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What’s In My Clutch: Tubby Todd


This month’s clutch is rocking holographic bubbles and a soap keychain, so who could possibly be a better fit than the QUEEN of bath time herself, Andrea Williams, founder of Tubby Todd Bath Co.! Seriously though, ever since Arlo was born, the only products we’ve used on him have been from Tubby Todd. We’re obsessed!! I knew I had to get our Bubble Clutch to Andrea and chat with her about babies, business, and everything in between. She even shared how she came up with the name for her company and her favorite advice for people looking to start their own business. Let’s get started!

We’re both moms and business owners, so time is in short supply. How about a little rapid fire to start things off!

What’s your desert-island item in your purse? 

My phone! It’s my business, my outlet to friends and family and my babysitter for my little ones when I need a minute to get something done!

What’s the craziest item you’ve ever found in your purse?

Just this morning I opened my bag to look for something and I found a plate. Like a full size dinner plate from my kitchen. What??

What was your very first purse?

When I was in high school my boyfriend bought me a Coach Purse at an Outlet Mall while we were on vacation in Florida. Thanks boyfriend!

Same purse everyday or are you a mix-it-up kind of gal?

Same! I have goals and dreams of being the type of person who does things like switch up their purse, but for now, I’m still just trying to figure out our laundry rotation.

What about your outfits? Do you stick to a uniform or do you like to wear something different every day?

Again, laundry! Like how is everyone else so good at doing their laundry?! Does it stress them out? Do they always have clean clothes? Do they spot treat stains or just throw their clothes away when they are stained? That’s why I’m so excited about having a cute clutch to add to any outfit- helps keep it simple!

Okay, let’s get down to business….literally. Tell us a little about what you do! 

I’m the founder of Tubby Todd Bath Co. We make body care basics for mamas and little ones! We sell our products online on our site and at select boutiques nationwide. My husband and I started Tubby Todd three years ago. We launched with one bottle of soap and now have twenty products and an army of committed users who swear by our products. We are having so much fun watching people fall in love with our products and our customers are the best!

What did you do before you started Tubby Todd?

A few years before launching Tubby Todd I worked from home on a little online marketing company with my husband. I also wrote and published a book called, Tell Me About It, Sister! A guide for Latter-day Saint returned sister missionaries. I was a missionary and had a rough time in my adjustment home so I wrote down some of my experiences and lessons learned as a guide to hopefully help others in their adjustment!

Where did the idea for Tubby Todd come from?

The product: After we had our first baby we were frustrated with the natural bath options on the market. They were either watery, didn’t moisturize the skin, or worst of all- smelled like dirt! We worked for over a year on a formula, and during that time, our second little one was born: Walker Todd. Walker had eczema and super sensitive skin. All of the sudden our natural bath formula search had an additional focus- find a sensitive skin solution! Our first formula took years, but it became the foundation of our company- good, clean fun!

The name: My husband was the largest baby ever born in the San Jose Hospital weighing in at 11 pounds! (YIKES) The nurses called him “The Moose” and his middle name is Todd. One day while we were in the middle of formula development, and pretty discouraged with how long it was taking, Brian came home and said, “We are going to call it Tubby Todd!” It was such a good moment for us, one of clarity and excitement- so we went with it! Now people walk up and call me Tubby Todd all the time. Ha! It’s only a problem when I’m on my period and already feeling a little chubby 🙂

What advice would you give to other women looking to start their own small business?

Here are my two pieces of biz advice:

  • Get one thing done everyday. Starting a business is so overwhelming because of the 1 million details to work on. Setting a clear goal every single day of something to work on and accomplish that day will help you really move things along, especially during the development phase.
  • Launch before you feel ready. Don’t worry if your Instagram, website or packaging isn’t perfect- launch when your product or service is ready. The other elements will come together as you get going and your followers will grow with your business. You got this!

One thing a day! I love love love that advice. Thanks so much to Andrea for chatting with me and for making me feel better about the overwhelming laundry situation at our house, hah! Be sure to follow her on Instagram because she’s going to be giving away a Bubble Clutch + keychains later today. And if you have little ones at home, check out Tubby Todd Bath Co.! Everything smells seriously amazing and it really is the only stuff we use. Thanks Andrea!!

p.s. Saturday is the last day to get your hands on the Bubble Clutch so make sure you subscribe before it’s too late!



  • Kristina B

    I love your business advice Andrea! DEFINITELY hit “go” before you’re ready because you’re NEVER really ready. Once you do everything you think you need to, your business will grow again and there will just be more things to do! Like babies! Oh MAN what a metaphor.
    *fist bumps self*

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