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DIY Polka Dot Party Horns


This marks the final DIY of 2012 (Or of the world? It’s ending today, yes!?) and I kept it really basic, just what we need as we realize there are 300 gifts to wrap and cookies to bake, right? I wanted a simple way to jazz up some party horns (Fancying up store bought items is the perfect cheat for the holiday season!) and this was it, polka dots! And glitter.

DIY Polka Dot Party Horns | Studio DIY

Polka Dot Party Horn Supplies

Supply List:

Party Horns
Glue Dots
Circle Stickers
Black Sharpie or Marker

To Make:

Carefully place glue dots sporadically on your party horn. Cover in glitter. (Yes, that’s really it!)

DIY Party Horns for New Years New Years Eve Party Horns

Color your circle labels with a black sharpie or marker and adhere to your party horn. A little note that I noticed the stickers don’t hold up as well as the glue dots, so only  use this method if things aren’t getting too crazy or perhaps even use an extra adhesive to adhere them.

DIY New Years Eve Party Horns Gold and Black Polka Dot Party Horns

DIY Polka Dot Party Horns | Studio DIY

All Photos by Studio DIY

I think these would be super cute with some fringe garland added or, you know, tinsel. Duh! But they are pretty striking just on their own too, and you’d look pretty schnazy wearing these hats while celebrating, too. Happy New Year!

For other ways to get your New Year’s on, check out these glittery party hats and don’t forget your mylar poms, too!

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