The Party Cart: Three Ways
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The Party Cart: Three Ways


How to Style a Party Cart Three Ways

A few weeks ago I told you I was finally putting the finishing touches on Studio DIY HQ, thanks to the help of the recently revamped Room Essentials collection at Target. To go along with my fancy new fridge, I decided to get a kitchen cart so I had some prep space for lunches during the day, and for any food-related shoots. I tried out this one from Target and it’s perfect! Just the space I need. But then I thought, well shoot… this piece could be a heck of a lot more than a kitchen cart. And BAM! The Party Cart was born. It’s all about re-purposing folks, and for those of you that live in small spaces and need multipurpose pieces… well by golly, here’s one of ’em! This cart could be a kitchen cart or a bar cart most days, but for those special days… I’ve got three ways to help it put on it’s party pants!

DIY Birthday Party Cart

First, the birthday party. We all have ’em, we all love ’em. (Well, if you don’t count the age at least, I suppose…) Birthday Party Cart Essentials: balloons (have your guest fill ’em up at a balloon bar!), party hats, and gifts! It makes an excellent gift station. Take a party hat, leave a present. Simple as that! Put A Handle On It: Tie mini honeycombs to the handles to jazz ’em up!

DIY Birthday Party Cart
Party Cart

The Taco Party Cart
DIY Taco Party Cart1

Take taco night to the next level and call it a taco party! The cart is the perfect app station. Repeat after me: chips and guac. Taco Party Cart Essentials: Chips, guacamole, a drawer of limes (for the wow factor, people!), Mexican sodas, mini piñatas as favors and a giant taco piñata because you can! Put A Handle On It: Revamp the handles with some crepe paper tassels. Cut a strip of crepe about 4″ tall, fringe one end, roll and attach to the cart with temporary adhesive.

DIY Taco Party Cart
DIY Giant Taco

DIY Sugar Rush Cart

The Sugar Rush cart fits for any party because every party needs sugar! (DUH!) Of course, you could just have a Sugar Rush party and call it a day. Just be sure to hand out pillows and blankets as favors for the post sugar-rush crash. Sugar Rush Essentials: Donuts (or cupcakes… or cake…), Ice Cream, Sprinkles + Candy (Display ’em in the drawer!), straws for floats and cups for sundaes. Put a Handle On It: Use an ice cream cone cookie cutter to cut a cone out of clay. Let dry and paint it. Use temporary adhesive to adhere to the handles!

DIY Sugar Rush Cart

DIY Sugar Rush Cart

All Photos by Studio DIY

So what would you turn your kitchen cart into when it’s time for a party!? I think a pool party cart could also be a total blast, especially as we reluctantly say farewell to summer! Now that I know it’s possibilities, this cart may be getting more action than anticipated!

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