

7. Enneagram Art Print: If you have any friends or family who are really into the enneagram, these prints are a perfect gift and kind of hilariously accurate.

8. Rainbow Stripe Bucket Bag: I am head over heels in love with these bucket bags from Lillian Farag. The rainbow stripe is obviously AMAZING, but honestly my favorite may be the face one!

9. Rainbow Earrings: Lots of great earrings in this shop, and at a great price point for handmade jewelry! GREAT colors, though I really love the neutral speckled ones!

10. Pink Leather Laptop Case: We own so many beautiful items from Lola y Tula, including this handmade laptop case that is the most VIVID shade of pink. Practical gifts are always appreciated, but it’s extra special when they’re pretty too. 😉

11. Ceramic Rainbow: We have a few of Eloeil’s pieces in our home and they’re beautiful. I really love the color palettes she chooses, they’re so unique and stunning.

12. “Something” Tote: Another find from one of my favorite Australian brands. She has several different styles, including a “Library” one which would be so great for a book lover!!

13. Mini Tassel Basket: We have the larger versions of these in our bathroom! This small size is great for a desk, so it would be a great friend or coworker gift!

14. Rolling Basket Cart: Been wanting one of these for the farmer’s market and flea market! They make matching mini ones for kids too which would be a great kiddo gift too.

15. Initial Necklace: By far the most asked about item I own, and the one I wear the most (literally every day). These initial necklaces are totally customizable with your kiddo(s) initials and come in a few different gold finishes. It’s the most special gift for a mom! I gave my mom one too with Arlo’s initial on it!

16. Ceramic Paint Palette: Is this not the BEST gift for an artist!?!? I’ve been eyeing these ceramic paint palettes for quite some time, they have all different sizes and are a great price considering they are handmade.

There it is! Got a few more gift guides headed your way! And have been sharing even more ideas over on my IG stories if you aren’t following there yet!

*This post contains affiliate links if you click some of the links here and make a purchase, I may get a small commission at no additional cost to you! As always, I only support and recommend products I love and/or have tried myself. Thank you for supporting them, too!


  • Tess

    I never open gift guides From my blog reader- With most bloggers, they tend to be filled with junk from amazon. You always Have great ones though- I love how thoughtful they seem and your support of other small businesses and artists!!

    • Kelly

      Thank you so much, Tess! I do try to be really thoughtful with the items I pick and support fellow small business owners so I’m happy that shows!! This is such an important time for small businesses, and often one of the hardest. Thank you for clicking through!!

  • at home with Ashley

    I love how colorful everything is! It’s hard to choose what I like the best. Is it the tote? The sweatshirt? The scarf? I’ll take it all!

  • Surviv io

    Thanks for your unique and colorful gift ides! I need it!

  • erin

    the link to the sweatshirt seems to be broken! I really wanna get it for my best friend though – so cute!!

    • Kelly

      It looks like it must have recently sold out! Keep an eye on the site for a re-stock, hopefully they do one!!

  • Anjali

    Thanks for the sharing.

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