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Happy Weekend (+ Who’s Your Celebrity Doppelganger?)


Ice Cream Float | studiodiy.comIce Cream Float by Lizzie Darden

Ooooh you see that fun ice cream float (hehe! Get it!?) from Lizzie Darden up there!? It was one of the free printable art prints in our newsletter that launched today! If you missed it because you didn’t sign up yet… get on that! You can sign up right here so you don’t miss next week’s freebies. They. Are. GOOD!

In other news, I’m excited that it’s the weekend but MORE excited for next week because we’re headed to Palm Springs for a couple days with a few of our bloggin’ buds!! This weekend we’ll be laying low and wrapping up a few loose work ends before heading out. What are you up to!? Hope it’s something good! And also…

Who’s Your Celebrity Doppelganger?

This is a fun one, isn’t it! I feel like everyone has been told at least once that they look like a celeb. I’ve gotten Audrina Patridge from The Hills and Anna Kendrick. Which is funny because people also tell Lauren (my BFF) that she looks like Anna Kendrick and the two of us look NOTHING alike. Anyway, Samantha is basically Kristen Wiig. My dad’s identical twin is Craig T. Nelson (aka Zeek Braverman), but you already knew that. So who’s yours!?

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The Best Things on the Internet This Week

These tube letters are pretty awesome for a party!

Shared my fave A Color Story filters over on ABM!

My dream staircase.

These cutie flamingo salt and pepper shakers are calling my name.

How do we feel about this jumpsuit?

The curly-q tail on this guy KILLS me.

Loves the big DIY tables, we could use a few of ’em in the studio!

Rainbow cocktails!? Sign me up.

Got to meet these awesome ladies this week over Korean BBQ!

Oooh loving this floral blouse.

Happy Weekend!


  • Jessica

    I used to always hear that I look like Avril Lavigne. And then it was Jena Malone. Sometimes it’s a mix. And I have also been told I look like a young Elizabeth Taylor.

  • Kristina B

    I can see Anna Kendrick on you! I’ve gotten Drew Barrymore once or twice which I do not see AT ALL but since she’s been my girl crush since like, 6th grade, it’s a-ok by me!

  • Tiffany W.

    When I was little, my mom thought I looked like Jodie Sweetin. My brother has curly hair and a roundish face, so we tell him he looks like Frodo Baggins. (<I know he's the movie character, not the celeb, it just fits 😀 )

  • Tiffany G.

    I once got a job at a clothing store because they said I reminded them of Halle Berry (not a humble brag, because I KNOW I don’t look like her) but I’m African American, wore my hair short and and my last name WAS “Berry.” =)

    • Kelly

      I feel like if anyone told me I was as stunning as someone like Halle Berry I’d RUN with that for life! Haha!

  • BreeAnna

    I’ve gotten Audrey Hepburn and Scarlett Johansen. I don’t think I look like either of them.

    • Kelly

      FASCINATING! I feel like those two couldn’t be more different… but both so awesome!

  • Britney M

    I have always till this day been told I look like Meagan good (@Meagangood) and chrisistina millian(@christinamillian). I personally don’t think I resemble christina as much but Meagan I do see some similarities. Either way those are huge compliments #girlpower.

  • Amber P

    Twice, people I don’t know very well have sworn I look like Ann-Margret. Once when I was very much overweight and the other after I had lost a lot of weight, so I have to think our shared features are pretty similar. I hope so! Ann-Margret is dreamy.?

  • Michelle

    This is a tricky question, let me think…I got Emma Watson as Hermione Granger once because of my curls. I still don’t know if this was meant as a compliment!

  • Amanda H

    I don’t really have a celebrity doppelganger (I once dated this guy who thought I looked like Anne Hathaway, but I don’t see it), but my husband could easily pass for Seth Rogen. They look alike AND have the same laugh! It’s rather eerie, actually.

    • Kelly

      Ha! I totally get what you mean. It’s almost weirder when someone sounds like a celeb than when they look like one!!

  • Emily

    I’ve gotten Anna Paquin because of the space between my two front teeth and Billie Piper — both are beautiful so I’ll take it!

  • Bree

    I’ve heard a few different things, but the best celebrity doppelganger I’ve ever gotten was freaking natalie portman! Oh man, my day was so made that day. <3

  • Amy W

    My mom and sister swear I look like Jennifer Lawrence (I WISH!), but I usually get Katherine Heigl as a brunette. 🙂

  • Jodi Levine

    Thanks for the shout out for my tube letters! xo

  • Gracie

    Hi Kelly!

    I try to sign up for your newsletter, but I’m told that I can’t because I’m already on it, but I’m not getting anything new — just daily blog post updates. HELP!

    Also, my celebrity doppelganger is Anne Hathaway.

  • Lauren

    I’ve been told I look like Lauren Conrad. I’ll take that kind of compliment any day!

  • Jess F.

    Michelle Pfeiffer… But my mom looks even more like her. My mom’s high school yearbook picture looks exactly like Michelle’s! (as seen on a Planet Hollywood placemat, ha!)

  • Catherine

    While I don’t really see it, almost once a week I am asked if anyone has told me how much I look like Taylor Swift. So much so that guys at my local butcher all call me Taylor (who would known butchers would be so into T. Swift?) Swifty is stunning so I’ll take the compliment!

  • Ella

    People tell me I look like Taylor Swift. I don’t see it AT ALL! I don’t think I look anything like her, but I’ll gladly take it!

  • Alisha Johns

    Yay for Lizzie! Loved the newsletter. As for dopplegangers.. I’ve been told Anne Hathaway multiple times..!

  • Erin Maree

    I haven’t been told I look like anyone, I guess here in Australia its just not something we do! I honestly have no idea who would even be my celeb look alike, I kinda think Dianna Agron when her hair was cut short but even then that’s a bit of a stretch haha!

  • Elle

    The only time I remember being told I looked like a celebrity was when a friend (we were just introduced to each other at the time) told me that I look like a girl-version of Logan Lerman. XD I’m still not sure if that is a compliment or not, but whenever I point it out people are like “I can actually see the resemblance”. It’s very strange.

  • Chelsea B.

    omg, celeb doppelgängers are my favorite thing!!! (I wish there was a way to see all the commenter’s pictures so we could decide for ourselves if they were really lookalikes) My celeb lookalike is Etta James. Wish I had her voice, too!

  • Hannah

    Your newsletter popped into my inbox the other day and it is stellar!! I’m already looking forward to the next one. 😀

    For the longest time, none of my friends could come up with a celebrity doppelganger for me. (Is my face really that weird??) But now that I have a budding YouTube presence, I get lookalike suggestions all the time from viewers. I get Yael Stone from Orange Is The New Black quite frequently, as well as random French actresses. I don’t always agree with the comments but they sure are fun to hear!

    Hannah | The Outfit Repeater

  • Amanda

    A random guy at Old Navy once told me that I look like Mae Whitman – which I love, because I seriously LOVE her. But other than that, I don’t often get that I look like celebrities. (I think if my hair was dark again and I didn’t have glasses, I’d look like Jenna-Louise Coleman…)

  • Pat

    When Knots Landing was on TV I went to a shower and these women kept staring at me. It turns out they thought I looked just like her. One of our school board members keeps telling me I look just like Cher, I don’t see it.

  • Melissa

    I got Anna Chlumsky a lot when I was a kid after she did My Girl. People swore up and down I could have been the girl from the movie. Now, I think I kind of still look like her. But I get Jessica Biel a bit now.

  • Christine

    People have told me I look like Natalie Portman, which I will take as a HUGE compliment!

  • Sarah Surette

    I’ve gotten Cara Delevigne twice strictly for my eyebrows, haha. I definitely don’t look like her otherwise.

  • Ashley | Free Wills Studio

    I don’t think I have a celebrity doppelganger but I LOVE to assign them to other people. One Christmas, instead of regular gift tags I printed off pictures of all my family member’s celeb look alikes to go with their present. My sister looks so much like Stephanie Tanner that it blows my mind.

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