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Can’t Clutch This: November


HELLOOOOOOOO HOLIDAYS!!!!!! A present clutch. I mean, presents are square. Clutches are square. It had to happen. It has a 3D BOW!!!!!! And a gift tag keychain!!!!! The thing I love most about this is that it’s the perfect BIRTHDAY clutch too!!!!! This color combo is one of my go-tos for the holidays, as you…

Arlo’s Favorite Books Right Now (At 18 Months!)


I did a round up of his favorite books at one year but we’re always adding new ones so it’s time for a second edition! Plus, with the holidays around the corner, these would ALL make great gifts! Arlo actually still loves most of the ones from the last post, but all of the ones…

The New Product Helping Me Through Busy Season!


‘Tis the busy season around these parts so greetings from the depths of my office! Covered in samples and half-finished DIYs and a wholeeee lot of Christmas cheer! Today I wanted to take a minute to review another Olay skin care product I got to try recently ’cause it fits perfectly with my “busy” #aesthetic…

Five Gift Ideas for People Who Are Hard to Shop For


You know those memes about people who love Halloween but also have, like, already unpacked the Christmas tree and have it causally hiding under their bed until 12:01am on November 1st? Yeah…guilty. So LET THE HOLIDAY CONTENT BEGIN! Slowly, don’t worry. 😉 I get asked for gift guides soooo frequently from you guys, so we…

New Christmas Goodies in the Shop!!!


You guys!!!! A few holiday goodies just dropped in the shop!!!!! We decided to do a BONUS holiday clutch available to everyone, not just subscribers, and HOW CUTE IS IT!??!? Wanted to make something that had lots of pops of colors so it would work with almost any holiday outfit! Yes, it has an optional…

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