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Happy Weekend! (+ What’s Your Favorite Wedding Jam?)


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It’s been a rough week over here personally so I couldn’t be more happy to see Friday arrive. But, I’m super excited for the posts we have in store for next week, so I’m hoping it shapes up to be a MUCH better one!!!! The Oscars are this weekend so don’t forget to print your ballots so you’re ready to go! Even though I’ve seen a total of one of the movies nominated (Outside of the animated ones, obviously.), I always enjoy watching! What are you up to? Hope it’s something fun! Speaking of fun… our question of the day is cracking me up!

What is your FAVORITE wedding jam?

This topic came up when Samantha decided to share that she will drop EVERYTHING at a wedding and bust onto the dance floor when Come On Eileen comes on. HAHAHAA! I found this so funny, so I thought I’d ask you all what your fave song is to dance your BRAINS out to at a wedding. I absolutely love weddings, solely because I love dancing to the cheesy staples you know they’ll play at 99% of the ones you attend. Mine? Mine would be a three way tie between Build Me Up Buttercup, Ain’t No Mountain High Enough (I break out the full Stepmom routine) and Cupid Shuffle. Jeff went with the classic Electric Slide (Also my Mom’s fave) and Alex went with We Are Family. If anyone wants to invite me to their wedding, I will attend with BELLS ON. I’m not joking. Now tell me your fave(s)…! Remember, we’re giving out #troopstudiodiy pin packs to a few commenters each week!

Giveaway Update: Congrats Nikki + Blythe! Your #TroopStudioDIY Pin Packs are on their way!

And how about some links?

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Love all the colorful accents in this home!

More Barbie shoes to add to my collection.

Thinking these shoes will also be in my closet soon…

OMG this rainbow though!!!!

Ummm I need to live here.

The color of this DIY tray is PERFECT!

I thought this article about fertility was unbelievably accurate.

I gotta have this sweater. Just IMMEDIATELY!

Funny tweets only HGTV fans understand.

One more time, don’t forget to print your Oscar Ballots!

Happy Weekend!


  • danielle

    my wedding jam is – Party Rock Anthem by Lmfao or Everybody by Backstreet boys

  • Samantha

    I’m going to be pretty disappointed if at least one other person doesn’t comment saying they JAM to Come On Eileen….haha I know I’m not alone in this!

  • Amy W

    My picks would have to be any song from the Wedding Singer Soundtrack. Literally ANY song. (Damn, why didn’t I have an 80s inspired wedding?)

  • Blythe I

    Come on Eileen will ALWAYS get me out onto the floor! But so will Let’s Dance by Bowie.. Probably my most requested song at weddings and events

  • Jess

    The Macarena if you can believe it! Also any of the line dance songs that have the directions in the lyrics, I find that helpful. 🙂

  • Chelsey G

    Build Me Up Buttercup or Sweet Caroline are both guaranteed to get me dancing!

  • Nikki

    It’s not really a wedding “classic,” but Love on Top by Beyonce is the BEST wedding song, and best song ever to dance/try to sing along to.

  • Jessica

    Okay, I’m dumb. Totally just posted my answer on your other post. Anyway–this is my answer.

    Cupid’s shuffle is my jam! It doesn’t matter what’s happening, I always have to dance to that song. I have walked away mid-conversation with someone, left the cake line(!!), and even at 40 weeks pregnant with a Charlie horse in my foot. I don’t care. I’m not missing that song.

  • Maddie Swab

    My wedding jam is totally Play That Funky Music–no shame!

  • Rosie

    Umm this isn’t a classic or really limited to a wedding scenario, but if ever My Humps by Fergie comes on… I’m there dancing like a fool! im amazed I admitted that publicly. ?

  • Tiffany G.

    “Let’s Get Married” by Jagged Edge BUT it must be the remix featuring Rev Run!

  • Britney

    My fave wedding jam would definitely have to be celebration by Kool and the Gang everytime I hear that funky bass drop I’m all over it haha. It’s a great feel good song and you can’t help but grab whoever your around and head to the dance floor.

  • Janice

    There are so many! Songs from Icona Pop, Taylor Swift, and The Black Eyed Peas. But nothing beats the 80s hits – Don’t Stop Believing. Living on a Prayer. Our Love. Ahhh I love wedding music. Which is a good thing, considering.

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