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5 Secrets to More Color at Home

Our Tubby Todd Collab: Making Bath Time A Party!!!


I’m so excited to introduce you to our latest product collab, Tubby Todd x Studio DIY!!!!! You’ve heard me talk about Tubby Todd before, and that’s because it is a product I have used *literally* every single day since Arlo was born. I stand by it SO. FIERCELY. Their bath products are made with simple,…

Can’t Clutch This: July


Whether you are actually going back to school or not, I feel like the back to school feeling is the MOST fun. Mostly due to aisles of school supplies, and not the actual school part. Hah! 😉 Well, it felt like the perfect time to introduce this clutch that I’d been dreaming up for quite some…

Our Favorite Toys for Two Year Olds


Since we don’t have a ton of “play” room in our house for Arlo, we are pretty particular about what toys come into our home and what ones stay, too. Overall, he’s not really a kid that is THAT interested in toys (unless they’re other kids toys, of course. ha!) but there are a few…

Happy Weekend!


Hi!! We’re spending another weekend working on a bunch of house projects, like finishing up my media cabinet project, cleaning out the new nursery for a fun collab, and getting ready for demo/prep to start on the landscaping aspect of the backyard next week! Gonna start sharing design plans for a few of these spaces…

26 Bold + Colorful Wallpapers for Kids’ Rooms


I’ve been doing a hefty amount of wallpaper research because 1) I want to wallpaper one wall of our bathroom, 2) I’m considering wallpapering something in the new nursery and 3) I want to turn Arlo’s closet into a fort and wallpaper it, too! I’ve always been a little afraid of wallpaper because I change my…

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