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Five Ways to Make a Menorah


Holy moly, I can’t believe Hanukkah starts next week! While I don’t celebrate the holiday, part of Jeff’s family does, so today’s five things is dedicated to the menorah! I actually really wanted to craft a menorah this year but time got the best of me. Instead I’m sharing five menorahs, and projects I think could be adapted for one, that a few others dreamed up! You’ll have to put on your thinking cap for a few of these, and take a step away from tradition, but you can do it!!

1. DIY Plastic Animal Menorah: If you can find an item that a plastic animal hasn’t been turned in to, you should win a prize! I happen to love these giant glittered animals turned menorahs. Yes, it’s quite non-traditional, but oh so fun!

DIY Glitter Animal Menorah DIY Animal Menorah

DIY Plastic Animal Menorah via Aunt Peaches

2. DIY Geometric Menorah: These are actually place card holders but ever since I saw them I thought about how cool they’d look adapted as geometric candle holders. Throw a bunch together and wam! A menorah!

DIY Geometric Menorah

DIY Geometric Place Card Holders via Sugar & Cloth

3. DIY Wooden Block Menorah: I talked all about things to do with wooden blocks here, but did ya know they’d also make a great menorah!? Perfect for stacking, color-blocking and making you’re own. Gotta love a versatile option!

DIY Color Blocked Wooden Menorah DIY Wooden Block Menorah

Wooden Block Menorah via Martha Stewart

4. DIY Ombre Dipped Candles: These are birthday candles but supersize them and stick them in pretty sprayed candle holders for a seriously stunning menorah. Ombre never looked so good!

DIY Ombre Candles

DIY Ombre Candles via The Proper Pinwheel

5. DIY Glitter Vase Menorah: Another idea I’m asking you to get creative for! These glitter vases are perfect for my glitter-filled mood currently and I bet you could easily swap flowers for candles (Just make sure they’re far enough away from the edges) for a sparkly option.

DIY Glitter Vases DIY Glitter Menorah

DIY Glitter Vases via The Sweetest Occasion

Have something you’d like to see in the “Five Things” series? Let me know in the comments below!


  • Advice from a Twenty Something

    I love this!! I need a menorah really badly but have been dreading buying one of those old boring ones. I’m definitely going to try one of these great DIY ideas this year!


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