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Help Plan My Halloween Party: The Theme


The time is here! As I mentioned in this post, Jeff and I are throwing a Halloween party in just three short weeks and we need your help. I thought it would be pretty fun to have an interactive party experience, so I’m looking to you to help pick everything from the theme to the DIYs to the dessert over the next two weeks, and then see the real life party results here on October 22nd! Are you up for it!? We can’t do much without a theme, so that’s up first! Check out the options below then keep scrolling to learn how to cast your vote!

Vote for Studio DIY's Halloween Party Theme

These themes may look familiar! They’re both part of my Halloween part palette + supply guide series. I’ve narrowed it to two, now time for you guys to narrow it to one! Here’s the lowdown:

A Sprinkle of Spook, A Dash of Darkness: This mostly neutral palette has a pop of orange and a hefty teaspoon of gold, too. Think drinks disguised as potions, matte black pumpkins and a creative use of shadows. And the “sprinkle” I refer too? I plan on using that element quite literally. Gotta add that unexpected bold twist in somewhere! This palette will reassure people that black and orange can be revitalized.

Bright with Fright: This palette is modern and not as traditional as the first. I don’t plan on using neon, but rather vibrant hues of pink, orange, green and purple, all against a backdrop of black and white. I see brightly painted skulls and pops of color in the decor and desserts. This theme will certainly prove that Halloween can handle more than just two colors.

Pick a favorite? Here’s how to let me know! Comment below with your choice (and why, if you’d like!) by 12pm PST Tuesday, Oct. 2nd (That’s tomorrow!). I’ll tally all the results and announce the winning theme on Wednesday, along with the next party element up for deliberation! Got it? Now get to decision making!


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