DIY Embroidered Party Hats for Birthdays
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DIY Embroidered Party Hats


I switched everything up this week with a party on Tuesday and now a fun DIY project today! Gotta keep things interesting, ladies and gents! I’m pretty excited about how this project turned out… DIY embroidered party hats! Sometimes people see anything that involves sewing or embroidery and get totally scared away but seriously, these are so easy. And this embroidery is on paper, no fabric here if that’s what you fear! You can make them for kids, or adults, and choose any design you want! Letters, numbers, shapes, you get the point. Just pick up some fun paper and contrasting embroidery floss and hop to it!

DIY Embroidered Party Hats

(I may not have cute kids yet to be my models for such projects, but I do have a cute dog who is terribly curious!)

Party Hat DIY Tutorial DIY Embroidered Party Hat

DIY Embroidered Birthday Hat Tutorial

Supply List:

Party Hat Template (I’ve made some before, but cheated and used this great one from Jordan for this!)
Shape, letter, number or other “templates” (I simply printed out outlines of shapes and letters from my computer)
Embroidery floss
Large/Embroidery Needle
Scissors (And an x-acto knife if you have it!)
Pom Poms or tissue for the hat topper
Hot glue

To Make:

Cut out the party hat template from your cardstock and trace your design (in reverse!) on the back side of it. Use the point of your needle to poke holes, evenly spaced, around your drawn shape. Thread a very long double length of embroidery floss through your needle and tie a knot at the end, and start embroidering! I explained more about this embroidery backstitch here, but it’s very simple!

Embroidered Party Hat Tutorial Paper Party Hat Embroidery

Once you’ve gone all the way around your shape, knot it up at the end and snip your excess thread.

How to embroider paper DIY Embroidery on Paper

Roll your hat into it’s hat shape and slip the tab through the slit. Now add your ribbon or elastic as a fastner!

DIY Party Hat Embroidery

I did so by poking a hole on each side of the hat, slipping ribbon through and tying a knot on the inside of the hat to secure. If you want to include a hat topper (and you really should, so cute!) hot glue a pom pom on top or fringe a small piece of tissue, roll it, and hot glue it inside the small hole at the top of the hat. And then, it’s time to partay!

DIY Embroidered Birthday Party Hats DIY Embroidered Birthday Hats

DIY Embroidered Party Hats Tutorial

All Photos by Studio DIY

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  • Erin | House of Earnest

    Kelly – these are adorable! I love the concept and have been meaning to try this on something! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Kelly

      Thanks Erin! I’ve been dying to try it too, and party hats fit the bill! =)


  • Jessica @shimmerkai

    Love these! What a great way to customize a party hat…

  • Deepthi

    I love you party Hats! Where did you get the Cardstock? My daughters birthday is coming up! I want to try these

    • Kelly

      Thanks so much! I purchased that cardstock in a pack of multiple patterns at my local Michaels. I can’t guarantee they still carry it but I’m sure they will have something similar if they don’t have these exact ones!

      If you make these hats, I’d love for you to send along a photo! My email is kelly{at}studiodiy{dot}com.

      Happy Crafting!


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