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DIY Floating Glitter Tumbler


DIY Floating Glitter Tumbler |

Our craft assistant, Annie, and I were on the same page when it came to this DIY. I had just sent myself an email with a floating glitter idea when Annie goes… “Remember those glitter pouches you had in elementary school… we should make a mug version.” YES! I know you all know what we’re talking about. Where you could “squish” them and the glitter would move around!? Yes, those. Well, we made a floating glitter tumbler and now you can keep up those “drink more water” (*Raises Hand*) resolutions, while simultaneously lookin’ like you’re so schnazy you drink glitter. HA!

DIY Floating Glitter Tumbler |

DIY Floating Glitter Tumbler |

Clear Photo Tumbler (You could also do this with a travel mug.)
Glitter, Sequins and/or Metallic Confetti (We used a combination! Raid your stash or the craft store!)

DIY Floating Glitter Tumbler |

1. Make your glitter mix. We mixed a bunch of different colors, shapes and sizes. You don’t want anything too big (it won’t fit inside the tumbler).
2. Unscrew the bottom of the tumbler and remove the papers from inside. Sprinkle or spoon in the glitter mixture.
3. Fill the compartment with water, as full as you’d like. I filled mine up as much as possible. Tightly screw the bottom back on and that’s it! Obviously, do not unscrew the bottom again unless you are over a sink, but you really have no reason to! Hand wash only!

DIY Floating Glitter Tumbler |
DIY Floating Glitter Tumbler | studiodiy.comDIY Floating Glitter Tumbler |

Photos by Jeff Mindell | Craft Production by Annie Steward | Creative Direction by Kelly Mindell

I don’t think this will be the last floating glitter DIY you see here. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED! 😉

p.s. The Ultimate Guide to Confetti


  • Amanda

    Cute DIY! What color is your nail polish? I love it!

  • Catherine

    Also raises hand for drinking more water resolution. This is super cute, I can’t wait to try it!

  • Kristina B


    Floating glitter sunglasses! Floating glitter purse! Floating glitter toiletpaper! Floating glitter flatware! Floating glitter car! LIVE IN FLOATING GLITTER PALACE.

  • Mary Costa Photography

    I LOVE this!!! Such a fun and easy idea!

  • Holly

    This is ridiculously cute <3 x

  • brittni

    It really does look like you’re drinking glitter. Love it.

  • Mary B

    Love it!! This is EXACTLY the kind of DIY I was hoping for in 2016 (and mentioned in the survey)! Super fun, Studio DIY-style, but also totally usable & quite practical. And easy!!

  • Mariah

    Adding liquid glycerin would make this even better! It “thickens” the water so the glitter stays afloat longer. ??

  • Juju Sprinkles

    Can’t go wrong with more glitter in life!!! What a fun project for everyone!

    Juju Sprinkles

  • Rebecca Ednie

    Maybe add a few salt crystals or a bit of bleach so the water doesn’t get slimy. But it’s an awesome idea!

  • Aiman Ghani

    This is SO good. I didn’t initially think of the photo tumbler and would fear the water would come out, but obviously that isn’t the case. I drink out of tumblers ALLthe time to track my water usage. A good hack would be using a 32oz. one that you fill up twice a day or more, ensuring a minimum of eight glasses drunk in a day. Heh! I think I’ll mention that in my next blog post. But I love this and am so looking forward to actually doing this: a DIY that’s easy enough for anyone to actually successfully accomplish. I’ll be #troopingStudioDIY when I do! All the love and creative vibes for this New Year.

  • Lexy | Proper

    I could not love these more, Kel! I want a bunch of these for the gym! Wait, I don’t go to the gym, but I DO drink!

  • Patricia

    I might not get anything done ever again, Just keep swishing and swishing my water tumbler. Think a ‘lil mineral oil would help keep the glitter floating?

  • Erin

    These are so cute!! Need to try it out.

    Erin |

  • Mya

    You should do a YouTube channel

  • Wendi

    Hi. Such cute tumblers! I would like to make one. Where can I order/purchase that type of tumbler? I’ve looked on the Internet but could not one where the bottom skirt off like yours.

  • Abby

    I made two of these – one for myself and one for a friend. It was fun and easy to do! And who doesn’t love playing with glitter?

    I added a little salt to the water to keep it from getting grimy, as well as a large amount of liquid glycerin, to thicken the water a bit. But the glitter still always settles at the bottom of the tumbler, which I’m bummed about. It doesn’t really float around, unless you tip it over and shake it -which you can’t really do if you have a beverage inside the cup.

    Since it doesn’t float too much, I would recommend using a lot of glitter, just to fill up the cup more. Still very cute and sparkly! It was fun to make! Any excuse to play with glitter 🙂


    What confetti did you use exactly?

  • Jann

    I would add a bit of glycerine to the water and glitter, make it suspend better. That’s what’s in snow globes! Really cute!

  • ava

    Hello, where do I find a clear tumbler? Love this blog!
    Ava Leigh

    • Jill

      GUYS!!! Starbucks is selling some customizable tumblers, so you could buy that one for this project, Your cup would have the starbucks logo. Something I love because I love working there!

  • Amy Thiessen

    Oh hells yes. I’m new here- and your blog R O C K S. Can’t wait to start attacking some of your projects! Cheers! Amy

  • Destiny

    Where can I find this tumbler so I can do this too?

  • danny

    i would like the ones in liquid but is still good. and if u do that can u tell us the steps plz?

  • Adriana


  • Jessica Almazan

    U could also add in some small laminated photos in with the glitter 😀 kinda like a super pretty where’s waldo lol

  • Kimberly

    Gonna do this soon with our daughter–thank you so much!!

  • michele

    what kinda of glitter paper do you use so I can make my own cut outs

  • Ava

    Great idea! I’m thinking of using this in my daughter’s birthday party. Does the water leak out of the cups? Did you secure the seal with tape or glue?

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