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Free Printable 2019 Oscar Ballot


Our annual free printable 2019 Oscar ballot is here! This ballot is a fun addition to any Oscar party, whether it’s a party of one, two or twenty! I always enjoy watching the show (and the red carpet!), even though I usually have only seen the nominated Pixar movie and musical of the year. Haha!…

How To Make A Busy Clutch For Toddlers


When we went on our first trip as a family, I gathered a bunch of quiet activities for Arlo with HIGH entertainment value and put them in to one of our clutches. It was the easiest thing to pull out of my bag and he loved being able to go through it and pick whatever…

Rugs I Didn’t Buy, So You Should Vol. 1


I’m finally doing it. A series of rugs I didn’t buy, so you should. Partially to feed my obsession, partially to save my marriage, partially to take you all down with me. You’re welcome? If you’re new here, or if you don’t follow along on Instagram, I collect rugs. I’m not into fancy jewelry or…

DIY Printable Outer Space Valentines for Toddlers


Lots and lots of you have been asking me for toddler friendly Valentines! And as I was trying and trying to think of a cute idea I could put together for Arlo’s little pals, Arlo threw his favorite snack and me and said “MORE!” and BOOM! Inspiration struck! Haha! So I turned his all time…

Happy Weekend!


It has been raining more than it’s ever rained since I’ve lived in LA lately and it’s made me realize how much I really take for granted the gorgeous weather here. I have so much more respect now for my parents, and any of you parents out there who are raising kids where you can’t…

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