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Five Things I’m Excited About Right Now


Rainbow Wall

Between some personal struggles we’ve been dealing with lately, and the general state of our country (and the world), it’s been hard to stay positive and see the good things shining through. Have you been feeling similarly? I’ve talked to so many people recently who are struggling right now, so know you are not alone!

But today I thought I’d share five things that I’m REALLY excited about right now in hopes of encouraging you to focus on something exciting in your life at the moment, or that you’re looking forward to in the near future. It can be silly or a big deal or a combination of both, like mine! Alright, I’ll start…

Epcot with Toddlers

A New Streaming Service

I say this a lot but I really mean it this time, I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for something than I am for Disney Plus.

If you missed the news, on November 12th, Disney is launching it’s own streaming platform complete with all the classics, Pixar movies, DISNEY CHANNEL ORIGINAL MOVIES (!) and new shows and features too… like behind the scenes stuff! They’ve been going all out announcing things on their new IG handle and every time I look at Jeff and say “I’m never leaving the house after November 12th” or “Can we fly our parents out to watch Arlo and go to a hotel somewhere to just watch Disney Plus for a week straight?” Ha! For so long things have been “in the vault” or unavailable and buying each movie really adds up. There’s so many movies I want to re-live with Arlo and it just feels like my whole childhood is about to be opened up to him. I actually get teary eyed thinking of it.

Confetti Clutch

A Big Step for Can’t Clutch This

I have been wanting to have a wholesale option for Can’t Clutch This practically since the day we launched it, and almost three years later… that day is finally here! We’ve always operated off of a subscription model, and still will, but now buyers and shop owners have the opportunity to carry our clutches in their shops, too!

I love the community we’ve built, and the diverse but like-minded people these bags have brought together, and the thought of being able to bring new members into this fam of ours through these new outlets makes me GIDDY! Plus, isn’t there something so exciting about stumbling upon a new product or designer in a store when you least expect it? It’s really exciting for me to think about that happening with something I designed!

If you’re interested in carrying our products, you can sign up for more info here!

Turf Backyard

Being Outside

Since Arlo started walking running, we’ve really struggled with keeping him stimulated at home and controlling his energy levels. It’s played out in many a tantrum and a constant policing of him, because when he’s bored you can literally see him walking around looking for trouble. As a result, we end up spending a lot of time finding ways to be out of our house and it’s been expensive (extra Target trips, museum tickets, meals out, etc.) and tiring.

While our new backyard isn’t fully done yet, it is finally at the point where it is USABLE and we’ve been spending every evening OUTSIDE!!! Where he can RUN! We quite literally just doubled our living space, as our yard is the same size (or maybe bigger than?) our actual house. In California that is life changing because we can use it almost 365 days a year. It. Is. THRILLING!

But while we’re on the topic, if you have any suggestions of toddler toys, activities or games to play outside, let me know! What do your kids love!? We recently bought this (not made for “outdoors” but we use it out there) little fishing game and Arlo loves it.

DIY Sunburst Door

Watching A Vision Come To Life

We recently got the opportunity to makeover the closet in what will be our nursery for baby #2. I have had a vision for this room since the day I finished Arlo’s because kids rooms are my absolute favorite to decorate. I have a really hard time describing the creative visions I get but they are SO detailed in my head, and it was really exciting to watch a small piece of that come together for this project. It got me SUPER pumped to do the rest of the room… whenever we can squeeze it in!

A few of you have asked at what point in the adoption process does it feel “right” to decorate the room… I think it’s different for everyone! For Arlo, we didn’t have a room to decorate (we were living in a one bedroom loft) and I was also very superstitious about buying any baby stuff, so we bought the bare minimum. Even after buying our house, we didn’t finish decorating his room until he was almost one! While I don’t feel as superstitious about decorating the room this time, the experience of realizing that you really don’t NEED a room for a baby until they are 6-12 months has allowed me to take the pressure off of rushing to get this one done this time!

DIY Space Family Costume

A New Halloween Experience

This year, we’re spending Halloween at my parents house in New Jersey. If you’ve been following for awhile, you know that I always talk about how AWESOME the neighborhood I grew up in is for Halloween. We get hundreds of trick-or-treaters, everyone decorates and gets in the spirit and it’s just glorious. We’ve consistently been disappointed with the spirit, or lack there of, here in LA on Halloween and so we decided to extend a trip we’re taking for a wedding so that we can show Arlo what we consider a true Halloween experience.

I. Am. Pumped. Arlo is just pumped for Halloween in general. He’s already been naming his various costume requests for us as well as my parents, and asks to see “Halloween” in every store we enter after seeing that Michaels already had their displays out. He’ll go through the Halloween aisle and then excitedly look at me and say “I’M SCARED!!” Ha, it’s so cute and sweet.

If you’re in the Halloween mood too, you can see one zillion costume ideas right here!

So there ya have it, five things I’m really truly excited about right now! I’d love to hear something YOU’RE excited about too, let me know below!


  • Rachel

    Do you follow @busytoddler on Instagram? She has tons of great ideas for keeping kids engaged!

    • Kelly

      SO may people have recommended her account but I just checked and somehow I still wasn’t!? I am now! Thank you!

  • elsie larson

    Ah! So excited for your hometown Halloween. We are doing the same thing!!!

    And I love your new yard wow wow wow.


  • Emily

    Arlo needs a water table! toddlers LOVE them.

  • Carol

    Saw some wonderful ideas on Pinterest. Knocking soda/water bottles down w/ small balls, rolling lg one at them, using bungee cord to fire soft balls at them. Cornhole game-use shoebox or plastic storage box w/ an ball, beanbags. Inflatable bang sticks, can cut small holes, attach to hose, and have spray fountain! Put sm prize in a balloon, inflate several, and blow in front of child to try and catch one w/ toy. Keep moving balloons. Ought to wear them out!!

  • angela

    whatever bitch, enjoy your expensive life, while I work extra hard for my 2 kids & struggle. but you don’t know bout ‘struggle’. ✌🏼deuces

  • Laura

    My neighborhood is great for trick or treating too!(hint, hint)
    My clutch arrived and I makes me so happy, for 2 reasons 1. It’s a festive bag to celebrate my birthday month and 2. It reminds me of Rappli which is confetti that gets thrown at the Fasnach (which is like Mardi Gras) parades in Switzerland.
    Congrats on the CCC going wholesale! I think you are pretty amazing!

  • Summer

    My kids loved those play tunnels that can be folded up. They’d make obstacle courses, roll around in them, pretend they were monster caterpillars.

  • Lindsey

    Water table, sprinklers, blow-up pool with a slide, cornhole, giant jenga, scooters, trikes, sandbox. Enjoy!

  • Connie

    Have you heard of Stomp Rockets? There’s a junior version that I bet Arlington would get a kick out of. I had one out for my son’s fourth bday and it was a big hit amongst the kids to see how high the foam rockets could go. Here’s a link

  • Amy Cluck-McAlister

    That is too funny. My 4 year old keeps asking me to tell her about Halloween over and over again. I’m hoping Target will have their Halloween stuff out soon to appease her. lol.

  • AP

    Give Arlo a bucket or bag and let him go leaf, flower or rock hunting. He gets some independence and you get a tiny break! And it’s free!

  • Hannah

    These photos are so cute! The way Arlo lays down on the grass is so adorable <3

  • Jenny

    Anything with water, My 18 month old spent over an hour painting our deck with water last weekend

  • Emily

    Photos are looking great and your mickey mouse theme hat is adorable..

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