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Holiday Gift Guide: Hey Ladies!


Holiday Gift Guide for Girls

Oh yes it’s ladies night! (Hope you’re all singing now.) Today’s gift guide is dedicated to all the gals in your life. Friends, girlfriends, wives, sisters, mothers, daughters… I didn’t want to break it down by person or age, ’cause I think these ideas can transcend age and personalities! So instead, I’m talking about a few things for those fancy ladies out there and for those girls who are kids at heart (or just… still kids). Plus, a bonus! Stocking stuffer ideas. Stockings are one of my favorite parts of Christmas. Here we go!

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No. 1 Retro Girls Clutch
No. 2 Pom Pom Basket
No. 3 Winking Loafers
No. 4 Fuchsia Necklace
No. 5 Pink Sauce Pan
No. 6 Kisses Blanket
No. 7 Abstract Keychain
No. 8 Olivewood Salad Servers
No. 9 Lipstick Tray
No. 10 Beyoncé Shirt

Holiday Gift Guide for Girls

No. 1 Good Times Necklace
No. 2 Pretzel Earrings
No. 3 Grapefruit Skirt
No. 4 Gem Speaker
No. 5 Pink Roller Skates
No. 6 Sundae Quilt
No. 7 Hand Earrings
No. 8 Donut Pillow

Holiday Gift Guide for Girls

No. 1 OMG Erasers
No. 2 Ice Cream Nail Files
No. 3 Bow Notepad
No. 4 Cocktails Matches
No. 5 Ooh La La Keychain
No. 6 Sketchbook Matches
No. 7 Killin’ It Notepad
No. 8 Emoji Stickers
No. 9 Patterned Pens

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