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Can’t Clutch This Reveal: Cactus Clutch


Cactus Clutch

Since our VERY first clutch, you all have been asking for a cactus clutch. Did you think we weren’t gonna make your dreams come true!??!? Meet March’s clutch!!!!!!!!

When we started trying to bring the cactus clutch to life, we looked to some of our past cactus projects as inspo. Instead of doing a pattern of cacti, we wanted to make the whole thing LOOK like a cactus, just like our cactus costume and our cactus floppy hat. And then we added a POM POM keychain!!! And of course, a cute little cactus pin, too. Take a look below for the full unboxing video and head over HERE to grab yours now if you’re not already a part of the CCT party!!!!

Cactus ClutchCactus Clutch

Cactus ClutchCactus ClutchCactus Clutch

In addition to the pom pom keychain and the cactus pin, this month you can add our pom pom earrings, cactus print or cactus hook to your box too! You can see them all here.

Subscribers! Remember to head to your shop account and add your keychain and pin before your box ships on March 20th!

If you’re new here, what is Can’t Clutch This!? Let me tell ya! It’s a month-to-month subscription where you get a new (exclusive!) clutch in the mail every month. You can choose to add on fun keychains, pins and accessories to pair with it, too. With each clutch, my goal is to help you infuse a little bit of Studio DIY style into your everyday! It’s been so fun to hear your stories of how they have inspired you to be more bold and wear more color. YAY!!!


  • Shauna

    YAY! Love it!!! Officially joined the subscription for this beauty <3

  • Kristina B

    I am in LOVE with the color!!!! YES!!!! I love that you did something unexpected and didn’t just slap a cactus pattern on a clutch. BAM. Would have been funny if you put spikes on it to keep people out of your biz HAHA

  • Leslie Gutierrez

    i LOVE this size clutch!
    i LOVED the funda clutch but i went back to the sprinkles one because the size is just perfect so im happy this one is the same size!

    keep making them all like this!!!

    i just thought of this, a round one…a donut one! with pink frosting and colored sprinkles!

  • Megan

    I LOVE this clutch. This is always my favorite size and shape. Plus the color is amazing and the flair matches it perfectly. This is totally one of my top favorites! Cannot wait to get it!

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