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Can’t Clutch This Reveal: April


Sparkles!!!! Been meaning to make a good, “simple” evening clutch for quite some time, and this silver GLITTER clutch is it!!!!!!!! Weddings, nights out, cocktail parties… I’ve got you, girl! But of course, I couldn’t make our “simple” evening clutch too simple… so I threw in some space-inspired flair!!! Every time I ask about theme ideas,…

Happy Weekend!


Things are seemingly perpetually hectic right now, so much to do in so little time with all the work trips and visitors we’ve had! But all good things, and all things I’m grateful for so I’m trying to focus on that as we continue through this period of life filled with change and chaos! We…

What I Wore This Week


Spent half the week in Palm Springs visiting family that was in town, and the other half running around between events and prepping for a bunch of big shoots coming up! Here’s what I wore, plus a few from last weekend since I got some Qs! Saturday (Above) Yellow Sweater | Jeans | Woven Mules |…

How To Make An Easter Village


I recently created an Easter version of my DIY pastel Christmas village for a partnership I did with PEEPS Marshmallows! I loved it so much, I ended up putting it on our mantel for the season. (It’s probably the only clean/pretty surface in our entire house right now, as a result. Haha!) Thought I’d share…

10 Adoption Home Study Requirements That Every Parent Should Do!


One of the “scariest” parts of the adoption process seems to commonly be the home study, where you’re paired with a social worker who does a deep dive into your family history, your relationship, your medical history and your home life. I think it’s scary because the media portrays it to be, but it really doesn’t…

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