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Happy Weekend!


Pencil Clutch

Hi you guys! It’s been an exciting week! I’m floored by your excitement for the pencil clutch that launched and so grateful for your support of our new Tubby Todd collab too!! And now, we’re headed off to Maine for a family reunion! It’s very rare that my whole immediate family is together, never mind my extended family, so I couldn’t be more excited. It’ll be the first time so many of them are meeting Arlo and we’re staying in one big cottage with all my brothers/nieces/nephews so it’s gonna be a BLAST!

We aren’t really sure what the WiFi/Cell reception will be like so I may go MIA, but I’m ready to welcome a little “off the grid” time. Just figured I should warn ya, since the last time we went silent for a few days… we came back and told you we were parents! Ha! 😉 Anyway, happy weekend, happy week, and here are some links for ya to enjoy while I’m away!

Thought this was a great list of things to do in LA with kids!

This sectional is on it’s way to us for our backyard! Can’t WAIT!

A fascinating video about Bob Ross and his paintings!

Over 100 brands are donating 20% of their profits to RAICES + ACLU this weekend to bring awareness to the border crisis. Hope you’ll check ’em out for any shopping needs you have!

Some of these cake hacks blew my mind.

We use this blender at least twice a day in our house and LOVE it.

Can’t remember if I shared this video about transracial adoption but it’s worth watching.

Have never found a mascara I really loved until this one. Totally hooked.


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