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Haunted Housewarming: The DIY Breakdown


Yesterday you got the full scoop, and I mean the full scoop, of our Haunted Housewarming. Today I wanted to delve into the specifics of all the DIY details. There were a lot of them! So here’s the full breakdown: the good, the delicious, and the what I’d do different.

The Photo Booth

For the fringe garland, I folded over two seperate sections of three sheets of tissue paper each. I slighty overlapped the sections and stapled along the top so they formed a long line. Then I fringed away and hung it with fishing line. For the other garland, I’ll have an in-depth DIY coming next month, but the short of it: cut 5″ squares of tissue, pinch them in the center, and slide them onto twine with a needle. It takes a lot of paper. RIP Trees.

DIY Halloween Photo Booth Backdrop DIY Tissue Paper Garland

The Spider Balloons + Straws

I used this tutorial to make the spiderweb balloons. You should use clear balloons, and don’t make the mistake of leaving them in the heat/sun like I did, they fog up! For the straws, I used a glue dot to adhere min plastic spiders to each. NOT safe for little kiddos, choking hazard!

 DIY Spider Web Balloons DIY Spider Straws

The Stairs

I used pre-fringed garland and double stick-taped it along one side of the stairs. Along the other side, I wrapped the base of those fake tea lights with double stick tape and wrapped more squares of tissue around it to mimic the backdrop (Below).

DIY Fringe Staircase DIY Tissue Paper Tea Lights

The Caramel Apple Favors

I used paper straws as the sticks. This was a dumb idea, they do not hold up very well, use dowels or lollipop sticks people! Those baskets are actually the turquoise baskets they sell strawberries in at the farmer’s market. I’ve been hoarding them for awhile and spraypainted them black. I lined those with black tissue and tied up the apples in cellophane bags with twine and a spider ring. Voila!

Halloween Party Caramel Apple Favors

The Backdrop

As I mentioned in the last post, this backdrop was inspired by Jenny’s DIY which you can find here. Jeff added some spider webs and spiders to it, as he did to just about everything he could in the apartment before I caught him!

DIY Spider Backdrop DIY Tissue Paper Halloween Backdrop

The Pumpkin Punch Bowl

We bought a big old pumpkin and sprayed him black. Jeff chopped the top half off and cleaned it out and we happened to find a plastic bowl at the party store that fit perfectly.

Spray Painted Pumpkin Punch Bowl DIY Pumpkin Punch Bowl

The Sprinkle Covered Skull

I bought that skull at Michaels and sprayed it black (Do you see a trend here!?). Once it dried, I sprayed it with spray adhesive then started dumping orange sugar sprinkles all over it. Once that set up a bit, I sealed it all on with a spray sealer. Hold the sealer far away as it kind of “melted” some of the sugar in a few spots. Just a light coating will do!

DIY Sprinkle Skull DIY Sprinkle Covered Skull

The Fringe Plates

We bought black square plates at the 99cent Store and unfortunately they were white underneath. To cover it up, I took strips of fringe garland and taped it along the underside of the plate. Easily removable to change out colors for different events!

DIY Fringe Plates

The Whole Shebang!

The making of the dessert bar (sort of). I didn’t end up hanging the gauze from the ceiling as you see me attempting, but you get the gist!

DIY Halloween Dessert Table

And then, we had a party. Zee end!

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