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Arlo: Two Months


Arlo: Two Months

Two months!!! Little man turned two months old last week and that means he’s one month cuter than my last update. If that’s even possible. 😉

After a little bit of a rough patch where we spent 1-2 hours before every nap trying to get him to sleep, we really feel like we’ve found our footing these last few weeks and Arlo has been an absolute dream baby. And we can attribute that 150% to the fact that we decided to start sleep training him. I’m gonna preface this with, I know there’s lots of strong opinions on sleep training. Which is totally cool! But for us, it hands down made him a happier baby and us happier parents, tenfold. Like NIGHT AND DAY! It blew our minds.

After a particularly rough morning of trying to get him to nap, we decided to just lay him down awake in his SNOO and see what happened. My friend Chelsea did a whole post on sleep which I’ve read about 1,000 times and she used the method we followed if you want to check it out, we just started a few weeks earlier.

He cried for about 8 minutes and then just laid there for another 10 happily awake… AND THEN HE FELL ASLEEP! And the next nap? No crying at all, fell right asleep. We’ve been doing this for a few weeks now and we have only had to go in and comfort him a handful of times. I think us trying to help him get to sleep before with music and bouncing and singing and rocking and shushing and yadda yadda was actually overstimulating him. Turns out, he just needed some space. We instantly breathed a sigh of relief.

As a result, he has started smiling and cooing up a STORM. He’s especially smiley when he’s being changed, playing peek-a-boo with dad or hanging on our bed while we get ready. Jeff and I both act like total crazy people when he smiles and coos. Ha! It’s the most exciting thing that has ever happened. Every time.

I’ve been reading to him a lot and he stares SO hard at the books. We started with this high-contrast one (A gift from our new friends at A Couple Cooks who adopted just a few weeks before we did!) and he could not stop staring at the black and white pictures. He loved it! And in the last week or so he’ll sit still for longer books too.

He’s a double sneezer which is hilarious and cute, and he got to go on his very first trip to Disney! It was the best. He is the best. Gosh, we love him. ‘Till next time!

Arlo's Monthly Photos

He’s basically ready to go off to college now. *cue all the tears*

p.s. Arlo’s name story, adoption story and one month update!


  • Caroline Carney

    Haha I love this!! My mom has ALWAYS said you just have to let them cry it out the first time and then they’re done and will go right to sleep. Ain’t nobody got time for a baby that doesn’t sleep.😂

  • Sophie

    These pictures are adorable. You should take a photo every week. Young House Love did it with their daughter and son. It’s amazing to see how their kids grew in such a short period of time.

    • Kelly

      Oh my gosh that’s so awesome! Seeing the newborn – two month one BLEW my mind. I’m like… when did this happen!?!?

  • Amanda J.

    He is just so sweet!!

  • Eva

    He is growing so fast! These updates are adorable, and I love the rainbow blanket continuity.

  • mary

    My son (now 2yo – brb crying) was three weeks old when we first realized that he just needed to go to sleep on his own, and would not could not no way no how settle down if he could see us. Sure, he’d nap on us occasionally, but for real naps and sleep, he didn’t want or need us. Some of our friends and other parents we knew thought we were insane and barbaric, but you gotta listen to yourself and what your kid tells you!

    Taking lots of pictures is the best, but I’d recommend a lot of videos too, especially of all the lil baby sounds! It’s surprising how quickly you forget them when they stop making them.

    I love reading your story and may or may not have shed some tears, thank you for sharing!

    • Kelly

      I totally agree, Mary! You just gotta listen to yourself! And we’ve been taking TONS of video!!! It’s so much more fun than photos, honestly. We definitely re-watch them while he naps like total crazy parents. hahaha!!

  • paulina

    did you notice how in the article’s main picture and your about me picture arlo and you look the same? super cute 🙂

  • carrie

    He is absolutely adorable, K! Seeing him just makes me smile each and every time. xo


  • Kelly Golightly

    He is SO precious! Thank you for sharing him with all of us. Just seeing his lil face brings so much joy!

  • Cyd

    He is just the cutest! Em stopped napping completely at six weeks (like she’d take 10 – 15 minute cat naps at best), but started sleeping 6 hour stretches at night at the same time. I was basically a walking zombie (which I didn’t realize until hindsight kicked in) until 6 months when she magically started napping AND sleeping 8 – 10 hours a night. She now naps twice a day and sleeps 11 – 12 hours a night. I mostly winged it as I went along but I did sleep train in the sense that I followed her lead and then built our routines around her natural sleeping times, and I realized pretty early that for either of us to be sane she was going to have to cry it out a bit. She learned how to self soothe pretty quickly and we were all happier for it. Sounds like you guys are killing this parenting gig already! No surprise there. 😉

    • Kelly

      Oh my gosh, that’s fascinating! It’s so crazy how different every baby is!!

  • Holly Wade

    My niece was born the same day as Arlo this year, so it’s so sweet following along this journey with you guys. He’s quite the cutie! He’ll be breaking hearts in no time 😉

  • Moonlight

    He looks so big! Gosh!
    Re: sleep training, I have worked with a child psychologist-play therapist in the past, and this is a legit method they recommend, so I see no reason pre-emptying the subject. Don’t worry, you are doing awesome, I’m sure!

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