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DIY Jack-o’-Lantern Envelope Liners


If you’re getting ready for a Halloween party like I am (p.s. There’s still time to vote for the party theme!!), it’s about time to send out invitations. Surprise your guests, with a little something hiding inside your envelope, a Jack-o’-Lantern! You could adapt this to make all sorts of Jack-o’-Lantern faces, or even monster faces, ghost faces and more! Even if you aren’t sending out invitations, these super simple liners are great for Halloween cards, too.

DIY Halloween Jack-o-Lantern Envelope Liners

DIY Jack-o-Lantern Envelope Liners Supplies

Supply List:

Black Envelopes (I got mine at Paper Source)
Orange Paper
Ruler + X-acto Knife
Double Stick Tape or Glue Stick (I found a glue stick works better!)

To Make:

Cut out the shapes for your Jack-o’-Lantern face from scrap paper. I made one large triangle, one small triangle and a tooth-y smile! Set aside.

Jack-o-Lantern Envelope Liner DIY Tutorial

Make a template for your envelope liner. I loved the process Cyd used for hers here so I went with a similar approach. Sacrifice one of your envelopes, carefully unfold it (without tearing!). Trim off the side and bottom triangles. Then carefully trim off the gummy glue edge of the envelope and about 1/4″ – 1/2″ on each side. Now you have a template to work from!

How to Make an Envelope Liner Template

Trace your envelope liner onto your orange paper and cut out. Now trace your face templates onto the back side of your envelope liner.

Jack-o-Lantern Envelope Liners DIY DIY Jack-o-Lantern Envelope Liner Tutorial

Cut them out, then use a glue stick on the back side of the liner and carefully slip it inside your envelope to adhere. Let dry.

DIY Jack-o-Lantern Envelope Liner DIY Jack-o-Lantern Envelope Liners for Halloween

Stuff with a card or invitation, address with a white or metallic pen, and send away!

DIY Jack-o-Lantern Envelope Liners

All Photos by Studio DIY

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