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Throwback! | A Galentine’s Day Slumber Party! (+ Free Printables!!)


Galentine's Day Slumber Party |

I feel like a lot of our fondest childhood memories probably stem from slumber parties? Movie marathons, junk food, girl talk, MASH (PRINTABLE ALERT!) and (obviously) a giant vintage chocolate box! I mean, can we just go back to the good ol’ days? Well, today, we are taking you there!!! We’ve actually got three days worth of posts to help you throw the best Galentine’s Day slumber party EVER! But today we’ll give you the deets on the food, entertainment and pillow par-tay!

We worked with one of our new graphic design pals, Danielle DeLorenzo, to make some pretty amazing printables… including a movie marathon poster of all your chick flick faves!!!! I think it’s gonna have a permanent place at the HQ, it’s that good.

Galentine's Day Slumber Party |
Chick Flick Movie Playlist Printable |
DIY Giant Vintage Valentine Chocolate Box |

(Click through for the full source list for everything shown here, the printables and the recipes… and stay tuned for some of the decor DIYs!!!!)

First things first. Food. You probably need to order a pizza, yes? That’s what we always ate. But we’ve got dessert covered for you here. We went with the two staples: chocolate chip cookies and brownies, but with a new twist!!!

BFF Cookie Cake |

BFF Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

I used this mold that I found at Target and a tub of store-bought cookie dough, though you could use your own fave recipe! I used about 1 to 1 1/2 cups per side  of the heart. Grease the mold and then press the cookie dough into the pan, making sure you fill each point/corner/curve. Place the mold on a cookie sheet and bake at 325 degrees for about 15-18 minutes (time will vary based on how thick you make your cookie cake) or until the cake is golden brown. Remove from oven and let cool completely. Once cool, invert to remove from mold. If it does not remove easily, carefully peel the mold back. Place on cookie sheet to decorate! I just used store-bought cake decorating frosting!

Girl Power Brownies! |

Sprinkled Brownie Phrases

Another store-bought hack! I used boxed brownie mix! Grease and line the pan with parchment for easy removal after baking! After I poured the batter into the pan, I sprinkled an assortment of sprinkles over the top. THEN I baked as directed in a 9×9″ pan. Remove from oven, let cool completely, then remove from pan using the parchment. Cut out letter shapes using large letter cookie cutters. I got about 8 letters per 9×9 pan of brownies!

Hey Girl. Brownies.

Now on to entertainment. More staples: Chick flicks, throwback games and a little crafting action. DUH!

MASH Printable |

MASH Game Printable

How. Many. Times. Did you guys play MASH in middle school!? EVERY DAY? Spoiler alert: It’s still fun as an adult! Danielle created this AMAZING printable that even looks like it’s on lined notebook paper. We’re dead over it.

Click HERE to download the MASH game printable!

MASH Printables! |
Chick Flick Movie Line-up Printable |

Chick Flick Movie Marathon!

Time to break out all the old favorites and we’ve got a line-up of (some) of our all-time chick flick MUSTS! (There was really too many to choose from though.) So your gal pals can know what they’re in for, Danielle made this fun printable movie poster with the agenda!!!!

Click HERE to download the Chick Flick Movie Line-up Poster!

Galentine's Day Slumber Party |

Craft-Your-Own Galentine

Gather up a bunch of fun cards, cardstock, stickers, glitter glue, gel pens and washi tape and have a craft session to make Valentines for each other, your co-workers, anyone! Check here and here for some inspiration or check out some of our ready-to-buy faves you see above:

Compliment Cards | #SorryNotSorry | Everyone is Terrible | Flamingos | Emoji Stickers

Galentine's Day Slumber Party |

Pillow Par-tay!

Every sleepover needs a comfy cozy movie-binging, junk food-eating corner. Round up all the pillows in the house and throw a giant stuffed animal or two in there. We also added a lips beanbag because… IT IS AWESOME! Hang some inexpensive hearts from the party or dollar store from the ceiling if you’re feeling super fancy.

Lips Bean Bag | Pink Couch (Custom) | Sequin Heart + POP! Heart Pillow | You’re Okay PillowFace Pillow | Fluffy Pink Heart Pillow | Fluffy Red Heart Pillow | Furry Pink Pillow + Furry White Throw from West Elm | OK Vases | Red Heart Rug | Flamingo Slippers

We’ll be sharing the DIY for the giant vintage box of chocolates and that emoji heart pillow later this week!

Galentine's Day Slumber Party |

Oh, and in case you were wondering. I’d be married to James Corden, we’d have four kids, a dog and live in a shack in New York City. I’d drive a pink cadillac and be a Beyoncé back up dancer. So, basically MASH predicted my dream life.

MASH Printables! |
Galentine's Day Slumber Party |

Photos by Jeff Mindell | Printables by Danielle DeLorenzo | Styling by Annie Steward + Kelly Mindell | Creative Direction by Kelly Mindell

p.s. My heart-patch sweater is sold out but you can find similar here and here, and I’m wearing these overalls! My flats are from Target! All other sources are tagged within the post above! =)

So be sure to stay tuned tomorrow and Thursday for the emoji pillow + giant tacky box of chocolates DIY! Eeeeep!! Had so much fun with this one. I highly recommend you make it happen in real life, too. 😉


  • Gabriella

    I love all of this so much! So fun, colorful…it’s the best. Also, A+ to all of those movies!

  • Kristina B

    This whole post I can’t even. Everything is SO. CUTE. A MASH board is going into all of my valentines. YES to the letter brownies now TELL ME….what did you do with all the leftover brownie bits from cutting out the letters cuz…my loyalty to your blog depends on your answer.

  • Pippa C

    Too much pink and red for my tasty, but the face pillow is really great!

  • Lynne

    I love the idea of using top 10 movie list as poster! I hope you do more top 10 lists as a art some day!

    I have never heard of the MASH game before, but it is adorable. I will have to research the rules… I’m sorry you didn’t get to be with Jimmy Fallon!

    • Kelly

      Yay, glad to hear that! We’ll definitely think about doing more wall art like that in the future!

  • Sarah

    Love this party idea! I remember playing MASH with my friends on the bus ride home from school. Such a throwback!

    XO – Sarah

  • Jessica

    I love this! Everything is on point!

  • LirioNohemy

    Totally love this! That giant box of chocolates is adorable! Can’t wait for the tutorial 🙂

  • Jessica Kramer

    K E L L Y I want to marry this whole party because I’m in LOVE. Do you remember hiding the MASH pages so that your crush wouldn’t see that you wrote him down? So many middle school memories flooding back to me right now. Thanks for all the amazing inspiration, you are a rockstar^^

  • Aghogho Omoduemuke

    so many characters and colours that give life! Really love to see you make the lips bean bag chair : )

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  • Unicorn DIY

    Hi, I’m just wondering what font you/she used for the MASH printable. If anyone can help, it would be great. Thanks

  • Claire E Parrish

    Hi! I’m a college student and a writer for Spoon University blog! I am also writing an article about a Galentine’s party, and wondering if I could have permission to use your photo with all the cards and accessories? I will not use it unless I get permission, but I would really appreciate it! Of course, I will give credit to you for the picture (so you can be featured on Spoon!).

    Thank you!

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