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Happy Weekend!


Chips, Party of One
They did mean party of one, right?
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Hi Guys!!! Happy weekend!! I missed this post last week because, well, I just forgot. Haha! First time ever I think but our little man is a pretty good excuse. =) We are SUPER excited because Arlo’s Auntie Lauren (AKA my BFF!) is coming to meet him this weekend, and then my parents are coming next week!! He went to his first Lanza family game night at the ripe age of 8 days old, too. Gotta start ’em young! It’s been so fun introducing him to friends and family, and it’s only just begun!

We are tired but happy and grateful for all the love you guys have shown us (and him!) this past week! And if THAT wasn’t enough excitement, we’ve got a new product line launching in just a couple days!!!! If you aren’t already on our email list, hop on that to be the first to know! Have the best weekend!!

The Best Things on the Internet This Week

Posted a video about how to make rainbow frosting! Doooo it!

Cactus patterned jumpsuit!!!

Obsessed with these surprise-inside Easter bundt cakes!

Peeps bunny bark!

The cutest Palm Springs baby shower! I spy our cactus balloons!

I am DYING for this daisy dress!!!

I really want to make my own version of this DIY desk/photo holder.

Getting Arlo ready for his first holiday and trying to keep my cool. I’ve waited my whole life for this!

Happy Weekend!


  • Leah

    Ah! Such fun links and that bunny hat is adorable! First Easter Bunny photos? Thanks so much for including my bundts! xo

  • Mia

    OH MY GOD. THAT BUNNY HAT. Please overload instagram/snapchat with pictures that day! PLEASE. Also, really loving that daisy dress! I wouldn’t wear it (not my personal style/no places to) but it’s SO FUN!

    Also… I want a palm springs themed something!

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