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12 Of Our Favorite Holiday Recipes


Does your family have any baking traditions during the holidays? Or maybe it’s time to start a new tradition! Here are some of my favorite recipes we’ve done in years past if you need some ideas!! 1. DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater Cake (above) 2. DIY Reindeer + Snowman Ice Cream Cones 3. DIY Pink Gingerbread…

DIY Felted Stripe Christmas Stockings


Last year, I spent the better part of the holiday season figuring out how to make my dream stockings. Red, striped, felted wool stockings. Ones that we’d hopefully have forever. After MANY failed attempts and causing my entire house to smell like a barn (hint: Wet felting is NOT my thing! haha!), I finally figured it…

Arlo + I Give Our Favorite Diaper the True Test!


I’ve gone on and onnnn about how Pampers Pure is our favorite diaper. And how I know that I work with them, but I’d buy it ten times over even if I didn’t. The coolest thing about the press trip I went on to their headquarters was the cool science-y tests they did, like the ones…

Our Favorite Holiday Books


We really built up our Christmas and holiday book library this year and Arlo is LOVING IT! So am I, obviously. I wanted to share a few of our favorite ones that we’ve read, many of which were recommended to us by YOU guys. So thank you for that!! A lot of Christmas centered but…

DIY Felt Christmas Tree Wall Hanging


My favorite projects to make are the ones that we’ll have forever. This is one of them!!!! It’s our first Christmas that we’re spending at home, just the three of us. And while we’ll miss being with family, we’re excited at the possibility of starting some new traditions of our own. I made this felt…

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