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Arlo’s To Infinity and Beyond First Birthday Party


To Infinity and Beyond First Birthday Party

Are you ready for the most epic-ly long blog post of all time, but how do you cut out any photos because your baby only turns one once!??!!? We had the absolute BEST time planning and throwing Arlo a giant first birthday party. Since we never had a baby shower, sip & see or any of those fun baby-things, we decided to go BIG for his birthday and had so many friends and family fly in for the occasion. He is SO loved and we are so lucky.

Inspired by Arlo’s most favorite party trick, and our family’s general love for all things Pixar, we went with a “To Infinity and Beyond!” theme… with our own colorful spin! It was all about planets and rocket ships and rainbows and clouds and everything in between. It was so happy and colorful and perfect, just like him. It was also the most stress-free party I’ve ever thrown because I recruited one million people and friends to help me with it. And I’m so excited to share every last detail with you today!!!

To Infinity and Beyond First Birthday PartyBalloon Rainbow | To Infinity and Beyond First Birthday Party

First, let’s start with the location. We had initially planned to throw the party at home, but when I realized our not-yet-renovated backyard was basically a death trap for children, we moved the whole shebang to The Coop Los Angeles. Honestly, best decision of my whole life. The Coop is a play and event space for kids that has all the things kids love like a ball pit, a bounce house and lots of toys, PLUS a really pretty party space and outdoor area. Throwing it there meant I got the help of their whole team (who are seriously magicians and solve every problem and make everything happen SO QUICK and perfectly) and it had built-in entertainment so I didn’t have to hire anything (or anyone) else. The kids LOVED it. I loved it because I didn’t have to do much besides decorate. It was a dream.

DIY Planets | To Infinity and Beyond First Birthday PartyTo Infinity and Beyond First Birthday PartyRainbow Cake | To Infinity and Beyond First Birthday PartyGiant Balloon Rainbow - To Infinity and Beyond First Birthday Party

Next, can we talk balloons!?! Obviously had to have a lot. Also knew with 10 people flying in to stay with us that I was never going to be able to make my balloon-dreams happen without crying in a corner so I teamed up with the gals of Bonjour Fete (best LA party store ever!) to make it happen. We schemed up a balloon rainbow, a balloon rocket ship and a colorful “To Infinity And Beyond” balloon phrase and those ladies took it to the next LEVEL using all balloons from our balloon shop!! (Full source list at the bottom of the post.)

Can you believe this rainbow????!!!

To Infinity and Beyond First Birthday PartyTo Infinity and Beyond First Birthday Party

NEXT! The desserts!!! My friend Alana (You following her? You should be!!) is one of the most talented humans on this planet. We had brunch when Arlo was just a few months old and she said “So, what cake am I making him for his first birthday?” Ha, I did NOT forget it. We decided to do two (well, three!) shag cakes, her specialty. First, Alana did a diptych rainbow cake inspired by Arlo’s wall hanging!!!!! And then she made him his very own blue sky smash cake, inspired by Andy’s famous wallpaper we all know and love. I added a DIY rocket ship candle, and I’m gonna share a full tutorial on how to make that after a bunch of you asked! It was SO easy.)

As if three cakes weren’t enough LOL, I knew I wanted something special that the kids would get a kick out of so I had our stellar baking gal extraordinaire Theresa make these rocketship cupcakes!! I screamed when I saw them. There’s also a tutorial coming for these!!

To Infinity and Beyond First Birthday PartyTo Infinity and Beyond First Birthday PartyTo Infinity and Beyond First Birthday PartyTo Infinity and Beyond First Birthday PartyRainbow Cake | To Infinity and Beyond First Birthday PartyTo Infinity and Beyond First Birthday Party

I knew I wanted a guest book since so many loved ones would be in one place. I decided to buy a Toy Story coffee table book and we invited guests to leave a note for Arlo on any page they chose! I love that someday he can have this in his home and look back at it, and in the meantime we can keep it out on our coffee table and flip through it too!

The rocket ships you see throughout the party are wood birdhouses that we painted! Oh also, there were tacos. We didn’t just eat dessert. 😉

To Infinity and Beyond First Birthday PartyTo Infinity and Beyond First Birthday PartyTo Infinity and Beyond First Birthday Party

In lieu of gifts, we asked guests to bring a book to donate to children in need instead. This is something we hope to continue for all future birthday parties!

On another note, pro party tip: get yourself a giant sign with your baby’s face on it. See all the photos of Arlo beaming in this post? It’s because someone was behind the camera dancing with his giant face everytime. Ha! Thanks Crowdsigns!!!

To Infinity and Beyond First Birthday PartyCloud Cake | To Infinity and Beyond First Birthday Party

I had really high hopes that Arlo was going to dive face first into his first bite of real sugar, but he decided to just take one delicate swipe at it and then proceed to put it back together and clap for himself. LOL!!

Cloud Cake | To Infinity and Beyond First Birthday PartyTo Infinity and Beyond First Birthday PartyTo Infinity and Beyond First Birthday PartyTo Infinity and Beyond First Birthday PartyTo Infinity and Beyond First Birthday Party

We had a couple of Amy’s super cute rocket ship pins for our family to wear! I DIY’d the planets you see hanging above his high chair using smooth foam balls and wreaths from the craft store. We just painted them, let them dry and poked bamboo skewers through them to hold them together. Then we tied fishing line in three or four places around the wreath to hang it from the ceiling on a command hook!

To Infinity and Beyond First Birthday PartyTo Infinity and Beyond First Birthday PartyCandy Favors | To Infinity and Beyond First Birthday Party

Favors. One of my favorite parts of a party, I don’t know why! Just love ’em. For the adults, we had these custom boxes of star gummies made from Sugarfina!! They turned out so freaking cute.

And for the kids, I did an “adopt a planet” station where they each got to take home one of those giant play balls! I needed something that would please all ages and this did the trick. I filled up this giant rocket ship with them and closed the door, than at the end of the party, we opened the door and all the balls rolled out for kids to grab!

Adopt A Planet Favors | To Infinity and Beyond First Birthday PartyTo Infinity and Beyond First Birthday Party

Should we talk outfit details for Arlo? I designed his onesie (!!!!) and it will be available in our shop later this month!! It also comes in a toddler tee version. EEEE!!

His jacket was designed and embroidered by Daily Disco and Jeff and I spent most of the party being really jealous of it. Haha! Abbey is a genius and the detail that went into it is incredible!!!!!

To Infinity and Beyond First Birthday PartyTo Infinity and Beyond First Birthday PartyTo Infinity and Beyond First Birthday PartyTo Infinity and Beyond First Birthday Party

Photos by Mary Costa
Thank you Mary for capturing all these moments so perfectly!!!!!

Party Sources

Venue: The Coop Los Angeles*

Balloon Installations: Bonjour Fete*
Balloons: Shop Studio DIY
Rainbow: Latex Balloons in Watermelon Red, Hot Pink, Coral, Yellow, Wintergreen, Aqua, White + White 17″
Rocketship: Latex Balloons in Aqua, Yellow, Neon Pink
Phrase: Gold Letter Balloons, spray painted with Montana Gold Brand Spray Paint

Rainbow and Cloud Cakes: Alana Jones Mann*
Rocketship Cupcakes: Theresa Rountree

Paper Plates, Trays and Partyware: Bonjour Fete*
(See a full breakdown of all party ware used over in this post!)

Candy Favors: Sugarfina*
Rocketship Playhouse | Wooden Rocketships
Rocketship Pins* | Balls were from the 99cent store!
Planet Supplies from Michaels

Invitations: Printerette

Giant Arlo Face: CrowdSigns

Outfit Sources

On Arlo: Onesie from Shop Studio DIY (Coming soon!) | Jacket by Daily Disco*
Yellow Pants | Holographic Shoes*

On Me: Mint Jumpsuit | Pink Shoes | Rainbow Pin*

On Jeff: Blue Jacket | Blue Striped Shirt | Teal Pants from Barneys | Sneakers

If I forgot any sources, just ask me in the comments below!!

I gotta give a huge thank you to everyone involved. I love getting to throw parties like this because it allows me to work with so many of my talented friends!!!!! Be sure to give ’em some love! =)

We still say every day that we can’t believe we have a one year old. Thank you again for the outpouring of love you showed us on his big birthday. He can’t talk yet, so I gotta thank you for him!! 😉 You all are the best.

*Indicates items that were graciously gifted to us. All opinions are that of my own!








  • Indya | The Small Adventurer

    I have been waiting for this post, and it did NOT disappoint! Who knew that I’d be so interested in a one-year-old’s birthday, but wow, you guys really went all out. There is clearly so much love and happiness within your family and that really warms my heart. This looks like the funnest party in the world to be at, and I’m so glad you guys got to enjoy yourselves as well and not stress too much!

    • Kelly

      Thank you so much!!!! We really had the best day!!

      • kanchipuram sarees

        After going over a handful of the articles on your web page, I truly appreciate your
        technique of writing a blog. I added it to my bookmark site
        list and will be checking back in the near future. Please visit my website too and tell
        me your opinion.


    You and Jeff are BEAMING with joy!! SO happy for your family!

  • Pat Newman

    No words but freaking awesome.

  • Amanda

    Holy cow! What an epic party for Arlo!!

  • Mia

    Wow! This seems like the most amazing, colorful party, but why am I surprised! It’s you two! Arlo is so lucky! 🎉

  • Lauren

    I am completely obsessed with this birthday party! I can’t imagine a more perfect birthday!

  • les

    in all of my years of following your blog, i dont think ive EVER seen this much color!!
    i love everything about this!

    im honestly hiring you for idk, some birthday of mine because this is all amazing!
    if i love it at 30 i cant even begin to imagine what all the kids were thinking!


  • JDJ

    This made me so happy that tears started to well up in my eyes! Your love for Arlo is so evident. What a beautifully colorful celebration. Thanks for taking us along!

  • Stephanie sactownstyle

    Love it!! Looks like a great day was had by all! I’m getting some serious first birthday party inspo- thanks!!!

  • Rebecca Green

    This is the most epic birthday party ever! Every detail is so original and creative. I have followed your story and you make such a beautiful family and Arlo is absolutely gorgeous xx

  • Kristina B

    Everything is just SO. MUCH. FUN!!! Totally jelly of Arlo’s jacket and all the family photos are just SO CUTE. I love how both sets of parents dressed in brights and fun patterns! You all look so great together. And is the balloon rainbow on your front lawn, My Big Fat Greek Wedding-style right now or nah?

  • Sarah Spears

    I hope you know that all of your fans are loving this, and obviously you both love it as well! But what really is special (and makes me cry, and I don’t even know you guys!) is that Arlo will be able to look back at these posts and really understand how much you both wanted, wished for, and loved him. That is really special. Thank you for sharing your story! Can’t wait til his 2nd birthday!

    • Kelly

      Now you’re making me cry! Thank you so much for the sweet words. I’m so grateful to have a place where I can document so many things for us/him!

  • Karen

    Yay his birthday post is finally here! It did not disappoint!! that rainbow balloon arch is a dream!!! My little girl is 3months old…can’t wait for her special day!

    • Kelly

      Ahhh!! It goes so fast. He’s so fun now but man do I miss the squishy three month old stage!!

  • Fanny

    Demasiado increíble todo!, la comida, las fotos, la decoración. . La mejor parte de todo es que haya sido una experiencia libre de estrés para ustedes y que lo hayan podido disfrutar la máximo.

    Son una hermosa familia.

    Con mucho cariño desde Honduras.

  • Hannah

    Love this!!! You did such a great job!! So much color- looks like a super fun day!! 😄

  • Alexandra

    Oh my! I’m 32 and I want a party this cool for myself!

  • DriverB

    Happy, happy birthday Arlo! And happy ‘you’re a parent!’ day to you, Kelly, and Jeff!

  • Gabrielle

    Looks so amazing! So glad that Arlo had an amazing time!

  • Dorothy

    Thank you for sharing all the wonderful details to Arlo’s first birthday. It all looked amazing! I’m in the midst of planning my little one’s first birthday so it was great inspiration. You mentioned briefly that tacos were served. Who catered the tacos?

  • Jodi

    This is the most wonderfully epic first birthday party EVER! I love everything about it!!

  • Emma

    Every single detail of this party looks perfect. That balloon rainbow – just wow. Would it be weird to have one of those up in my house all the time? And the cakes are beautiful. Also – rocket ship bird houses exist? I have got to get some of these for my garden!

  • Still Extra

    Ugh! Your ability to make a theme happen is just amazing. Never seen a party like these before and every detail is so thoughtful, well executed and unique to your little family.

    It’s so amazing to see such a joyous day after the years of struggle before baby A came into your life. You are such an inspiration and a joy. Congratulations on his first year, he is lucky to have you and Jeff.

  • Anita

    What a beautiful party! and of course so colorful!
    Its been so fun to follow your story with him! and thank you to share special days like this one with us! Magical

  • Pat

    The Birthday party looked so awesome loved the idea and the way you made it so inviting. Your family is awesome.

  • [email protected]

    all the sad times that led you up to getting Arlo just disappears when you hold him doesn’t it? then celebrations like this gives you new life and love like nothing ever before. as a mom of 2 adopted kids, i know you know this is exactly. what. was. planned. all along. MUCH LOVE to you, Jeff and angel Arlo XO

  • Vickie

    What an awesome birthday party, love the colour!

    Happy Birthday Arlo 🙂

  • Maris Maria

    Wow…! I pinned all pics as a reminder for my 40th birthday next year haha! So, soooo incredibly cool, lucky Arlo to have had such an amazing first party 🙂

  • color switch

    wow, that’s cool, i like this place, the balls are so colorful

  • Dinora Rivas


    Question on your rainbow garland. What size is it? Is it a 12ft? Did you attached?

  • bloxorz

    I feel it interesting, your post gave me a new perspective! I have read many other articles about the same topic, but your article convinced me! I hope you continue to have high quality articles like this to share with veryone!

  • Jason Ha

    Very nice, I absolutely love the color scheme, all the decor is so popping clean! To infinity and beyond!

  • run 3

    It is really very beautiful, I really like it

  • Suzanne

    These colors are phenomenal – I was going to do a rainbow theme, but I love how you mixed rainbows in with “to infinity and beyond”! Question – is that a custom candle from the person who did your baked goods? If not, where did you get it from? Thanks so much!

  • Samantha Carr

    WHERE DID YOU GET THE BALLS? i want to do something similiar at a party and i cannot find that kind of ball anywhere. HELP!

  • Pooja Upadhyay


    First of all, I must say a very beautiful and a thorough blog about the theme! I wanted to ask if you can please share more information about the balloon rocket ship, wreath used for the planets (product link) and the paper hangings shown in the very first pic of this blog. My little one loves rockets and everything sky…so thinking of making a few DIYs for him to look at and feel.


  • Vander

    Where is the tutorial on how to execute a similar balloon rainbow?

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    The article provided me a lot of useful information. I am waiting for new news from you. I will be back.

  • Maha

    It’s so amazing to see such a joyous day after the years of struggle before baby A came into your life. You are such an inspiration and a joy. Congratulations on his first year, he is lucky to have you and Jeff.

  • Oliver

    First of all congratulation on your son’s birthday.I am seeing your party pictures one by one. All the photos are very good and your husband looks younger :). My best wishes to whole family.

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