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11 DIY Throwback Halloween Costumes!


There’s nothing better than a good throwback Halloween costume, am I right?! From our favorite 90s toys to the best movie references (cough, cough Mean Girls!!!), we’ve rounded up some of our favorite throwback costumes from Halloweens past. As always, remember to tag your costumes #studiodiyincostume if you make one! I love to see and…

DIY Lite Brite Costume


I don’t know that there are words to explain my level of addiction to Lite Brite when I was a kid. It was hands down my FAVORITE activity. I know I’m not alone, right? RIGHT!? Well, with this DIY Lite Brite costume you can re-live your childhood fave in super-sized version!! And the best part…

Can’t Clutch This Reveal: October


CARBS CARBS CARBS! Meet October’s clutch, the croissant clutchhhhh!!!! YOU GUYS actually picked this one! Do you remember!? I asked what foods you’d want to see on a clutch and croissant was one of the most requested. I HAPPILY obliged! 😉 And with Thanksgiving around the corner for those of us who are stateside, it…

DIY Family Weather Costume


Finally, a rainbow costume!!! And a whole DIY family weather costume to go with it! Had to break out the wagon for this one. Of alll the DIY costumes I’ve done, I’ve been wanting to do a rainbow costume for years but I never liked the versions I came up with for a person. The…

30 Food Halloween Costumes!


If there’s one thing we’ve made a lot of for Halloween, it’s food costumes!! I’m sharing some of our favorites here. If you make one, be sure to share it with #studiodiyincostume!!! And check out all our costumes over here if you need even more inspo! 1. DIY Banana Costume (Ab0ve) 2. DIY Tropical Drink…

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