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DIY Gold Easter Eggs + Egg Cups


Happy Monday! I’m back with another hit of gold for Easter today. I had a few leftover gilded eggs from this project and my obsession with gold and love for Easter just couldn’t stop there. So I took a little gold paint and some washi tape and set to making a few gold dipped, polka dotted Easter eggs, and egg cups too! Tape makes quite the fine egg decor if you’re not feeling the dye method. Here we go!



Supply List:

Plastic Eggs
Gold + White Craft Paint
Washi Tape (or other tape)
Hole Punch

I don’t have any particular instruction today, just be creative with those listed supplies! I bought a few cheap egg cups at World Market for $2 each. I painted a few coats of white craft paint over them and then painted the bottom gold.


I hard boiled my eggs and then wrapped one with painter’s tape to make it two-toned gold and white. Then I took to the tape for the rest…

diy-color-block-polka-dot-easter-eggs diy-gold-polka-dot-easter-eggs

With a little patience, punching out circles of tape is pretty simple.. and there’s no additional adhesive needed or drying time! SCORE! I added a few spots to one of my egg cups and then went to town on both my plastic eggs and the real ones.


All Photos by Studio DIY

And there you have it: a very gilded Easter.

p.s. Chelsea over at Lovely Indeed has some fab washi tape egg ideas too. Clearly it’s what the cool kids are doing this Easter! 😉

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