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#MeetTheMindells: Building Our Wedding Website


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Ah, the wedding website. Did you have one? I suppose it’s pretty commonplace nowadays. When Jeff and I started thinking about ours, we knew we wanted something simple, sleek and modern. No crazy patterns, no pre-determined ultra-specific designs. We wanted it to be photo heavy with a lot of white space and clean fonts. Was that too much to ask!?!?!? Luckily, it wasn’t! Enter: Squarespace.

MeetTheMindells Wedding Website

Many of you fellow bloggers out there may be familiar with the Squarespace interface, as I was. It’s user friendly, intuitive, and best of all, clean and simple! I had seen a few wedding blogs mention how awesome it was for not just building a blog, but for building wedding sites, so when Squarespace reached out, I jumped at the chance to utilize their easy-to-edit templates, and wedding-friendly integrated features (like the perfect built-in registry option for our home down payment fund). BAM! Now, we have some decisions. And of course, we need your help!

We’ll be directing our guests to our website with our Save the Dates (they go out in just a few short weeks!), where they’ll find maps of the location, registry information and a schedule of events. But that means we need to get cracking on it! We’ve checked out all the templates, and narrowed our favorites down to three. And this is where you came in! We knew we wanted a look that would showcase the awesome photos LK Griffin Photography took of us, and thought these options did the trick. We have a favorite, we think, but I’ll keep that to myself, because I want to hear which one is YOUR fave?? And who knows, maybe you’ll sway us differently! Check out the options right here (and be sure to click on each photo to enlarge it!):


We love the emphasis on the photo, and the clean white bar at the bottom to define our text.

Squarespace Wedding Website Momentum Template


We love that this template allows us to showcase multiple photos right on the homepage.

Squarespace Wedding Website Forte Template Ishimoto Template


We love that the sole design element of this template is a photo, just as we wanted, and love the text overlay.

Squarespace Wedding Website Forte Template

All Photos by LK Griffin Photography

Now, feel free to weigh in in the comments below! Which one is your favorite!? And why!? (Thanks in advance. You guys rock!!) Then keep an eye out for when we share our finished site, and more about all the fun and easy Squarespace features we hope to utilize!


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  • Janice

    I’m voting for Forte! But they all look great.

  • Mo

    I can’t tell if I love Forte because of that awesome photo, or for its design. Either way, it gets my vote!

  • Claireabellemakes

    Forte is by far my favourite. It sums up how fun you to appear to be and I get the feeling your wedding is going to be a fun event.

  • Kate

    tough choice….. they all look great! but, if you ask me ishimoto is my fave… i love that it has a collage of some really nice pictures. i personally think that forte is too white, there is not enough going on there… in my opinion that is 😉 any way you go it will look great, you are really just picking between perfect, perfect, and perfect 😉 good luck!!!

  • Les G.

    this is super hard for me to pick so i can’t even imagine how you guys feel! (lol!)

    #1 i love this! i love how you’re up in the air and Jeff is holding your hand.
    kind of like no matter what leap you take he’ll always be there for you!
    (i would just maybe the edit the brown car out and the bags on the floor to the left?)

    #2 i like it because it shows the both of you in different lights but how well you guys go together. always close and full of love. (plus it never hurts that you can show more than one picture!)

    #3 this is so you guys! so fun and full of energy! if only there was a way to add a balloon (like the one’s jeff used to propose!) i like this one because it shows a fun side to you guys which we all know that you are.

    these are all great pictures so its going to be hard to just pick
    (and sorry if i didnt help!) but i love them all!!!

    (okay okay! #1. just one colorful beautiful picture of you guys!!! this is the one!)

    cant wait to see the end result!

  • Rebecca

    Forte is my #1…I love the text overlay and the focus on the beautiful photos you guys have taken 🙂

  • Julie Kuberski

    For me, it’s definitely between Momentum + Forte. The more I look at them, the more I’m thinking Forte, especially if you use that photo. It’s such a great picture, + shows just how fun you guys are + how fun your wedding will be! Love the text overlay too. It’s simple + interesting.

  • Amy Nalette

    Momentum or Forte!

  • Gucki

    #1 or #3!! Beautiful pictures!

  • Amanda {Planning It All}

    I love squarespace! I use them for my main business website! I’m voting for Forte!

  • Erika Buckley

    Tough call! I like the idea of having multiple photos in #2 — but as long as you have a gallery link for people to take a looksie at all your pretty pics – I would vote for #3! I think it’s because in the Forte layout the emphasis is one the two of you – which is what marriage is about!

  • Terrie

    Beautiful photos! These are all great options. I love the multiple photo homepage option of ISHIMOTO, but I also really love the simplicity of FORTE. It’s a tough choice, but whichever option you choose will look awesome!

  • Jill

    My favorite is Momentum, but I also like Ishimoto. Any of the selections will be great!

  • Ginna Cortese

    We also used Squarespace for our January wedding website (, wanting something sans the fuss and clean- opting for Montauk. Really can’t go wrong with any!

  • Dean

    def FORTE. It’s clean and simple and I like it. The first one is really nice but… the reason I don’t like it as much is that you aren’t looking towards him. #2 is really good also…. forte is just my preference because of it’s simplicity. So random that I happened to have come across this website and am voting on this at one in the morning 🙂 good luck with everything!!!

  • Kimberly

    Number 3, Forte!!!!

  • Amy

    I think #3! Love the pic and it’s something I feel like I haven’t seen before. 🙂

  • lynn @ the actor's diet

    I love the Forte one so much…I’m thinking of changing my acting page over to it!

  • Tiffanie

    Kelly, this is SO timely for me! I have to come up with a simple webpage for papel SF before the May show. I already own the URL. Do you know if I can end up with a very simple URL through Squarespace, or will it be more like Blogger, with a bunch of other stuff in the URL? I need to get cracking on this!

    Oh, and I love 1 and 3. And, can you two ever take a bad picture? You are so fun! xoxo

    • Kelly

      YES! Doing a custom/simple domain is SO easy and you can do it right through Squarespace!!

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