DIY Bendable Balloon Tails


DIY Bendable Balloon Tails |

Sooo… tinsel wire may be my new favorite thing. And not just for Christmas! If you have some extra of this craft store staple laying around after the holidays, you can re-purpose it for some swirly twirly twisty curvy balloon tails! These bendable balloon tails we made for our pals at Balloon Time can be molded into names, words, numbers, hearts, or just some spunky curly Qs! Head over to Balloon Time for the full tutorial!

DIY Bendable Balloon Tails | studiodiy.comDIY Bendable Balloon Tails |

They kinda remind me of these krazy straws, no!? I love how funky and wacky they are!!!

p.s. DIY balloon wishes!


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