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Arlo: Five Months


Arlo: 5 Months

Alert alert!!!

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Ok now for the update! Five months!! Not gonna lie, I think this last month was our toughest yet. I’ve mentioned in just about every update that he’s very active. NOT a fan of just sitting around, unlike his mama! Ha! The last few weeks he’s gotten increasingly frustrated that he can’t move. He is just so. bored. all. the. time. And he screams at the top of his lungs to let you know it! Our days of taking him to restaurants and having him just hang in the stroller are over.

Nothing keeps him entertained for very long, other than the exersaucer or going for a walk. Jeff + Baby A take A LOT of walks. I struggle with answering every single whine and scream with a new activity/distraction because I want him to learn to entertain himself but… am I being a jerk and he’s too young for that!? Ha! Nobody gives you a guidebook on these things! Anyone else have overly active babies!? Any toys to recommend that are interactive but not loud and annoying!? Help!!!

Side note: We are taking our first flight with him in a few weeks and are now completely and totally terrified.

He’s fought us a little on naps this month. We’re trying to figure out how to transition him to a 4 hour eating/nap schedule, instead of 3 hours but.. we’ve failed every time. Ha! We did finally get him to sleep with both arms out of the swaddle and we did finally drop the dream feed. He did great (sleeping 8pm – 7am) for a few nights, and then started waking up and whining around 3-4am. So… we haven’t quite mastered that yet but we’re close! We’ll be transitioning him from his SNOO to his crib in the next few days.

Let’s see… he also started to roll from back to front now, he’s close to sitting up on his own and he *tries* to army crawl… but using his face? Ha! He manages to move himself pretty well so our days of setting him down under his play gym and leaving are over! I think he’ll be full-blown crawling in the next month or so. And while we aren’t prepared for how insane that will be, I’m very ready for him to be able to move.

And last, we just started him on solids!! He’s loving it so far! We did a lot of research and ended up deciding to try Little Foodie Club’s 21 day Days to Solids plan after they reached out to us! It’s a new food every day for 21 days and there’s lots of research that exposing babies to that many foods early on can lead them to be more adventurous eaters. All the purees are organic and delivered frozen, so we’ll just defrost one each day to try! I’ll give you an update in our six month post (or likely before then on Insta stories) with how it’s going! Wish us luck!!

Even though it’s been really challenging, he’s been more fun than ever. He reaches and grabs for everything and has really started to recognize us. We took him to the aquarium and he watched the fish swim from side to side like a HAWK. He’s totally goofy and completely insane and we can’t get enough of his giggles and side-eye glares. Oh, and that uncontrollable hair. Sheesh, so much happened this month! Happy 5 months, baby A!

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  • Sarah

    My mother always brought a box of Kleenex on planes and let the infant/toddler pull out Kleenex. It’s not very eco friendly and you have to be careful how low your Kleenex is at home, but it keeps them entertained surprisingly long. If he’s already able to grab, sounds like he might be up for the activity.

    • Kelly

      Oh my gosh, that’s so genius!! Ha!

      • Les

        this sounds something thats suuuuper easy to DIY so you can make an eco friendly version.
        maybe even velcro some things on the side like shapes or something that he can also play with!

  • toni elies

    Where did you get your super cute blue shoes from? I love them!

  • Danae

    Our daughter sounds JUST like baby A – so so active! She just turned 6 months and is already pulling up and walking around the couch! We had (still have) the same struggles with her being bored but have found that if we put down a large blanket and surround her with ALL THE TOYS she stays content for quite some time. Before she was able to sit up unassisted we’d put her in the Bumbo and she loved that too…but it definitely gets easier the more mobile she’s become because she’s not as frustrated. She loves playing with random things…empty water bottles, water bottles filled with rice, magazines, packages of wipes and when she tires of certain toys we’ll hide them away for a few days and when we bring them back…they’re fun again!

    • Kelly

      Oh my gosh!! Already pulling up and walking!! We put him in the Bumbo a lot too but find he can’t reach anything on the floor then!

      Filling a water bottle with rice is so smart. Definitely going to try that! Thank you!!

  • Airenne

    This may sound weird but the only thing that would intrigue our super frustrated/screechy/busy baby at that age was an empty squished plastic water bottle! The crinkle noises and the fact that it wasn’t an actual toy was apparently just irresistible! And she would chase it around the best she could, pretty sure it played a part in her learning to crawl!

    • Susan

      I completely agree! I would also simply suggest toys that aren’t toys that you have around the house. My son (almost nine months old now and baby number 7 LOVES playing with a whisk, bamboo wooden spoon, and a small steel mixing bowl! LOVES! He doesn’t pretend to mix, but he loves to tap them and stare at them and watch them spin on the floor. This stage when they are frustrated with not being able to get around is tough, but my husband and I are convinced that the “terrible twos” are really all about kids throwing tantrums and such because they cannot properly communicate and it frustrates them. A little sign language learned goes a LONG way! We have never experienced the “terrible twos” since. Just a heads up for that season to come 😘

      • Kelly

        Definitely trying the non-toy toy trick! And I totally agree on sign language. My brother did that with his kids and it was SO helpful.

        Thank you both!!

  • Cinzia

    He is so cute. I love his smile 🙂
    I tried this method and exposed my daugher to many food and she ate all the vegetables and fruits when she was a baby. When she was 2 yo she suddenly refused to eat them. It was her “terrible two” period. She was very lovely, she never cried or crawled on the floor to obtain something, but she refused to eat anything but pasta, potatoes, and apple sauce. I don’t know where we failed, haha.

  • Kristina B

    Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be…PICKY EATERS!!!! OMG I hope that 21-day thingy works because being married to a picky eater is murder. Rob basically operates off the food pyramid of a 5-year-old. Arlo’s future wife thanks you.

    • Janel

      OMG THIS IS SOOOO TRUE! My honey is the WORST with food. hahaha

      • Kelly

        Ha! As a former picky eater, I totally feel the same!! That’s why I’m so focused on making sure he likes to eat ALL THE THINGS!

  • Kimberly

    I would say definitely try the squishy water bottle, we just started giving that to our 7 month old extremely ACTIVE baby boy and he loves it, along with every toy he has to keep him entertained lol! Arlo is one cutie!

    • Kelly

      Ha! Thanks Kimberly!! Sounds like our babes are very similar! Can’t even imagine what they’ll be like as toddlers! 😉

  • Paige Flamm

    He is the cutest little baby! Good luck on that first flight!


  • Korin B.

    This little squishy guy makes me actually laugh out loud every month. So much personality. I can’t believe he can actually hold the 5 now! Thank you for sharing him.

    • Kelly

      Ha, us too! He really is full of personality, it’s so fun to see more of it develop each day!!

  • Molly

    Same! Our baby started to get busy and curious at 4 months and he’s now almost 9 months…he’s a total screamer. Bored? Frustrated? Lonely? Bring on the earplugs! Haha I totally understand what you’re going through. I think now that he can sit up on his own, he can play by himself for a little while. I give him a basket full of his toys and he takes them out one by one and inspects them.

    Once he’s bored of that, we go on walks A LOT and I give him other “toys” -household things like cups, empty cereal boxes, small lotion bottles (closed tightly)- that I know he can’t choke or hurt himself with. His all time favorite toy is an Easter egg that I’ve taped shut with buttons rattling around inside. Give him two of those, and you’ve got baby maracas! He’ll shake and bang them for ever.

    Good luck! Let us know of any tricks you try, I’m always looking for ideas to entertain and play with this kid!

    • Kelly

      Oh man, I’m glad we aren’t alone with the screamer-baby! Ha! It’s CRAZY!! Loooove the empty cereal box idea and the easter egg. Gonna try those too! I’ll be sure to share any other tricks I find that work!

  • Gisselle Bacigalupo

    Yes totally unconventionally toys are my go to! Like 2 year old brothers cars and books. Those plastic huggies wipes pouch, baby paper! And little musical instruments my 9 month old loves her brothers drum! She’s too little to make loud noises but she tries and I sing to her while I’m doing things sometime she just wants to know I’m not far! He’ll be independent before you know it! 💕 Hugs mama!

  • Julia

    My little man is 7 months old and I found him entertaining himself much easier once he could sit up by himself. I now put a shoebox of toys and other random bits like a (clean!) washcloth and a ribbon (looooves ribbon) next to him and he will sit and pull them all out and look at / chew them for a good fifteen / twenty minutes by himself. Hopefully once Arlo perfects sitting that will help! Does he spin around on his tummy? When Rory could do that I used to put 12 toys like numbers on a clock around him so he’d spin to get to them all!

    • Kelly

      The toys like a clock idea is genius!! He’s SO close to sitting up so I think in the next month of two he’ll master it and be much happier!

  • Marie

    Hi! Why are moving him out of his SNOO before 6 months? I’m considering the splurge but want to feel like it’s really really worth it. Would love your feedback on it! Thank you 🙂

    • Kelly

      Arlo is SUEPR long (like 80th percentile) and is pretty close to touching the ends of the SNOO! We have REALLY loved it, mostly for the fact that it straps him in place. Since he’s so active, it has helped him sleep better! I highly recommend it!!

  • Katie

    So, I have a very active little turkey who’s almost 13 months old, and I remember the not being able to move frustration phase. It does get better once they crawl, but then they get mad at not being able to stand up, and then not being able to walk or climb up on things. It never ends. 😛 Just little plateaus of sanity.

    But, I’ll also echo the non-toy toys. To this day, they are still the biggest hits. Guess they want to be just like us, eh?
    Some hits:
    – Parchment paper (seriously, it’s spit-proof and doesn’t tear)
    – Water bottles (empty or filled with sound makers/liquids) – DIY post idea for you? You could totally do a version like your pool clutch. 😀
    – Red solo cup shot glasses (these were a favourite on the kitchen floor, they make great sounds and slide all over the place)
    – Cheap plastic balls from the dollar store
    – Baby spoons, cups, plates, bowls
    – Wooden spoons
    – Squishy bath books
    – Ribbons (this you obviously have to supervise, but my babe was so into picking at little things that she loved when I’d tie a few long strings of ribbon on her gym and let her run her fingers and toes through them)

    Hope this gives you a few ideas. I also used to just search pinterest ‘activities for ____ month old’

  • Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land

    AWWWW Arlo!!! I came specifically to catch and update on your lil man, holy smokes I can’t believe he’s 5 months old already … yes, that newborn period of snoozing all day and getting to go out to restaurants, that’ll be gone now for a while yet, sadly!!! And yes when Teddy could no longer hang out in the pack n play with a few safe toys, that was a bummer too! I agree with the above posters – sometimes Teddy would just be amused by a plain bottle of water, like from the grocery store crappy old bottle. Crinkly sounds, shaky stuff inside… stacks of colourful tupperware, boxes… How long is the flight you are taking? Teddy went to Disneyland at 6 months with his cousins and my family, the flight wasn’t too long 2.5 hours but I pretty much just engorged him with milk the whole time!! Whether it was nursing or a bottle… he still cried a bit, lol … it’s anxiety inducing for sure flying with little ones, hopefully you can get him to zonk out! The white noise of the airplane helps quite a bit, but you’ll likely be walking him up and down the aisle in a carrier. Good luck!!! xo

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