Conversation Heart Cake Tutorial
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DIY Conversation Heart Cakes


I have been dying to make conversation heart cakes for months. Finally Valentine’s Day decided to roll around and BAM! My DIY craving was realized! These cakes are so easy peasy, the letters are made from Airheads! As long as you can use a cake pan and a cookie cutter, you can do this! I want to make a bazillion of these and give them to everyone I know. Giant sized conversation hearts are SO much better than those teeny tiny ones, right!? Especially because these taste like cake. Ok, I’m going to go eat one while you check out the full tutorial!

Conversation Heart Cakes

Conversation Heart Cake Tutorial

Cherry Flavored Airheads
Mini Alphabet Cookie Cutters
Rolling Pin
Heart Shaped Cakes (You can find heart cake pans at craft stores, specialty food supply stores and online. I used a 6″ heart pan. Stir up your favorite cake batter and bake!)

Microwave your Airheads for a few seconds to soften. The exact time depends on your microwave. You want them to be slightly softened, but that’s it! 8 seconds worked perfectly for me. Roll out your Airhead if necessary to flatten. Firmly press your cookie cutters into the Airhead to cut out your letters.

Airhead Conversation Heart Cakes Conversation Heart Cakes with Airheads

If you have trouble getting your letters out of the cookie cutters, I found carefully using the flat end of a bamboo skewer helped pop them out quite easily! Re-heat and roll out scraps so you can get a ton of letters out of each Airhead. Nothing going to waste here!

DIY Conversation Heart Cakes

Spell out your lovey-dovey words and phrases on your pastel frosted cakes by simply slightly pressing the Airhead letters ontop of the icing! It’s really that easy!

Conversation Heart Cakes for Valentine's Day

Conversation Heart Cake with Airheads Candy Conversation Heart Cake

DIY Conversation Heart Cake

All Photos by Studio DIY

I always laugh a little bit at the phrases they put on the candies.What’s the funniest phrase you’ve ever seen on one!? A few of mine said “Reach 4 It”! Say what!? Luckily with these cakes you can pick and choose what you spell.

If you’re crazy about conversation hearts, you may also like these balloons and free printable valentines! And if you want to get craftier with Airheads, use them to turn cakes into presents, too!

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