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Diane + Derek’s Handmade Farm Wedding


Amongst all the Thanksgiving hustle and bustle I just had to throw in one real wedding this week! And this wedding was quite the family affair, so it is very appropriate for this time of year. Photographed by Karlo Photography, Diane and Derek wed in an outdoor ceremony at a neighbor’s farm, conducted by Diane’s grandfather, and with flowers handcrafted by her mom. That’s right, if you haven’t taken a look below at those unbelievably beautiful handmade flowers, they were all hand cut and stitched in a massive DIY project by Diane’s mom! (Mom, are you taking notes!?) And, even if you don’t want to replace all fresh flowers with a fabric creation they make great accents, too!

fabric-flower-bouquet fabric-flower-hair-accessory


hanging-wedding-dress vintage-camera

Both Diane and Derek are photographers, so it was only fitting for a few of the groom’s portraits to be shot on his Hasselblad camera, and more so appropriate to catch a few behind the scenes shots!



fabric-flowers-for-weddings outdoor-window-pane-wedding-decor

A slew of found objects decorated the ceremony and reception, with window panes propped up and hung all around.



barn-wedding-ceremony flower-girl-diy-headband

Did you heart just melt? The cutest of the cutest flower girl passed out bags of lavender to shower the couple with as they exited, post “I do.”



window-pane-wedding-decor vintage-barn-wedding

I spy more of those fab fabric flowers! What great pop-of-color boutonnieres, no?!


The night ended in a reception filled with crystals, candles and, of course, a final dose of those DIY fabric flowers (on the cake no less!)!

crystal-tree-reception-decor thumbprint-guest-book

white-and-yellow-wedding-cake-with-fabric-flowers fabric-flower-wedding-cake-decor

All Photos by Karlo Photography

Congratulations Diane and Derek!

Participating Vendors

Reception Venue, Catering & Cake: Ali Ghan Shrine Club

Submitted via Two Bright Lights


  • Sam

    The whole wedding is amazing, but that bouquet is awesome! Is there a tutorial or explanation about how to create it?

    • Kelly

      Hi Sam! Since the flowers were created by the bride’s mom, I don’t have a tutorial to share. However since everyone loved the them so much, I’m working on putting together a post all about fabric flowers! Stay tuned!

  • Diane

    Hello Sam! I’m Diane, the bride of this wedding. A tutorial I don’t think is needed. Just use your creativity. We just purchased fabric from Jo~Anns Fabrics and came up with ways to make different flowers. The roses are quite simple. Take a long piece of cloth, roll it into a long skinny line and roll it up in a circle fastening it with super glue along the way. After all the flowers were made we then just got the glue gun out and started gluing. All you need is a styrofoam ball for the base. Very cost effective and there will be no wilting with this bouquet 😉 I hope I was a help!

  • Lauren

    I LOVE this idea for flowers and I am planning on doing the exact same thing-colors and all! I’m also wondering about your necklace.. Did you have it made or did you purchase it? If you purchased it, where could I do the same? I am also thinking of having it made..would it be possible for you to send me a picture of it close up?

    Thank you!!!!!

    • Kelly

      Hi Lauren!

      So glad you enjoyed the post! I’m checking on this and will get back to you with what I find out!


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