DIY Giant Cupid's Arrow Balloons for Valentine's Day
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DIY Giant Cupid’s Arrow Balloons


Today’s post is sponsored by Scotch Duct Tape.

I am so excited to share this DIY with you, I am going to EXPLODE! I’ve been dreaming up this cupid’s arrow balloon for awhile now and was so happy when Scotch Duct Tape hopped on board to make it happen! These balloons are so ridiculously giant and great, they make such a statement. I mean…. I’m just obsessed! You could really impress your Valentine  or your kiddos with these, huh? Luckily they have big impact, but little effort! Just grab your duct tape and get to makin’!

DIY Giant Cupid's Arrow Balloons


DIY Giant Cupid's Arrow Balloons


DIY Giant Cupid's Arrow Balloons

DIY Giant Cupid's Arrow Balloons

Scotch Duct Tape in Pearl White, Cherry Red and Hot Pink
Paper Towel Rolls (Two per balloon. If you don’t want the arrow to be as exaggerated, you can use a toilet paper roll or two taped together for each side!)
Sharp Art/Utility Knife and Cutting Mat
36″ Heart Balloons

First you need to cover your paper towel rolls in the duct tape color of your choice. Wrap pieces around until the whole tube is covered. Then add any decorations you want! I cut narrower strips of the duct tape and added stripes, but you could also add other shapes or even vertical stripes!

DIY Giant Cupid's Arrow Balloons DIY Giant Cupid's Arrow Balloons

Make both ends of your arrow out of cardstock. I’ve seen so many different style arrows, so change it up or do what I did pictured below. I also fringed the ends of my arrow’s tail. On one end of each paper towel roll, cut a slit on each side about an inch or two in and slip your arrow pieces in the slit. It should hold pretty tight just like that, but you can also add a small piece of duct tape on the inside to secure.

DIY Giant Cupid's Arrow Balloons DIY Giant Cupid's Arrow Balloons

On the other end of each tube, add one more strip of duct tape, letting it hang off the bottom about an inch. Cut slits in the exposed tape all around the tube, this will allow you to attach the arrow to your balloon.

DIY Giant Cupid's Arrow Balloons DIY Giant Cupid's Arrow Balloons

To attach the arrows to your helium-filled balloon, it helps to have a second person on hand to make sure the arrow makes a straight “shot” through the balloon. Using the strips of tape you made on your tube, attach the bottom half of the arrow to the balloon Press firmly to secure and it will hold on tight. Do not try to move and reposition the tape after it’s on or it will pop the balloon! Then, having your second person (hopefully) advise you on placement, attach the top half of the arrow to the direct diagonal opposite of your bottom one.

DIY Giant Cupid's Arrow Balloons

Done!!! These balloons and the arrows are pretty ginormous, so keep that in mind for transporting! They fit in the back seat of a sedan easily, but be careful not to crush the arrows! The balloons will last awhile though, at least a few days if the balloon was filled full with helium!

DIY Giant Cupid's Arrow Balloon

DIY Giant Cupid's Arrow Balloons

DIY Giant Cupid's Arrow Balloons

DIY Giant Cupid's Arrow Balloons

All Photos by Studio DIY

What do you think!? I’d probably marry someone on the SPOT if they gave me one of these. Too bad I’m already engaged…. 😉

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