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DIY Pop-Up Message Balloons


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Now, I’m sure you were expecting this. At Meet/Make/Do, I was in Palm Springs, with a boat load of giant balloons (Thanks Shop Sweet Lulu!), and a gigantic helium tank all at my disposal. Talk about paradise! A balloon project was necessary. As was shooting in front of that yellow door that I wanted to box up and take home with me! With a little research, a bit of inspiration and a whole lot of helium… these pop-up message balloons were born!

DIY Pop-Up Message Balloons

I had seen some fun pop-up style accessories and party supplies lately so pop-up messages were on the brain, and I wanted to bring the idea to a balloon. Did I want them on top of the balloon? On the side? In front of the balloon? The possibilities! I did a little research with Bing Image Search to check out some pop-up inspiration and decided I wanted the letters popping off the top of the balloon. And then I got to work!

Bing Image Search

psst… It didn’t apply to this project, but I wanted to point out this awesome feature that Bing Image Search has. If you’re a blogger or designer, it’s a great one to know about! Within the search, you can filter by license which is super helpful if you’re looking for an image to incorporate into a design or project. Which means if you can filter by photos that are public domain, free to use commercially and even free to modify commercially. BAM!

DIY Pop-Up Message Balloons

36″ Round Balloons (Filled with Helium! Most party stores will do this for you if you bring your own balloon in!)
Double Stick or Clear Shipping Tape

I made my letters the good old fashioned way… I freehanded them. If you prefer, you can print out letters in a font you like from a text-editing program, but drawing ’em on works just great! Just make sure they are drawn/printed on cardstock so they’ll stand up! After you draw out your letters, you’ll need to add about 3/4″ to the bottom of each. (See below.) Once they’re all drawn out, cut out your letters and fold under the extra 3/4″. This will be the part you tape to the balloon.

DIY Pop-Up Message Balloons DIY Pop-Up Message Balloons

Put a piece of double stick tape on the under-side of each tab (or a roll of clear shipping tape if you don’t have double-stick). Start with the middle letter (or letters) and work your way to the ends, taping each tab so your letters are popping off the top of the balloon. FYI! Once you stick the tape on, don’t try to pull it off. The balloon WILL pop! And let me tell you, 36″ balloons are a heck of a lot louder “POP!” than the regular ones.

DIY Pop-Up Message Balloons

Tada!!! You can spell out Happy Birthday, a graduation year or school name,  or any sort of fun message! These are so easy to make once you get your hands on some giant balloons! I want these at all of my future parties, please!

DIY Pop-Up Message Balloons

3rd + 4th Photo by Studio DIY, All Other Photos by Mary Costa Photography


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