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The Mindwelling: Master Bathroom Inspiration


I shared the “before” photos and our overall plans for our master bathroom, now it’s time for the design! Since this room is right off our bedroom, I wanted to incorporate some of the warm tones from there into the room, but add another bold element so it wasn’t all pink on pink on pink.…

DIY Felt Truck Advent Calendar


I’m about to hit you with a BUNCH of felt projects, ya ready!? First up.. Arlo’s felt truck advent calendar!!! One week into December and it’s finally done and I love it so much!!! He immediately looked at it and said “CAR!” and that just made me smile. The idea is that every morning he’ll…

Our 2018 Toddler Gift Guide!


Time for a toddler gift guide! Curated just for you by Arlo Mitchell Mindell. Some are items he already owns and loves and some are ones from his Christmas list! We try to only get Arlo a few gifts each year and put most of our time and money into shopping for other families and…

12 DIY Gifts For Friends Who Have Everything


We all have those friends who already have everything you could possibly buy for them. So we say, why not custom-make them something they’ll love? Here are our favorite DIYs from years past…they make great gifts for friends and family members who are hard to shop for! 1. DIY Glitter Tassel Earrings (above) 2. DIY…

12 Christmas Traditions You Can Start This Year (+ What are YOUR traditions?)


From the sounds of my impromptu holiday poll, most of you are super interested in TRADITIONS! Which means…. YOU ARE MY PEOPLE!!!!!!! Today I wanted to share 12 holiday traditions that will hopefully inspire some new ones for your family, and they’re all ones that you can easily start this year! Some are ones we…

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