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5 Secrets to More Color at Home

Clean, Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Swaps I’m Making


This year I have committed to lessening my footprint on this earth in small, simple ways that over time will make a larger impact. The topic of eco-friendly and sustainability is really intimidating to me, is it to you? We all need to make changes if we want this world to exist for the next…

Can’t Clutch This: February


Spring has sprung or at least we can try to manifest that with this clutch!!! Haha! Meet February’s Flower Power clutch!! We’ve somehow never done a floral clutch (!?) and it was about TIME! I’m so so thrilled with how this one turned out. Florals can take so many different directions but I wanted to…

Happy Weekend!


Happy Saturday! We had such a fun Valentine’s Day yesterday. It was just an absolute blast making Valentines for Arlo and seeing how excited he was to hand them out. Gah! It was just SO CUTE. Jeff and I still aren’t feeling 100% so we laid low and ordered in a heart shaped pizza for…

Our Parenting Philosophy On Kids’ Toys (+ How To Get Family On Board)


I’ve gotten a few questions or comments on Instagram about how “intentional” we seem to be about the toys we bring into our home for Arlo, which honestly feels like a huge compliment! I’m trying more and more, across the board, to be more intentional with items we bring into our lives and toys are…

Happy Weekend!


‘Twas a rough week around here. We’ve all been sick, and mine turned into a horrendous sinus infection that I can’t seem to kick. Tried to rest as much as possible but being self employed and the parent of a toddler makes that easier said than done. Still not feeling like I’m on the mend…

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