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5 Secrets to More Color at Home

Happy Weekend!


My first weekend as a 30 year old. Ha, hello! =) I’m spending most of this weekend working but at least we have cake (recipe below) to get me through it! This upcoming week is filled with a ton more meetings and things and I’m thinking about instating an official “non-meeting” day on my calendar…

Thoughts on Turning 30…


Every year I do a birthday post. You can read my thoughts on turning 27, 28 and 29 and my goals I wanted to accomplish before 30, too. But here we are, on the day I turn 30 and enter a new decade. And WOW, it’s hitting me hard. I feel so dumb saying that,…

Arlo’s Favorite Books Right Now (At 2 Years Old!)


I try to do a round-up of our favorite children’s books every six months or so, so I wanted to share our current favorite books now that Arlo is two years old! In true two-year-old form, a bunch of these have a behavior focus as, well, that’s our biggest struggle at the moment! But there’s…

Can’t Clutch This: June


Feelin’ TROPICAL with this month’s clutch!!!!! There’s been lots and lots of requests for a monstera leaf clutch so here she is!!!!!!! AND! After Pantone named coral the color of the year, it’s been one of our most wanted colors for our lineup!! The foldover style is one of my favorites we’ve ever done, since…

Happy Weekend!


Happy Sunday!! We’re hanging close to home this weekend and not doing anything crazy! Hitting the Rose Bowl this morning to see if we can score any gems for the living room and speaking of GEMS! Yesterday, we headed to Badia Design which is a HUGE store filled with Moroccan rugs, furniture, tile OMG… it…

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