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Free Printable Chick Flick Game


Free Printable Chick Flick Game

A note from Kelly: Hey ladies! Excited to introduce you to our newest contributors, Jess & Emily of Bespoke Bride! When I asked what kind of parties you all were throwing, a TON of them were wedding related (bachelorette, showers, engagement parties) and these gals will be bringing DIYs and printables perfect for all those events! (And more!) Really excited to bring you more of this content and help you plan the best parties for your engaged pals!! Take it away, Jess!

Hey guys! It’s Jess from Bespoke Bride here and today I am going to brighten up your day with this colorful, fun, FREE printable! Growing up I LOVED playing games and I’m not ashamed to say that I still love to attend pub quizzes with my friends whenever I get the chance! Ok, it’s not the coolest thing in the world (disclaimer, I’m pretty competitive!) but I just love it when I know the right answer to a question, ha! Anyway, if you’re like me and love taking part in a little quiz then we’ve got the perfect free printable for you!

Free Printable Chick Flick Game

Say hello to the chick flick quiz! The rules are pretty simple, we’ve listed a bunch of movie quotes from of our favorite girlie movies and all you and your gal pals have to do is guess which movie the quote is from! I’ve tried to make it a little more difficult by not picking the most obvious and famous quotes from the movie so don’t go think this is going to be easy…unless of course you’re a super fan of some of these classic films!

Click HERE to download the free printable chick flick bridal shower game!

Click HERE to download the answers to the printable game!

This game would be awesome for bachelorette parties, bridal showers or even just a girlie sleepover! Simply print off the quiz then cut them out and let the fun begin! Bonus points if you give everyone a super cute pen to go along with their game!

Free Printable Chick Flick Game

Once everyone has filled them out you could either read out the answers and let people exclaim ‘YES! I KNEW IT!’ with excitement when they get one correct, or simply hand out the answer sheet once you’re done. It would be super fun if you gave away prizes too! I went to a bridal shower last year where the mother of the bride gave away cocktail making sets for the winners of the quiz, it was amazing and made the game all the more exciting! (And in case you were wondering, I totally won…It was a Disney quiz)  

Free Printable Chick Flick Game

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So what do you guys think? I can just imagine the amount of other quotes from these films being shouted out and repeated throughout the night! I can’t deny, I use some of them in everyday conversations! What’s YOUR favorite chick flick??

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