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Studio DIY FAQ

Can I use one of your photos on my blog/website/social media channels?

You may share one single photo from any blog post you see here as long as you properly credit Studio DIY and the photographer and link back to the original post on Studio DIY for the full tutorial, recipe or story. You may not share more than one photo from any blog post without explicit written permission from Studio DIY. You may not alter images from Studio DIY nor use them in your own promotional material under any circumstances.

I want to start a DIY blog, what are your tips??

Focus on coming up with original ideas and taking high quality photographs- those are imperative. Be sure whatever you’re making and sharing is something YOU love. If you don’t love it, people can tell. It’s true!

Work on finding your niche and your style. It takes a lot of trial and error to find your niche but once you do, stick to it. Developing a distinct style is the best tool you have for growing a dedicated community and becoming a recognizable brand. Oh and be prepared, it’s a LOT of work! But it’s pretty fun too. =)

What camera and lens do you use?

Jeff shoots with a Canon 5d Mark iii with a 50mm 1.4 lens most of the time. We also have these lens extenders for super close up shots when we’re shooting food projects!

How did you grow your Instagram following?

By knowing my brand, sticking to it, and through a lot of trial and error and hard work. I share all about how I’ve built and branded my Instagram in our Can’t Crop This Class here.

I’m not good at/don’t want to/can’t DIY, can I buy *insert project here* from you?

At this time, no. But if that ever changes, our newsletter subscribers will be the first to know!

I’m a student and want to go into the DIY industry, what should I major in? What did you study?

You can read all about where I went to school and my thoughts on this topic in this post here!

I’m visiting Los Angeles! Where should I go/eat/shop?

We have a full Los Angeles guide coming SOON but in the meantime check out our Best Of’s, Sugar Fixes and our Los Angeles Wall Crawl!

Can I come to your studio?

Goodness, I wish we could have every single one of you come see the fun and crazy that is our studio! Unfortunately, our studio is not open to the public.

I’m going to Palm Springs! Where should I stay/eat/shop?

Hooray! It’s our absolute favorite place to relax. We’re working on a full Palm Springs guide, but in the meantime, check out this post for some of our faves!

I have a small business, can I send you my product?

I love learning about and working with small businesses that I admire! If you email us (hello{at} and your product is something that’s aligned with the Studio DIY brand, I would love to take a look at it. However, we are unable to guarantee promotion in return.

How do you eat so many donuts and stay so skinny?

You ready for this one? Click here and scroll to “Just A Few More Things” to read the answer. Hint: It ain’t exercise!

How do you make money?

A variety of ways! Primarily, we make money through our brand partners by participating in sponsored campaigns on the blog and/or social media. A brand approaches us and we work together to develop original content that I’m passionate about while getting across the messaging the brand is looking to share. It’s a win-win!!! We only work with companies that we love enough that we’d talk about them anyway, even if we weren’t being paid.

We also participate in some affiliate programs and sell an online Instagram course called Can’t Crop This Class.

Are you hiring / Can I work with you?

You can always check the jobs page to see if we’re hiring, and we’ll post all new open positions on the blog and social media as well. There are a few contributor positions that we hire for throughout the year to ensure we’re always finding awesome new folks to work with, too!

Can I host an event in your studio?

At this time, we are not hosting any third-party events in the studio. If we ever have an in-house workshop or event, we will always post it on the blog and on social media!

Will you make something for/style/consult on my party/event?

Due to our hectic schedule, we’re not able to style for personal parties and events. I do invite you to take a look at some of our party and holiday ideas though!

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