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The Comfiest Leggings and Sweatpants


The Comfiest Leggings and Sweatpants

I’ve tested an embarrassing amount of leggings and sweatpants to find my favorite pairs. I’m very picky because comfort is my number one priority. I don’t want a super tight waistband, ideally minimal elastic, and I want the fabric to be super soft. Bonus points if they’re cute too.

Here are eight pairs that fit my criteria, seven of which are tried and true by yours truly and one of which is currently on it’s way to my home… haha!

Comfiest Leggings and Sweatpants

Graphic by Meagan Knight for Studio DIY

My Comfy Sweatpants + Leggings Picks

1. Winter Water Factory Sweatpants: I tend to gravitate towards pairs that are more fitted, but the Winter Water Factory sweatpants are awesome for a looser fit, like a real traditional sweatpant. The elastic is stretchy, plus there’s a drawstring. The fabric is thick but soft and the patterns are super cute!

2. Lou & Grey for LOFT Sweatpants: Without a DOUBT the softest pair of pants I own. It’s UNREAL. Jeff repeatedly asks if they make them in men’s sizes, he is so jealous! The waistband is nice and stretchy but they are fitted through the thigh area which I like. Front and back pockets too, which is convenient!

3. Aerie Play Pocket & Cuff Leggings: Leggings are INFINITELY harder to find than sweatpants. They all are so horrendously tight and uncomfortable. NOT THESE! These are a workout-type fabric, but so stretchy and comfortable. They only have a very VERY narrow elastic at the very top, plus a drawstring. I wear these to sleep in, and just around the house too.

4. J. Crew Factory Men’s Sweatpants: I don’t know why men’s sweatpants are more comfortable than women’s but they just ARE! My J. Crew Men’s sweatpants are probably my overall favorite pair I have. I wear an XS, for reference! I love the fit, and the waistband is super comfortable. They are the perfect hang-around-the-house pants that you can totally wear out, too.

5. Hansel From Basel Fleece Lined Leggings: These are my absolute favorite leggings right now. NO elastic waistband at ALL. Just a SUPER cozy, warm, stretchy fabric and so so comfortable. They’re actually fleece-lined, so great for cooler climates, although they aren’t too thick that they feel too warm for warmer climates. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

6. Free People Work It Out Joggers: Another “how the heck are these so soft!?” pair and finally… a soft, comfy pair of sweats that comes in PRETTY COLORS! I love a jogger fit and the detailing down the front of these is cute too. Plus there’s a matching sweatshirt if you want to make it a set!

7. This Is The Great Cropped Sweatpants: This is the only pair I don’t have (yet) but I have a pair of PJs from this brand that I love, so I had to include them. I’ve heard rave reviews from everyone I know who has them, and they come in every single color of the rainbow which is super fun.

8. J. Crew Men’s Sweatpants: Another awesome J. Crew Men’s find. You just can’t beat them!!! I love the washed out color/style of these (they come in gray as well) and the fit is just so great.

The shirt I’m wearing in the lead photo is from here! They don’t have the same one, but lots of cute other styles in the same confetti print!


  • Jessica

    Lou & Grey does have a unisex pair! And I promise they are just as soft (maybe softer?) than the joggers. So so good!

    • Kelly

      No way!!! Well, now I know what I’m getting Jeff for Father’s Day.. haha! Thank you!

  • DriverB

    I bought the Lou and Grey pants because of your recommendation, and I lurrrrrve them. So soft! And I didn’t realize about the POCKETS until I got them. Thank you!

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