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Happy Halloween!!! (+ Happy Weekend Too!)


DIY Strawberry + Farmer Couples CostumeOur costume from Mary’s costumes + pumpkin carving party last weekend. I left the pizza costume at the studio, so we went to plan b… strawberry + strawberry farmer! Photo by Mary Costa Photography

Happy Halloween!!!!!! I kind of hope none of you are actually reading this but instead are out frolicking in your costume somewhere! Remember, if you used a costume tutorial from the blog, be sure to tag #studiodiyincostume! It’s been SO FUN to see all you strawberries, pineapples and ice cream cones out there! And remember, Balloon Time is holding a balloon costume contest, more info over here! We are now TWO WEEKS away from the wedding! The amount of work I have to get done this week is… um… a little insane. So, I’m glad we celebrated Halloween last weekend as this weekend it’s all work, work, work! Home stretch! Happy trick-or-treating!!!

{Inspire} Links to Love

The Kate Spade +  Jack Spade Gap collection launched. ZOMG! I’ve never been so happy to fit into kids clothes. I will take this, and this.
And I will buy this, this and this for my future babies.
Found some of these average LA salaries pretty fascinating.
More pre-teens that can dance way better than I will.
If you loved my garter in my last wedding post, you can get a big discount on ’em here!
A quick and awesome guide to decorating with gourds.
All the pink in this house! Caroline is awesome.

{Create} DIY Projects & Recipes

Gingerbread spiced chocolate dipped marshmallows. Yeah, that’s a thing.
Taking pumpkin seeds to the NEXT LEVEL!
These tongue twister costumes are AMAZING!
I gotta make these jack-o-lantern cookies!
And these monster cocktail stirrers!
The lollipop guild!!!!!

{Celebrate} Studio DIY Elsewhere

So awesome to see a couple of my costumes in this Mashable round up!
I’m over on Brit + Co.’s work appropriate costume round up!


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