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Happy Weekend!


I am going to rename August, “Insanity.” That’s how this month feels, at least! Anyone else? But don’t let that fool you, it’s insane in the best of ways! I haven’t taken one day off in over two weeks so this weekend I’m hoping to do just that. I’m taking Jeff on a little photography excursion tomorrow (not for the blog, for once) which should be fun, and the rest of the weekend involves no shoots and no plans! Hooray! This week though, was a really great one. One of my favorite things on earth is surprising people, so I was beyond happy that we were able to keep Lexy’s virtual baby shower a surprise! And guys, I just felt so much love this week from all of you! I’m glad you enjoyed all the geometric and donut craziness, and just you wait until next week! I have some seriously awesome stuff in store!

Big Yellow Balloon

(A sneak peek of next week’s mini series that I can’t wait to share!!!!)

{Inspire} Links to Love

Guys, I am the worst at painting my nails. There may be hope.
If corporate logos told the truth.
I must own this pineapple garland!
Loving these awesome art prints from The Confetti Bar!

{Create} DIY Projects & Recipes

The coolest ring toss of all time.
Candy necklace cake topper!
A pretty schnazy buoy garland.
Look at this cool little circus!
This cake is just so darn pretty.
And this giant candelabra is awesome!

{Celebrate} Studio DIY Elsewhere

Was honored to be the subject of this month’s Bright Lights on Frock Files!
My confetti marshmallows were included in this awesome cake topper round up!
Lexy did a fun summary of our virtual baby shower, did you check out all the projects yet!?

Find out what crafty things are happening in your area this weekend right here!

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