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Our Taco Piñata Workshop


Taco Bout A Party!

On Saturday, we held the first hands-on workshop at Studio DIY HQ and we made taco piñatas in honor of National Taco Day! It was a blast!! Before anything else, a huge thank you to those of you that came out and crafted with us!!! This was my first ever workshop all on my own, and you guys made it awesome! We built piñatas, cooled off with yummy Si Paletas and rejoiced in (if I do say so myself) a pretty awesome gift bag!! Which…. two of you lucky folks can win today! Yep, we had a couple extra sets and I want to spread the swag love. Scroll to the bottom (but check out the pretty photos first!) to find out how to enter!

Cactus in a Can
DIY Taco Piñata Workshop

Colorful Fruit Infused Water

I posted this on Instagram and a bunch of you asked about it! We gave each attendee a fruit-infused water. After I came up with the idea, I stumbled upon The Beauty Department’s post and found these perfect bottles! For those asking about the flavors here’s what we had:

Pineapple Mint
Watermelon Rosemary
Citrus Cucumber Mint
Dragonfruit Mint (Because OMG that color!)

To make each, I just sliced up pieces of fruit small enough to fit through the mouth of the bottle, added it to the bottle followed by the herbs and then filled with water. I let each sit for a few hours in the fridge before serving!

DIY Taco Piñata Workshop DIY Taco Pinata Workshop4
Si Paletas Paleta Cart

Since it was 95 degrees in LA that day, we had paletas from Si Paletas to cool off with! They. Were. Delicious. And the cart was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen (you can rent it for events too!)!! We had Peach Orange Blossom, Watermelon Basil and Pineapple Mint paletas pictured below, plus Strawberry-Cream Brown Sugar which was gone before I could get a shot, it was that delish!

Si Paletas
DIY Taco Piñata Workshop
DIY Taco Piñata Workshop
Colorful Fruit Infused Water
Happy Taco Pinata Piñata Candy
DIY Taco Piñata Workshop

And now… the gift bags!

I'm So Fancy
Gift Bag Giveaway - WIN ALL THIS
Gift Bag Giveaway

When the gift bag treats come in an “I’m So Fancy” tote, you know they gotta be good, right!? A HUGE thank you to everyone who contributed to the bags! All the credits are below for the goodies you see, except for the hot sauce which we purchased at TJs and my awesome assistant Annie made custom labels for!

I’m So Fancy Tote from Love Drop Tees / Keep It Real Print from / Taco Card from Sue Jean Ko / Confetti Push Pops from Thimblepress / Hip Hip Hooray Card from Thimblepress / Muchas Gracias Card from The Social Type / Mexican Horchata Lip Balm from Ripe Shop / Geometric Charm Bracelet from Fresh Tangerine / Nail Polish from Julep (in Catrina + Myriam) / Food Love Button from The Pink Samurai / Tea Towels from A Handcrafted Home

This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to Deirdre U. + Amy B.! Look out for an email from me!

Wanna enter to win your own!? Use the Rafflecopter below to enter. Two winners will be chosen and announced here on Monday, Oct. 13th! Please note that the blanket and taco piñata are not included, and that some items may vary slightly (different colors, shapes).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

DIY Taco Piñata Workshop

And when life gives you a paleta cart, you must run across the street with it!

Paleta Crossing

All Photos by Jeff Mindell, Event Coordination + Graphics by Annie Steward

And that’s a wrap! A few people have asked if I’ll be doing more workshops in the near future. The answer is… I gotta get through this crazy wedding of ours first, and then hope to have some more!! Hooray!


  • Cindy

    If you could attend any sort of hands-on/craft workshop, what would you want to learn? — Great question, Kelly. I would have to say I would enjoy attending a crafting workshop on paper flower creation. There are so many variations and colors in crepe paper flowers that it would be awesome to be inspired by other crafters and learn to create various types and sizes!

  • Jane

    How fun! I love the pattern on that tea towel.

  • Brittni

    Looks like an amazing workshop, Kel. I love the balloon message and the flavored water….and of course, the tacos!

  • Meghan R

    I would want to make the Taco Pinata! It kills me that I couldn’t go.

  • Katie

    The workshop looks like so much fun! I think I would enjoy any workshop if it was as well put together as yours.

  • Christine

    What a fun looking party! I need fruit and herb infused water like yesterday.

  • Julie

    I’d love to attend a floral design workshop, or maybe something to do with food-styling and photography.

  • susan b l

    Calligraphy would be cool to learn at a workshop.

  • emily

    I’d love to do a work shop on cricut– learning how to make those awesome vinyl sprinkles or donut stools- it’s something that I don’t think I’ll tackle on my own, but would love to do in a class!

  • Meaghan

    i would love to attend a workshop on some of your amazing balloon DIYs. so fun and they give a great impact for party decor!

  • natalie

    more workshops!

  • Alivia

    So fun! I wish I was in the LA area so I could partake in one of your workshops!

  • Sofia

    I’d like to attend an origami workshop!

  • Angelic Sinova

    Love this! I’d love to attend a Pumpkin craving session <3

  • Courtney

    Oh my gosh, you outdid yourself Kelly! And planning a wedding?! LOVE IT!!!!

  • Sarah

    Another piñata workshop!

  • Mary

    I have learned how to do so many fun crafts from your blog already but I just can not perfect paper flower making! Would love to see a class offered in this area 🙂 thanks for the fab giveaway!

  • Sarah Fontana

    Ooh a calligraphy class would be awesome!

  • Katie J.

    I would love to learn how to make pinatas!

  • Melissa

    I would love to learn calligraphy. There are so many things you can do with it (including making cute prints!)

  • Brittany Brown

    Paper flower making would be so much fun to learn!

  • Beka

    Calligraphy would be a workshop I’d love to attend!!

  • Nicole

    It looks like you had an awesome time. I would love to attend any workshops but I live on the other side of the world maybe some time I can make one.

  • Emily

    The workshop looks like a dream! I’ve so enjoyed seeing the photos of Instagram from you and ladies who attended! I would lovelovelove to take a piñata making workshop!!! You can never have too many! 😉 Great job, Kelly!

  • Jenna

    This looked like so much fun! I love all the thought and care you always put into everything you do. Every little detail is perfect and it’s a dream to get to see everything come together as you work on it and share with us! <3

  • Christine

    I wish I could have gone! I love the tote bag!

  • Goretti

    Calligraphy would be the workshop. Even tho all looked fun. 🙂

  • Gabrielle

    Your instagram is the cutest! I would love to do a care-package workshop. From how to decorate the box, whats inside, etc. That would be so fun and useful (I love sending packages)!

  • Nicole

    I have been looking for a calligraphy workshop to sign up before I have to address my holiday cards this season. Looks like everyone had a fantastic time!

  • Danielle

    So much fun! I would love to attend a calligraphy workshop or maybe encaustic painting.

  • Melissa Hargadon

    I’d love to attend a diy workshop that focuses on freshening up and repurposing furniture items! i.e. tea carts, old chairs, and bookcases.

  • Christa

    I would love a pinata workshop. So fun to see the finished tacos!

  • Kirsten

    What a fun DIY! If I were to attend a workshop, I’d love one about paper decorations like flowers, tassels, or pompoms (:

  • Janice

    Workshop looks awesome! Congrats my dear!

  • Cassidy

    So cute!! I need those “taco bout a party” letters asap!

  • Jamie G

    Floral design would be awesome- or something to help with planning events like bridal/baby showers, birthday parties, and other celebrations- how to put it all together with a cohesive theme that isn’t too, themey?

  • Ellie P.

    Those waters look so pretty! Seems like everyone had a great crafting time.

  • Ellie

    Forgot to mention, but I’d probably love to attend a piñata making workshop solely because I’ve always wanted to make my own. I feel like it should be something my hometown offers since there are so many places you can buy piñatas, but I don’t think we have any workshops to learn how to make one.

  • Anna

    Id love to attend a workshop on calligraphy or cute innovative ways to gift wrap/gift tag. 🙂

  • Carrie // cue the confetti

    ADORABLE!!!!! So wishing I was still living in California.

  • Caitlin McG

    Your studio has come together *so* well! And paletas… inspired. Have you read Paletas by Fany Gerson? It’s a great resource for making your own, in a whole array of great flavors.

    Congrats on the first workshop on your own, woo-hoo!

  • Tessie

    This is the most wonderful fiesta! Thanks for the joy & inspiration!

  • Grace

    I would love to attend a workshop on how to make beautiful paper pom poms!

  • olivia swan

    oh I want to learn the magics of inspiration. let’s make donuts and fruit-themed everything. I am dying to come to one of your workshops; your taco piñata workshop looked dreamy.

  • Ana

    I would love to learn hand lettering, pinata making, art journaling, or fancy scrapbooking!

  • Vanessa

    I would attend a workshop on woodworking or fun (but also useful) ikea hacks!

  • Les Gutierrez

    i had to work this day so i wasnt able to make it and Oct 4 isnt a great day for me so this would have been an awesome pick me up!
    its okay! as long as you promise to have more!!!

    gota love Tacos!!!!

  • Jordan

    More (food related) piñata workshops!

  • Gabby

    I would love to learn all three…piñata-making, calligraphy, and floral design…those are all things I have been interested in learning this past year actually

  • Bri

    I would love to see a calligraphy workshop! Or Floral arrangements would be wonderful too!

  • Brandi

    The workshop looks like it was so much fun!

    Tacos are the absolute best, I can’t wait to make a taco piñata! My in-laws are Mexican and I’m sure they would just love one at the next family gathering!

  • Maura

    A Calligraphy class!

  • Claire

    This looks so fun! Those infused waters are gorgeous. A calligraphy workshop would be cool, but any kind of card crafting workshop would be fun, I think!

  • Laura @ Making Baby Provence

    I have been following your blog for a while. I absolutely adore your ideas. However, this may be one of my favorites: Taco Bout A Party. LOVE it!

  • Margaret

    I’ve been following your blog for a few weeks now, and this is just too cute. So colorful!

  • Megan Soh

    This is awesome, Kelly!! Hope you are doing well and loving your new space.


  • caitlyn

    unique holiday decoration making would be fun.

  • Jessica

    I would LOVE to learn calligraphy! I’d attend a workshop in a heartbeat 🙂

  • Lindsay

    I would love to take a calligraphy course or a DIY Christmas decoration course!

  • Lauren

    I’d love to learn how to make unique centerpieces – those cacti are adorable! (or more pinatas!)

  • Katie

    I would love to do a class on floral garland/backdrops!

  • ver

    something to do with food! macarons maybe?

  • v


  • Amy Nalette

    I would love to go to a workshop that features a photo styling session (how to make your creations look pretty in a picture!)

  • Aiman Ghani

    ANYTHING. Love any and all creativity 🙂

  • Amy Cluck-McAlister

    Ack! I wish I lived closer! The “taco bout it” balloons are genius. I WANT one of those bags!!!

  • Sophia Jeanne

    If you could attend any sort of hands-on/craft workshop, what would you want to learn?
    I’d love to do a pinata DIY workshop – I’m having a Mexican-themed 18th during December so I’d love to learn to make a few! Either that or modern calligraphy – I’ve tried on my own and it looks rubbish haha!

    When I go to America I’ll definitely attend a DIY day of yours!

  • Sophia Jeanne

    (I should probably mention that my birthday was last month so I am 18, but in Aus we’re doing final exams for the next few months so the party has to be after graduation haha ><)

  • Emily

    oooh looks like such a fun workshop! I adore those balloon decorations! and all the goodies in the bag looks so fun!

  • Susi

    I would love to do more things with donuts! I love all the DIY’s I’ve seen so far and find everything cute and adorable! I’d also would like to do more school DIY’s 😀 or bows

  • Heather C

    I’d really like to take classes so I can learn how to knit properly–something I’ve tried repeatedly but never been able to master.

  • Marcela

    Love the idea! The goodie bags look so pretty and neat. #HHM

  • Malvina

    I would love to learn the piñata making and balloon decorating!

  • Sarah

    I would definitely be interested in modern calligraphy and also anything that has to do with pineapples!

  • Rachel

    The gift bags are SO RAD! Awesome!

  • Rachel

    You should do a donut workshop

  • Uri

    Love this swag bag but wish I was able to taco party with ya’ll even more! Too awesome!

  • Kimbercrafts

    This event looks like it was so much fun! I’d love to attend a hands-on workshop for something wearable, like statement necklaces or screenprinted tees!

  • Gina

    The bag is great but the taco party is definitely the icing on yhe cake 🙂

  • Lea anna

    The art of balloon animals

  • jacinda

    I’ve always wanted to try calligraphy and painting. I love the way the style of calligraphy is on paper. It’s so fancy. Painting…well I would like to do it just because it looks relaxing and ejoyable.

  • Jossie

    The workshop looked FAB & FUN! If you ever venture to SF Or the Bay Area- I am your gal! I would love to cohost or help in anyway I can. I mean life is one big party – why not DANCE!!

  • Bridgette

    The workshop looks awesome! I would love to do calligraphy, anything creative thought would be time well spent in my opinion 🙂

  • Anh D.

    I’d love to have sewing classes to learn how to make cool things!

  • Kayleen

    Hi Kelly, I love the pinata workshop idea and encourage you to keep it up with those. They are especially appropriate for the nice weather we’ve been having in L.A. 🙂 I would also be interested in attending diy wall art, dinner themes, cake toppers, and cooking/baking workshops to name a few. Thank you for creating a beautiful site for your readers!

  • Joey Lam

    What a fun party!

  • Angela

    I would die to attend one of the piñata making workshops! Totally freaking out over that horchata chapstick though!

  • Marta A Bilingual Baby blog

    I’d love to try Floral design, Piñata making, Calligraphy, Japanese lacquer. Thank you!

  • Nicki

    Hi Kelly, these Pinatas are really looking fantastic!
    I’d like to attend a rather traditional workshop such as crocheting; these things can be the basis for really fun new ideas!

  • Grace

    Calligraphy, for sure!

    And oh, I want to make the fruit-theme umbrellas. Or fruit-theme anything! They are the cutest!

  • Annette Chai

    I would love to try jewellery-making & beading.

  • Kerri-Ann

    Donuts! Would love to attend a donut themed workshop 🙂

  • Genie Martin

    tacos and crafting sounds like the perfect combination! i wish Sydney wasn’t so far away!

  • Chantelle C

    The infused water bottles just made my day…

  • Morgan Kazanjian

    I absolutely LOVE this! Learning to make a piñata is a fantastic idea! If I was going to attend a workshop like this I’d love to learn that, or how to create stained glass pieces. Or calligraphy. Or anything!

  • Gucki

    Oh I really would like to take part to one of your future workshop! Are you going to plan some webinair? I’d love it! This Summer I made so much infused water!! Super!

  • Erin

    I’m pretty sure any kind of workshop in your studio would be amazing, but I’d most like to work on a paper Christmas village.

  • Kelley

    I really loved your post on how to embroider, so a workshop on that would be cool, but also paper flower making (especially from old books)! 😀

  • Marifer de la Borbolla

    I don’s live in LA 🙁 but definitely I would love a workshop about pottery!!! There’s so much to do!!!
    Thanks for sharing your habilities and happiness kelly 🙂 I’m your mexican no.1 fan!

  • Bree Cooley

    I’m SO inspired and I have to catch your next workshop! LOVE.

  • Andrea S.

    Next time I’m flying in for this! How chip to guac fantastic!

  • Alina Ruiz

    i would love to learn more about piñata decorating and photography tips!

  • Natalie

    Jewelry is always super fun to workshop!

  • Purnima

    Jewelry, Handbags, Home art are all super fun to DIY! 🙂 maybe some fun ornaments for a Christmas tree?

  • Kristi

    Calligraphy would be awesome!

  • Jessica

    A weaving or knitting class would be so fun!!

  • Deirdre

    I’d love to learn how to properly cast on and cast off while knitting. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Laurie

    I would love to attend a calligraphy, floral or any fun DIY workshop!! Our company of wedding planners is looking for a fun activity to do together this fall, I hope you have another workshop soon!!!

  • barbara n

    I would love to attend a scrapbooking workshop

  • Shannon

    I would love to learn calligraphy! Handwriting is a lost art. 🙂

  • Catherine A.

    I would love a workshop on floral design, balloons, or anything dessert themed. Donuts maybe, so sweet!

  • Emma

    I’d love to do another themed pinata workshop!

  • s.w.w

    I would love to attend a basket weaving workshop

  • Sarah

    A Christmas themed workshop 🙂

  • Alli

    I would love a calligraphy workshop!

  • brooke

    This could only have been cuter if the stools had tacos on them! Looks great.

  • Claireabellemakes

    Looks like you had an amazing first workshop. SO rad!

  • Becky

    Where did you get those great balloons from??

  • Eden Passante

    This event looks like so much fun! I love the calligraphy and colors!!

  • lerry

    What a fun looking party! I need one


    great pinata. I ‘ll try to make it. Children gonna love it for sure.

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