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Can’t Clutch This Reveal: February


Yellow Sunshine Clutch

Time to add a little bit of warmer temps and sunnier days to your winter with this month’s clutch… our sunshine clutch!!!! We haven’t done a yellow clutch since the SECOND clutch we ever released (the emoji!) which is crazy!!! So I knew I wanted to bring that color back in 2019. (it may even make a second appearance later in the year.. hint hint!) February also tends to be such a cold and gloomy month, where everyone’s itching to hop on a plane somewhere tropical so it seemed like the perfect time to release this guy into the world!!

I have been really loving toucans lately (???) so we paired it with this really fun blue toucan keychain and a vacation mode keychain which *wait for it* matches the NEW vacation mode tee we just released!!! Hope this clutch will see you through this last bit of winter and on in to any Spring Break trips you have planned!!! Keep scrolling to watch the full unboxing video below!

Yellow Sunshine Cross Body BagYellow Sunshine ClutchYellow Sunshine ClutchYellow Sunshine ClutchYellow Sunshine ClutchYellow Sunshine Clutch

Photos by Jeff Mindell

If you’re a current subscriber, be sure to head to your shop account and add your keychains, tee, straps and wallets before February 20th! 

Wanna join the fam!? Here’s the 411… Can’t Clutch This is a subscription box where you get a new (exclusive!) clutch in the mail each month. You can choose to add on keychains, straps, pins + other fun goodies to pair with it, too. With each clutch, I hope to help you infuse a little bit of Studio DIY style into your everyday and add a little color to your wardrobe! You can join the party right here!

Outfit Sources

Vacation Mode Tee | Yellow Spotted Pants | Yellow Mules
Orange Gingham Top | Cigarette Jeans | Pink Heels from Zara (Similar)


  • Loren B

    I am such a huge fan of the CCT Subscribtion and I am still very stoked on all the new ones, I have been a subscriber since the pastry clutch! It’s just a bummer that there was a move towards making them all shoulder strap capable because so many had mentioned it was the reason they didn’t subscribe. I know she can not please everyone and I’m sure she worked over the cleanest design to make the shoulder strap hooks look as sleek as possible, but the wristlet attachment was the most genius way to make them easier to handle if you had your hands full. I just feel like I have to put a strap on all of them with the strap hooks or it looks funny, like I forgot the strap, and I was in it for the CLUTCH! Maybe next year when it’s reworked, there will be the freedom for kelly to mix and match again possibly breaking into small purse handles like this— 👜 so you can slide on to a wrist and also clutch! Or maybe she’ll find a way to make those strap attachments on the inside of the clutch! Which I’m sure she has already thought of, and couldn’t this time around or budget or some other factor that I wouldn’t even know to consider because I’m not in the clutch designing business! The girl is meticulous, and her attention to detail is amazing, which is why it hurts me to leave a review because I know she has already thought of all these things. But if she’s listening to the other voices out there that said they want a shoulder strap, I guess I feel like I got to be the voice for what an earlier subscriber is lookin for! We loved the clutches! We wanted clutches that’s why we didn’t hesitate to subscribe! The wristlet attachment was GENIUS! We didn’t need shoulder strap capability on all of them. Love to see what you’ll come up with next! Don’t compromise your vision to please everyone (even my own opinion that I left above should be thrown out of it doesn’t line up). You’ll end up with a camel 🐫 when you were trying to design a horse 🐎!

    (Is there anyway to leave a review on the internet that doesn’t make you sound like a jerk, I LOVE this subscription! YOU and EVERYONE should join, it is a source of excitement and happiness EVERY month and EVERY day when you go through which one to wear with your outfit! It always gets noticed and complimented, and Sparks Joy! for me! ✨)

    • Kelly

      Thank you for the feedback!! You don’t sound like a jerk!!! I totally see where you’re coming from and also appreciate your kind words so much!! I’m constantly looking at feedback and taking it into consideration and will continue to do so after we’ve tried out the shoulder strap option for a bit!

  • Indya | The Small Adventurer

    Kelly, this design is GORGEOUS! Sunshine never fails to make me smile, and this gorgeous shade of yellow captures that happiness perfectly 😍 I’m also SO stoked that all the designs now have the option to add straps onto them as I’m usually carrying a camera in my hands so I’m ALL about that cross-body bag life 🙌

  • Scarlet

    I love the color and the shape and I love it as a clutch and that you can attach a strap too. Just makes me feel like spring is here looking at it. Also, what photography! How ever did you find a building with the perfect shutters to match?!

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