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Happy Weekend!


I Have Nothing To Wear

Me, every morning.
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This was a fun week for us! We were back in the studio for the very first time and Arlo came with, like a champ! We’re still taking most of the month of April off from being in the studio every day but we had a couple things to shoot (ehm, our next clutch and our spring capsule wardrobe!!!) so it was fun to be back for a few days. My parents are coming to meet Arlo now so we are pretty excited for some family time. And we’re headed to an egg hunt and to meet the Easter Bunny next week and literally I have never been more excited in my entire life even though Arlo can’t really see more than six inches in front of his face right now. Ha! Have a good one you guys!!

The Best Things on the Internet This Week

Rainbow, unicorn + holographic heart balloons are back in stock!

All about a game that involves fudge!

Could NOT be sadder that Jenna Lyons is leaving J. Crew.

The CUTEST DIY bunny ear headband!

Cactus sneakers anyone?

Kinda loving these shoes too. I have a problem. Haha!

Cute pocky easter nests!

Happy Weekend!


  • Kathleen

    Thanks for sharing the fudge checkers DIY! 🙂 Have a great weekend!!


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