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5 Secrets to More Color at Home

Studio DIY is a creative lifestyle company in charge of making life a PARTY! We share fun, kooky and bold DIY projects, recipes, tips, tricks, ideas… the works! Our projects are larger than life and we aren’t afraid of color. Oh, and more is always more here. (Hope nobody told you differently!) 

If you leave this site smiling, laughing or saying OMG NO WAY, then we’ve done our job. We’re all gal pals here, so let’s have some fun!



  • 1

    Fill a car with balloons.
  • 2

    Speak to your friends only in Mean Girls quotes.
  • 3

    Have a confetti pillow fight.
  • 4

    Make a piñata and hang it in your living room.
  • 5

    Funfetti-fy your dessert.
  • 6

    Have a Chick Flick movie marathon.
  • 7

    Dance in the frozen food aisle.
  • 8

    When in doubt, disco balls.
  • 9

    Cue up your fave playlist and have a dance party.
  • 10

    Be. Yo. SELF!
  • Hey guys! I’m Kelly Mindell. I’ve been a DIY-er since birth, an entrepreneur since age fifteen and I’m the head gal in charge around here. I was born and raised in New Jersey, but moved to Los Angeles in 2011, founding Studio DIY that same year. I live here with my husband Jeff and son Arlo.

    Studio DIY is the culmination of everything I love and live for. This includes dance parties, donuts, costumes, sprinkles and making people laugh. Along the way, I’ve gotten to do some pretty cool things like collaborate on a Modernica chair and design costumes for Miley Cyrus and The Today Show (!), but most days you’ll find me dancing (in the grocery store. told you!StudioDIYAboutEmoticon_07), crafting (on the floor), and enjoying dessert (after every meal).

    Read Kelly’s full story StudioDIYAboutAssets_15


    Jeff Mindell


    Jeff is our in-house photographer (who also happens to be my husband!). He spends most of his days heavily out numbered by ladies at the studio, but he's a real trooper about it. You could set your watch by his 3pm coffee runs and he's always down for a karaoke sesh. Also, ask Jeff about his weird talent where he associates names with objects. It's a guaranteed good time.

    Samantha Riedford

    Operations Manager

    Samantha is the resident phrase-maker of our office and also helps keep the inbox somewhere between terrifying and completely empty (it's a delicate balance). She learned how to jump rope at the ripe age of 26, is deathly afraid of birds, and believes that if you're not putting jelly on your grilled cheese then you're doing it wrong.

    Annie Steward

    Creative Development + Styling Assistant

    Annie is the one who executes all of the crazy ideas we have at Studio DIY! She's a pinata fringing machine and knows what she's doing with a hot glue gun so watch out! Annie LOVES all things stationery related + The Lizzie McGuire Movie, and HATES the sound of balloons popping. Somehow she managed to find this job which involves all three on an almost daily basis!

    Theresa Rountree

    Recipe Contributor (AKA Baking Goddess)

    Want to make a three-tiered cake stuffed with rainbows + unicorns and iced with the perfect pink frosting of your dreams??? Well, then Theresa is your girl! Lucky for us she's technically our girl because every. single. time. we ask her to make something totally over the top (which is often!), she only looks at us like we're a teensy bit crazy and then she NAILS it. Every time.

    Alex Michael May

    Beauty + Styling Contributor (AKA Mani Maven)

    It's never a dull day when Alex is in the studio! We bring Alex in to do all of our manicures, but a lot of the time we just ask her to come in + hang out with us because she's so much fun! She's also the creative behind Beautilitarian, is a styling wiz, and will make you want to be her BFF from the moment you meet her! OH! And did we mention she can do a spot-on Shakira impression? Because she can. And it's amazing.

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