DIY Geometric Garland
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DIY Geometric Garland


Way back in September (Doesn’t that feel like forever ago!?) we hosted Blognic here in LA and I never got a chance to share the DIY for the garlands I made for it! We had a kind of geometric theme going, or what I like to call it, “deconstructed gingham” for picnic purposes and a crafted a whole bunch of easy peasy geometric garlands! You can make these in any color combos and they’re great for parties on a budget! Get the full scoop below.

DIY Geometric Garland Tutorial

Tutorial for Geometric Garland

Geometric Garland DIY


X-acto knife and ruler or paper cutter
Doublestick Tape
Twine or string

To Make:

Cut your cardstock into 2″ x 8.5″ strips.

DIY Square Garland

Fold over a 1/2″ flap, then fold in half and fold each half in half again. Place a piece of double stick tape on the flap and adhere it to the under side of the other end of your folded strip to form a box.

Geometric Garland DIY

Make a bunch!

DIY Paper Box Garland DIY 3D Geometric Garlands

Thread your needle with string or twine and carefully poke a hole through the corner of each box to string together. The boxes will slide if you manually move them but they should stay put otherwise. Adjust so they are equally spaced.

How to Make a Geometric Garland 3D Box Garland

And hang!

Geometric Garland DIY Tutorial

DIY Geometric Garland

The shapes can also be bent to form diamonds, and I imagine you could use the same technique to make triangles. Gotta make sure I cover all the geometric shapes!

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