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Happy Weekend! (+ Which TV family would you want to adopt you?)


Happy Hearts!One more snap from the Chris Uphues event at Pygmy Hippo Shoppe! Love these happy hearts.

It’s been a weird week. An emotional one, family-wise, and a hectic one work-wise which was a recipe for I haven’t gone grocery shopping in two weeks and have just been eating takeout/breakfast for dinner. Oh well! In very important news, I downloaded Tricia Miranda’s WTF dance tutorial to learn so, you know, GET READY. How has your week been? Up to anything fun this weekend!? And now for our fun question….

Which TV family would you want to adopt you!?

Mine would hands DOWN be the Braverman family from Parenthood. Ironically, Zeke is an exact clone of my dad, so I guess my real life family isn’t too far off. 😉 But really, not only would I want them to adopt me, but that family is my exact goal for what I want Jeff and my future family to be. I think watching this show finally helped me convince Jeff to get on board with my “I want at least four kids” campaign. 😉 Oh and I cried at every darn episode. Hahah!

Samantha wants the Brothers & Sisters family to adopt her so Sally Field can be her mom, Annie voted for Modern Family with an addition of Larry David as her crazy uncle. And Alex went with the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air fam. Hahaha!

So.. what about you!?!?!?

We’ll be giving out pin packs to a few people who share their answers each week!

Giveaway Update: Congrats Wendy + Sophie! Your pin packs are on their way!

And now for some links…

The Best Things on the Internet This Week

My gal pal Natasha interviewed me about social media if you want to check it out!

Last week’s question of the day answers were HILARIOUS. I love you guys.

Hotline Bing. This is EVERYTHING.

Ellen in Adele’s ear.

Pretty into this choreography to the new Beyoncé!!!!! OK and this one too.

Scooping up this flamingo purse STAT!

Mean Tweets is my FAVE. Hahahaha!

Zodiac piñatas!

SO into this patch.

Jeff has an epic obsession with Larry David so I’m always on the look out for funny things on Etsy!

I think everyone would be 5,000 times happier if there was a constant Carpool Karaoke loop playing in their lives.

Happy Weekend!


  • Amanda U.

    Definitely the Bravermans!

  • Tiffany W.

    I would pick Full House. I have a close family already & wouldn’t trade that for the world.

    • Kelly

      I love the Full House fam!! Also having Kimmy Gibbler as a neighbor would be pretty entertaining. 😉

  • Ashton

    I saw this Curb-inspired shirt on Etsy recently, I have a Larry David lover at home, too.

  • Michelle

    The Full House family! Although I always loved the Home Improvement family as well, but they were all boys..

  • Heather B

    First of all, I totally cried EVERY episode of Parenthood too! My bestie and I keep saying we want to watch it again but don’t want to at the same time, so emotionally draining!

    Anyways, I’d want the Matthews family (Boy Meets World) to adopt me! Everything always ended up just fine at the end of the day, and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t love having Mr. Feeny as their next door neighbor!?

    • Kelly

      Haha! I feel the same way about watching it again. It’s so good but soooooo many tears!! And i LOVE your fam pick. Totally forgot about the Matthews family. Feeny would be the best neighbor ever.

  • Amy W

    Is it weird that I want The Thundermans to adopt me? I want to be a superhero SO BAD!

  • Kristina B

    ^^^ Not any weirder than wanting to be a Belcher. I love burgers and would love to get into shenanigans with Louise.

    Loved your interview on Violet Tinder, Kelly! Totally agree on the advice that you can’t wait until you’re 100% ok with quitting the day job. Just gotta get my husband on board with that :

  • Wendy

    A little dated, but I would 100% want the Matthews family from Boy Meets World to adopt me. I grew up obsessed with them and that show. They basically adopted Sean, so I’m sure they’d take me in, too!

  • Chelsey G

    Definitely the Bravermans!!!

  • Olivia

    The Gilmores from Gilmore Girls are my favorite TV family! I own all 7 seasons on DVD, and re-watch basically once a year. Rory and Lorelai had the most fun and supportive mother daughter relationship! The Gilmores don’t always get along, but always have each others back. (Also, I would love to have all of Stars Hollow as my extended family because they’re literally amazing.)

  • Sophie

    The Bluths from Arrested Development! I like a little dysfunction.

  • Les

    hands down, i agree with you 1000% percent.
    the braverman’s are where its at.
    i could not watch that show without crying every other episode.
    they are the family i wish i had just because it was soo big and they all cared and it was amazing.

    but if i have to pick a bracket of that family it would hands down be Sarah just cause you know she tried and i LOVE what zeek says about her in the last episode about how she was the most caring of them all.
    (and also cause she’s Lorelai!)

    i miss that show!
    i have yet the guts to start it up again.
    it still breaks my heart .

    • Kelly

      Oooh good choice! I think I’d vote Kristina to be my mom, I loved her!! But I love Sarah too. GAH! Tough one.

  • Lauren

    I would either say the Full House family because they were so close (and who wouldn’t want michelle as a sister?) or the Heck family from The Middle because there would never be a dull moment in that house

  • Corin T

    I would also have to join the Tanners from Full House! I am so crazy-excited for the reunion series!!

  • LirioNohemy

    Oh I so wanna be a Gilmore Girl! Then I’d get to participate in all the Stars Hollow festivals (24 hour dance marathon? I’m there!) and go to Lukes all the time! Yes! ?

  • Jess

    Have to say Tanners as well! When the show was on I was Stephanie’s age but I wanted to be DJ, ha!

  • Sarah Surette

    The Cohen Family from The OC! That might make my Seth Cohen crush a bit weird though. I like The Belcher Family answer too 🙂

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