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Sibling Baby Names: Names That Go With Arlo???


Baby Names for Siblings

Let’s FINALLY talk baby names for baby #2! We still have no news, but since baby names are something I think about all the time, let’s go for it!! It was so SO fun to hear all of your baby name suggestions on this post several years ago.

Now that we’re talking sibling baby names the biggest question is… what are baby names that go with Arlo!?!? I’ll write a bit about where we’re at with the baby name list but I’d LOVE to hear your suggestions below!!!!

And last, we’re launching a new baby name series!! Learn more about it at the end of the post. =)

Girl Names

We actually have a girl name picked out that we love. We picked it out when we were brainstorming names the last time around. That said, it was really nice to go into the hospital with a few names for Arlo just in case one didn’t feel right, and so I’d love to have some back-up girl names.

I have a huge list, but Jeff and I haven’t agreed on any top back up contenders. Looking at my said list… I tend to like sweet, shorter names that often end in vowels. Something unique but not too unique.

What are some girl names that sound cute with Arlo!?

Boy Names

We went to the hospital with three possible names for Arlo: Arlo, Luca and Milo. I don’t think we’d use Luca or Milo at this point. Those names both feel very much connected to his story now, even though we didn’t use them.

As a result, we have not a single boy name we both love. So we especially need help with baby boy names that sound good with Arlo. It feels like every unique boy name I hear is super edgy (Dash, Bowie, Onyx) or outdoors-y (West, Cedar, Oak) and we are neither of those things. Haha!

Instead, any favorite boy names that are kind of old-school and sweet, but unique?? I love the name Hugo but Jeff won’t have it and I suppose it’s a little to similar to Arlo now anyway. I also love words that become names, but have yet to think of any good ones!

Another Disney Name?

Arlo was named after Arlo from The Good Dinosaur, so a lot of people have asked us if we plan to use a Disney name again. The answer is… I don’t know!? I told Jeff we kind of set ourselves up for failure because we put so much meaning into Arlo’s name and what if we just… like another name just because we like it!?

I’d love another Disney name of course, but it certainly doesn’t have to be one at ALL. I’ve been trying to sell Jeff on Flora but he’s not having it.

Baby Names for Siblings

Middle Names

Arlo’s middle name is Mitchell, after Jeff’s grandpa. We have a list of family/meaningful names we’d love to use for our second child as well. Here are a few of the top contenders:

  • Dean
  • Henry
  • Herb
  • Jean
  • Lane

Name Requirements

After looking at my name list I’ve been amassing since high school, I definitely like shorter names that end in a vowel. That seems to be the one similarity between a lot of the names I like. Last time we did this, I said I gravitated towards names that sound kind and sweet.

As far as requirements go:

  • Has to work well and make sense with Arlo
  • Has to sound good with the last name Mindell
  • Doesn’t start with an “A” (I don’t want to feel like if we have more that they will be left out if they don’t have an “A” name…)
  • I like names that are somewhat unique but not super crazy, or maybe they are a common name used in a unique or new way? Arlo felt way more unique when we picked it than it does now… we know several Arlos and have seen so many characters/books/products/etc named Arlo!!!
  • Nicknames! I love nicknames, but we didn’t really get one out of Arlo. I’d love a nickname opportunity with our next baby’s name. =)

Baby Names for Siblings

Alright, I think that’s it!! Want to weigh in!??! I would love to hear any names you think would be cute for Mini Mindell #2!!!! Leave them below!!

And now for our new series…

And last, for a few years now I’ve been asking if you guys are interested in a baby name series and lo and behold you ARE! So we decided to finally do it. “We” meaning my best friend, Lauren, and I. I can’t say we have formal training in baby naming other than finely tuning our own baby name lists for the last ten years and making it a point to predict (sometimes accurately!) every celebrity and influencer baby name. We love the topic and you love the topic, so each post will feature a baby naming situation submitted by YOU. We’ll share our name picks based on the information provided, and then we’ll invite the rest of the community (you guys!!) to share your suggestions in the comments.

This is all just in the name of fun, because the world is rough, but babies are awesome and names are the most interesting topic of all time. 

If you’re expecting or adopting and would like to apply to be a part of the series, click here to fill out this form about your situation and name preferences!!


  • Dtiz

    Hah, thought someone was reading my mind! We are also searching for a sibling name to go with Arlo though we know we are looking for a boy name. It took us SOOOO long to agree on Arlo. My husband read an entire baby name book. We were thrilled to find out it was another little boy but like nooo another boy name!! Currently I like Reid and Brooks.

    • Kelly

      Haha! Yes!! This was us too. I think it was maybe two days before Arlo was born that we finally settled on a few name options we both liked.

      p.s. I love the name Reid so much!!

    • Lauren

      Also and Emory has a nice ring to it. And Emory could be a boy or girl

  • Anna

    Oh, I love love names! I also really like somewhat unique names but not too wild. I think a one syllable name, especially for a boy, could sound really nice with Arlo (which I LOVE btw).
    Boys: Jude, Julian, Bohdi, Casper, August (Gus!), Elias, Nico, Indigo (Indy!), Otto, Tobias, Sage, Theo (maybe too popular)
    Girls: Lark, Louisa, Calla, Willa, Thea, Audra, Mira, Luella, Talia, Clara

    • Emily Harden

      I’m due in August with a boy and didn’t love the name August before but with Gus as a nickname it’s so cute!!!!

    • Alexus

      I love Elias! It’s Disney (Walt’s middle name) and Arlo and Eli sounds so cute, but not too matchy.

  • Sonia King


    I am 5 weeks pregnant (congrats to meeeee!!) and starting this journey too.

    We have a 2.5 yr old called Sean William – my husband is Irish and he choose the name and, even though i didn’t really come up with the idea, like it loads. William is the second name of all boys in my husband family, so I didn’t feel like I could break that tradition, but I actually really like both names. We nickname him Seany, which is just adorable in my book and i loev the fact that tehre are VERY FEW babies called Sean, at least written in the Irish way.

    if we have a girl this time she will be called Isabel Francis.
    We do not have a name for a boy but its my turn to choose 😛 Our biggest issue is that our surname is difficult to play with, albeit a great one – KING. I love names like Luke, but Luke King sounds so silly 😀

    Now, thinking of the name Arlo, which is a more contemporary name, what about Albie – i knwo you said no A but i somehow ffel like they could go together – Louie, Ettore (the leader of the Trojans)?

  • Emily Harden

    Ah! I’m 5 months along and struggling SO HARD with coming up with a boy name. Middle name will be Peter (after my partner’s late father), last name Brown. I submitted for the series but if anyone wants to chime in here with first names that go with Peter I’d love the help!

    We like names that have a nice meaning to them–nothing Biblical since Peter already is and we aren’t religious.

    My partner likes Charles but then we would nickname him Charlie and his name would be Charlie Brown!!! Is that weird?!

    • Justina Kenyon

      It’s a totally different generation, but my landlord’s name is Charlie Brown. It’s silly at first, but then you just get used to it.

  • Mia

    my name is mia and i feel like that sounds cute with arlo! my parents have lots of nicknames but mimi is always a cute one

  • Madeline

    For girls, I really like Lucy, Mia, Molly, Hattie, and Birdie with Arlo.

    As far as boys names, what about Miles, John, or Ray?

  • Rebecca

    When we were coming up with names for our now 6-month-old son, I made sure to look up names in the Social Security database. This allowed me to see trends to know if our name choices were getting too popular (we wanted a name that was known, but not super popular). Our son’s name is now getting more popular, but hoping he’s not one of 6 in each class he’s in once he’s that age!

  • Riley

    I think August (Gus as nickname) is perfect! I usually hate same letter sibling names, but I think Arlo and August are different enough that it’s not cheesy. As far as leaving out other siblings without an ‘a’ name, maybe they won’t even realize if he goes by “Gus”?

  • Liss

    So many cute names!! But here is a few faves 😍
    Boy: Nils, Noa, Emilio, Albert, Frans, Siggi, Emil, Axel, Olav, Tallak, Olav, Gard, Eilif, Loke
    Girl: Kaja/Kaya, Ava/Ada, Mari, Ella, Maya, Ingrid,
    Tyri, Astri, Embla, Freya

    And since I’m Norwegian you might say they are somewhat Scandinavian 🙂 but that’s kinda Disney too right – with frozen and all ☺️

  • Alice

    Taking these from my own list haha but I’m only 23 so I’ve got a long wait!
    Girls names: Beatrice (Bee), Jovie, Cecelia (CeCe), Josephine (Joey), Holliday (Holly)
    Boy names: Jacob, August (Gus), Remy, Spencer (Spence)

    • Jennifer

      Ahhh! I have a 30-year old brother Spencer (middle name Harrison) and he does indeed get the Spence/Spen treatment. Touches a chord to see it make someone’s list…definitely a unique pick. Was always a bit jealous growing up that he got the cool name. 🙂

  • Jasmine

    Enzo to go with Arlo I think

    • Kamille

      Here’s what I think!!
      For boys: remy, gus, huey, seb (Sebastian), Flynn, hector,

      For girls: esme, Kala, Judy, Charlie (or Charlotte), Meg, Anastasia, bonnie

      These are all Disney names 🙂

      • Jillian

        I love Sebastian, nickname Bash!

        And I have a Charlotte called Charlie so I’m partial to that 🙂

  • Akira

    You’ve said no “A” names, but my name is a pretty neat girl name (or really, it’s a Japanese male name)… AKIRA!

  • Virginia

    Our daughters name is Remi, and I love it. It’s super meaningful for us, but also fits all of your criteria, I certainly think it could work for a boy and a girl! Other names that I’ve seen or heard lately that peak my interest: Thad, Kemp, Zara, Delaney (Del or Laney), Otto! Good Luck!!

  • Mecha

    I have a couple of names that are common in the [email protected] community, in case you want to go that route! My mom’s nickname is Mayi which is short for Damarys and I have a friend who has Rita which is short for Margarita! Other girls: Cari (for Caridad) or Caro (Carolina). Some boys: Nando (for Fernando) or Santi (for Santiago)

  • Julie

    This is so fun! I’m liking the name Mia for a girl. Although is Mia Mitchell too much alliteration? What about Josie Mitchell?

    Do you have meaningful middle names for girls? You didn’t mention above.

    If you’re looking for meaningful but Disney isn’t cutting it, what about a favorite kids book? I know you’ve mentioned Julian is a Mermaid and Julian is cute for a boy or girl. Jules is a fun girls nickname.

    Or Lola? Lola Mitchell is sweet.
    Amelia? Amie or Lia for short?
    Elle? Ella?
    Alice? Ali for short (although I love Alice)

    Do you have artists you both love? That would be a meaningful way to search for names too.

    Finn, Sawyer, Ace, Wilbur?

  • Natasha

    Not exactly short names but our son’s name is Bastien. Only a select few actually know it from Never Ending Story but I’ve never seen it used here while in France it’s trending. For my soon to be born girl we are going with Amelie. Some may know it from the French movie Amelie.

  • Steph M.

    LOVE this series. I’m obsessed with names. We have an 18 month old Violet. We chose her name YEARS ago (like me in high school), and I’m kind of sad with how popular it became right after we had her. Oh well. It’s definitely her name, and she has some cute nicknames from it. We’re currently trying for baby #2 and I’ve been trying to think of names. Boys names seem so hard! We’ve recently started like Hugh, with nickname Hughie, but am not sure. Can’t wait to see more suggestions in this series!

  • Julie

    Also, I come from a family of three and my sister’s name starts with a M and my brother and I have names that start with J. It was just what my parents liked. We’ve never felt like one of us was left out. So if you love another A name, I say go for it! Names have such different sounds, I’d say Arlo and Marlo would be weirder than names that start with the same letter.

  • Nancy Migdall

    How about Woody? It goes with Arlo because duh the Guthries and bonus it’s a Disney character too.

  • Lily

    I’ve been waiting so long for this post!!!

    All of my suggestions, starred my favorites for you:



  • at home with Ashley

    We named our son Donald after my husband’s grandpa, and we call him Don. It’s nice to have a nickname for him…

  • Gillian

    Just a few girl names since you already have some: Effie, Lula, Kai, Miri/Mira, Elke, Keiko…

    Boy ideas: Cruz, Rafe, Mac, Van, Otis, Zeke, Felix, Silas, Omri, Levi, Desi, Ezra, Henri…

    Love looking at names!

  • Lane

    Our daughters name is Madeline but we call her Mads. With our son we wanted something that would sound good with her nickname so I started saying “The Adventures of Mads and ____!” and popped in all of our name ideas. We ended up landing on Levi. It means “joined in harmony” which felt special to us since we adopted him through foster care… plus I’m Lane and my husband is Mike so all four letters, 2 Ms and 2 Ls. Levi has since become pretty popular but I don’t mind so much.

  • Jenn

    I knew a Darcy growing up and always loved how unique and old fashioned it sounded. Love the suggestions of August others have said! My brother’s name was Levi and I don’t know too many kids named that. I LOVE Flora, too bad Jeff can’t be convinced 🙂 My son’s middle name is Dean and people for some reason go crazy over his name and have always said it sounds like a movie star name (his first name is Grant). Anyway, let me make a short list of all the cute old school names I can come up with: Watson, Penny, Clementine (this one is quirky but I still love it!) June, Thatcher, Ernest, Bea, Alice, Horace, Arthur. I’m sure I could go on, but I know you guys will pick the perfect name because Arlo seems to fit your little guy so perfectly!!

    • Kendall

      I knew a guy in high school who was named Clementine and everyone just called him Clem! It was so unique and fit his personality so well.


    I loveee this new series so much!

    Currently, I’ve got 4 kids, and they all have pretty special, meaningful middle names, and more fun first names.

    I read your whole post and my suggestions are:
    Leon, Zane, Finn, beau, crew, Jax, lane, reed, jasper, foster, broker, marshall, preston, Elijah, (eli), Flynn, Ryder,

    mila, cleo, lola, emme, stella! (arlo and stella sound SO GOOD!), remi, lena, Eva, scarlet, daisy (Disney theme!), bianca (Bebe), molly

    • elena

      I also forgot Poppy! Poppy Mindell is the absolute SWEETEST!

      • Kelly

        I love Poppy! And that’s what Jeff called his grandpa so it would be extra special.

        Daisy is so cute too!

        • Mia

          i love poppy!! daisy is also so adorable- stella, penny (penelope), and lucy are my other favs

  • Rachel

    Jeff loves Ratatouille, right? I love Remi for a boy or a girl! Remi Dean. Remi Lane.

  • Natalie

    I named my son Ben after the bear in the Teddy Bear Picnic cartoon but I also liked the names Benji or Ben Jean for a boy.
    For a girl Harmony sounds pretty with your last name and so does June and Autumn.

  • Chloë

    I was almost named Phoebe so I’m partial to that name, but I’m not sure how well it goes with Arlo. I’ve also always loved the name Ezra for a boy and it would be cute with the middle name Dean or Lane!

  • Jessie

    I am so excited about this baby name series!

    Arlo and Remi/Remy would be very sweet together. Possibly Augustus with the nickname Gus. Etta seems to check some of your boxes for a girl’s name.

    • Jessie

      Forgot to add: you could name her Henrietta and call her Etta for short, in honor of the Henry in your family.

      • Kelly

        I absolutely LOVE Etta. Haven’t been able to sell Jeff on it (yet) though! 😉

        • Jessie

          Me too! We plan on using Henrietta, nickname Etta, if we have a girl. My husband’s great-grandma’s name was Henrietta. Funnily enough, it’s the only girls name I’ve been able to sell my husband on! (Mae, Jane, Willa, Flora, Mari, Winifred, Alice, Thea, Ruth, and Della all shot down by the husband 😂 )

  • Creating Me

    How about Willow/ Willo ? Seems to go great with Arlo!

    Willo Mindell

    Harry Mindell is always cute.

    Aila Mindell

    Darla Mindell

    Stella Mindell

    Selene Mindell

    Hoping it’s a girl!! She’d have such a magical time with your family!

  • Amelia

    Oh here we go!


    Wesley (Wes for short)

    Gender non-specific:

  • Moriah

    Do some digging into your family history for inspiration! Alden is a last name from our family tree that I have always loved as a first name (it’s an A name, but just throwing it out there as an example of finding something that’s unique but still has a personal resonance!).

    Jean is a middle name that has personal meaning for me as well, so Clara Jean is a name that I have spent a lot of time considering. Clara is, of course, the little girl in the Nutcracker – which is a special connection for me and I think all little girls who grew up loving ballet. And then CJ works as a nickname!

    One more suggestions just based on phonetic sibling cuteness and a love for children’s literature… Arlo and Eloise (Lane?)!

  • Marie

    Arlo & Flora go great together! Honestly though i would just focus on a name you love, regardless of if it “goes with” Arlo. They will be together and go together as siblings anyways.
    My backups/second choice boy bames were Clarence and Emery, which were actually the names of both my grandfathers! I love that they aren’t super common names, but also not weird😂
    we named our son Dillinger Wolf, and any advice I can give is to think of ANY name as a possibility. I had only heard Dillinger as a last name, and one day met a little boy named Dillinger and instantly fell in love with it as a first name. It is also a band😂great names can come from anywhere!

  • Anne

    We are currently watching „The Imagineering Story„ and one of the Imagineers was named Marty and I was immediately sold on the name in case we will have a second boy one day… Our now 4-months old is a Theo and I like the sound of Theo and Marty… similar like Arlo and Marty.

    For girls I like: Ruby, Holly, Lily

  • Tabitha

    I love talking about baby names! Here’s a list of she of my favorites that are shorter/ end with a vowel:



    Gender neutral:
    Jamie (not super unique, but I think it sounds nice with Arlo)
    Teddy (my husband is named Teddy and I know a super cute little girl named Teddy and think it’s the cutest thing! And I think it sounds cute with Arlo too!)

  • Jill

    Felix, Ferris, Jude

  • Kristine Quick

    Girl: Lydia, Tabitha, Daphne

    Neutral: Sully (Sullivan)

  • Anne

    Hi from Sweden!
    I don’t know many Disney names that would work as most of them tend to sound strange to a Scandinavian ear. But the classical Daisy and Minnie are pretty! I’m all for alliteration so I think Minnie Mindell is a show stopper! Also baby clothes with daisies would be so pretty. In Sweden you could be called Mina (traditionally short for wilhelmina) also cute.

    There’s a Finnish (I think) name Mika that is used for either gender, alliteration again. Sorry! But how cute?

    My boy is called August but our contenders for him where Theo and Oscar. I still like them a lot.
    And my favourite Swedish girl name is Saga. My ex husband was against it so my daughter is called Martha but I still love Saga.

  • Heather

    Wow.. so crazy. I have a Arlo. He just turned 5 , a Arlo Dean! Dean after my Dad ( Robert Dean)
    We also haveirl and another boy.
    Girl – Moxie Mae Marin ( age 9)
    Boy- Ellis Wyatt ( age 7)
    Boy- Arlo Dean ( age 5)

  • Meghan

    Hi! Just wanted to weigh in on meanings behind names – our first born’s first & middle name are namesakes & cute and everything we were wanting! When number 2 came along we just…liked a name! His middle name is meaningful but his first name is just a name we liked. Turns out everyone still loves him 😂 number three will be here in a few weeks and he’s also getting “just a name” with a meaningful middle name. First kids get everything!

  • Jennifer

    Currently 7 months pregnant so I am loving this series! We don’t know what we are having so have both name options prepared- we are stuck in middle names though!

    Our top girl names- Margo (still not decided on spelling), Sunday, Goldie

    Top boy names- Sonny, August, Malin, Julian

    Mostly stuck on a middle name for Sonny!

    • Kelly

      Sunday is so great!!!!

      Sonny James, Sonny Valentine, Sonny Ford, Sonny Cruz? A few random ideas that popped into my head! I love the name Sonny!

  • Ashlyn

    Our son is Sully! Would be perfect for a possible Disney theme!

  • Tracy

    Silo or Dax for boys names!

  • Anne

    Names on my list that my husband won’t go for but I think sound great even if they don’t tick all your boxes!

    Woods (nickname could be Woody)

    Marigold (nickname Mari)

  • Victoria

    Super biased here, but I love Zane for a boy. It’s my brother’s middle name and a family name on my mom’s side going back at least to the mid-1800s. The world needs more Zanes!

  • Mac

    Gus Henry Mindel (could go August and use Gus as a nickname). Short, sweet, different but not crazy weird. Also has a Disney connection!

  • Eila

    I’d love to throw my own name in here. I think it’s kinda cute in combo with Arlo, it’s Eila.
    Goes with a lot of middle names, mine is Marie for example.
    Also there are a lot of different spellings:
    Mine is the Finnish version I think.
    There is Ayla, which is Turkish.
    Also Aila, Eyla, Isla, etc.

  • Mere

    We have a 9 year old Arlo ❤️ His big sister is Dita, and his little brother is Ezra. We liked unusual but familiar names, nothing too out there but not common either. Names are my favourite, I have a whole host I’m sad we never got to use and regularly joke we’ll need a menagerie so I can use them up! We loved Sadie, Dixie, Mae for girls. Rafferty was on my list for boys too x

  • Sabrina

    Boys: Arlo and…
    Cohen. Adler. Baker. Miller. Wells. Bodie. Hendrix. Warner. Greer. Crew. Duncan. Vaughn. Vale. Conrad. Quaid. Roux. Crosby. Ellis. Nix. Lian. Becker.

    Girls: Arlo and…
    Mundae. Wrenie. Lowie. Essie. Eden. Dovey. Bria. Vera. Aven. Lottie. Bea. Etta. Fleur. Magnolia. Laine. Adley.

  • Jenny

    My husband and I welcomed our daughter Millie 15 months ago. My moms middle name is Mildred and she always hated it and was she ever surprised when we announced Millie’s name! We say that Millie is “inspired by Mildred” as Millie is her full birth name (and no middle name), just Millie!

    The boy name we had picked out was Artie.

    I decided my “thing” is names that end in ‘ie’!

  • Jordonna

    Our daughters are Zoey Jane and Ava Jean, and a lot of people have said now you have A-Z

    So I think Zoe would be a good Name to go with Arlo

    Marlowe was also on our list. So that could be a fun one (or ridiculous) Arlo and Marlowe

  • Chelsea

    These are my favorites for you, some of which are on my own list:

    Matilda (Tilly)
    Simone (Cece)
    Francesca or Frances (Frankie)
    Niles or Miles
    Gustav (Gus)
    Theodore (Theo or Teddy)

  • Ariba

    When I think of name that goes with Arlo & a Disney name, all I can think of is Lilo! I know it’s more for a girl name but I think it would suite Lilo Mindell. Another alternative can be Luna too.

    As for a boy name, I am thinking of Ezra or Theodore (Theo). Ezra will fit better as Ezra Mindell (seems like a celebrity name now! Hahaha)

  • Jackie

    I think Penelope with the nickname of Penny is cute!

  • Tina

    My son’s name is Maximino nickname Max 😊

  • Kimmie

    I know you said no nature names, but my sister gave birth to her own “River”, after River Phoenix 😉

    My favorite name for a boy is Rogue, Phoenix for a girl! (No we didn’t coordinate on the River Phoenix theme, it just happened! I’m not looking to have any kids any time soon so we’ll see if it sticks hah

  • Kimmie

    Also! This might be completely out of left field – but the name Kylo is super unique and technically Disney 😉

  • Ash

    I love Oliver for a boy and Luna or River for a girl

  • Esperanza

    Joining this conversation at 2AM because quarantine life… I am obsessed with baby names. My husband and I have a working spreadsheet that we have used for both of our kids. We went a possibly-impossible route, and did ”X” as a first initial for both of them: Ximena (after the Latinx artist Ximena Sarinaña) and Xavier (pronounced Javier, NOT “EX-VAIER” or worse “SAVIER”). While we are still debating baby 3, I don’t necessarily feel a responsibility to give that baby an “X” name, though we do love Xiomara.

    In any case here is part of our list:

    For girls, I love for them to sound like magic, if that makes sense!?:
    Julia (pronounced in Spanish), Lucero (Luz or Lucy for short), Seraphina, Eloisa, Milagros (spanish for miracle), Fernanda, Sabrina, Cruz, Xiomara

    For boys: Santiago, Gael, Joaquin, Cruz, Emmanuel

  • Inga

    I’ve got an Otis Theo and always thought Otis and Arlo sounded really cute together 🙂

  • Irelynn

    I love names that can be traditionally non gender specific:
    Drew + Arlo, Arlo + Aiden, etc.

  • Jim jam

    Love this! This is my shortlist before I had my babies. Some of these could work.


    Belle (Disney theme!)



  • Skye

    Our daughter’s name is Everly Grace which we adore and suits her so perfectly. Expecting baby #2 so loving this series!

    Name ideas for mini Mindell #2

    Otis (Otis Dean could be cute)
    Remi / Remy

    Poppy (Poppy Jean?)

  • Johanna

    My daughters name is Esmé (es-may) and I think it would be so cute with Arlo, Arlo & Esmé. She loves it, she is now 7. Also her middle name starts with a J, so when I saw your list I though Esmé Jean was adorable.

    Good luck!

  • Kaitlin

    Thinking about some names of older family and friends, and some of these fit the style:
    • Roy
    • Eula (the lady we knew was Eula May—a two-namer!)
    • Eugene
    • Sammy (Sammy Lane is also from a book and is gender-neutral)
    • Enola
    • Tressa/Tessa

  • Stephanie Luo

    I love thinking about baby names too!
    With your specifics, I like Nico, Ezra (Ez), Tobias (Toby) for boy and Edie and Noe for girl.

  • Jasmin

    Come on Jeff – My brother is Hugo and people always compliment him! He was almost Rupert or Peter. My parents are English, so I guess a little older names but people love Hugo.

  • Alex

    For a girl I love “Zelda” – a unique name that has a link to good childhood memories – like Arlo from “The Good Dinosaur”. Or how about, Scout or maybe Matilda – Tilly for short?

    For a boy – I’ll admit I love Archer / Archie – I know you don’t want it to start with A though…
    How about Theodore – his nickname being Teddy? Arlo and Teddy 😀

    Or maybe Finn? Arlo and Finn?

    Theodore (Teddy)

  • Ashley

    Sullivan- with the nickname Sully

  • Lucy

    Boy I wish I could get my husband on board with some of these terrific names!

    My son is Oscar and we call him Ozzie, so a biased vote for that.

    We almost went the August/Gus route, but it is quite popular.

    I really like Clementine, Maude, Poppy, Belle, Evelyn or Scarlett for a girl.

    Best of luck!

  • Madeline

    I agree with a lot of the comments, Mia is a really cute name but sounds so similar to Mindell! I also like Remi, Pippa, Elsa, and Nora for girl names. Short and sweet. I personally like the name Violet for a girl. It’s classic but different and I like the flower reference! For boys I like Eli and Owen. I think Oliver (Ollie for short would be SO cute! It goes with your last name and sounds adorable with Arlo!)

  • Lindsay

    I am a self-titled NAME NERD and have been keeping a list since the 6th grade. (Now I just need a baby to name!)

    I have several long lists that I keep and once a name goes on it doesn’t come off, even if I don’t like it anymore. Then I have a few lists categorized by theme and then I have my actual favorite names that I’d use in real life.

    I really like Arlo a lot, and to me I think Arlo would fit in perfectly in my list that I call “Nick-Namey-Diner-Names.” I know that sounds a bit odd, but hear me out. This list consists of names that are or were considered more of a nick-name name than an actual “full” name and I think they all sound like friends who would have gone out to a diner together in the 50’s or so (think Archie comics). So, that being said, here are a few of my suggestions for additions to ARLO!

    Boys – Beau, Cal, Duke, Gus, Leo, Mack, Ollie, Otis, Rex

    Girls – Alice, Annie, Bea, Bess, Betsy, Betty, Bonnie, Dot, Edie, Lou, Josie, Nell

    Other than that, I’ll also suggest Disney’s Remy (Ratatouille), Toby (The Great Mouse Detective), Gideon (Pinocchio), Briar (Sleeping Beauty), Daisy (Duck), Kit (TailSpin), Winnie (The Pooh).

    Lastly, just names that I would really like to see in a set with Arlo for no other reason than liking them together: Arlo+Ace, Arlo+Ellis, Arlo+Felix, Arlo+Nico, Arlo+Ayla, Arlo+Cleo, Arlo+Eden, Arlo+Eliza, Arlo+Nova, Arlo+Olive, Arlo+Romy.

  • Jess

    I’m 36 weeks with our second and still haven’t locked in a boy name 😬 We don’t know what we are having.

    Girl name locked in from when we had our son and we are still set on that so hopefully a girl so we don’t have to worry about coming up with something.

    Our son is Knox Benjamin (his dads name) and Knox was a random name my partner came up with. Knox Mindell sounds good and goes well with Arlo!

    Our girl name is Cali (I actually really want it to be California) so her nickname would be Fawn but I can’t convince my partner on California but he’s happy with Cali. She’ll be Cali Jon, John is after an uncle that passed away. I wanted to save Jon (more feminine spelling) for a girl as I liked the uniqueness of it which is why my son didn’t get it, plus we thought Knox John was too much like Johnny Knoxville 🤪
    Cali Mindell is also cute but maybe too similar to Kelly so that would probably get confusing!

    The boys names we have on the shortlist list are Dana and Dune with middle name John. But just can’t decide! We also like Kelly for a boy but that would give us two KK initials with last name and it just gets confusing. Keidis is another name for a boy but again starts with a K!

  • Barbara

    Hi Kelly! So excited for this series, I would like to suggest Lola for a girl, I think it sounds nice with your last name, it’s short and ends with a vowel, and it also goes along well with Arlo. Flora as you said also sounds beautiful. Also saw Poppy in a previous comment, sounds cute as well, but I think it would be nice to have a name that would also sound good in Spanish 🙂

  • Anna

    I love the idea of this series! I just had a baby 2 months ago and I would have loved to have been featured since we had such a hard time deciding on her name. I don’t have any suggestions (Sorry!) but I totally get the not wanting to use another A name. I have a son named George and we just named our daughter Ginny but we don’t want to stick with the G initial for our other children and I am so worried about them feeling left out if we have a 3rd. But we loved the name Ginny too much not to use it. So hopefully we can find another G or that our 3rd wont feel left out!

  • Beth

    I think Rory is a cute name for a boy or girl and it would sound cute with Arlo!

  • Veronica

    Yay, baby name series! I’ve been waiting for this and I’m not even having kids anytime soon. I guess it’s because I’ve kept a list since I was a teenager, hahah! Well, here are a few ideas…

    Boys: Benicio (Ben/ Benny), Diego, Flynn, Francisco (Francis), Mateo (Mat), Oliver (Ollie), Vincent (Vinny);

    Girls: Coco, Doris/ Dora, Jane, Neve, Norma, Olivia (Liv), Ruby, Veronica (Ronnie), Zoey.

    I think they all go well with Arlo and with your last name and I tried to keep them short, sweet and “nicknamable”, haha! xx

  • Victoria

    We named our daughter Abril (April in spanish) and I think it would go great with a brother named Arlo!!

    She has a million nicknames but none have anything to do with her name lol but Abby could be one.

    I also love the name Haven.

    We’re now expecting a boy and love the name Franco but we’re not 100% sold.

  • Kendall

    No kids for me yet! But I also have been keeping a running list of potential baby names since high school so here’s my current Top 3 favorites:

    1. Theo (my dad’s name is Matthew/Mateo and I have always though Theo would be a nice nod to him even though this name is getting very popular)
    2. Oliver (possibly shortened to Oli)
    3. Irie (some popular guy in my high school was named this and I thought it was SO cool)

    1. Corrine (my great-aunt’s middle name that I just found out about through Ancestry – I loved her growing up and I love the name!)
    2. Talia (possibly shortened to Tali)
    3. Cleo (assuming Theo is not the sibling ha!)

  • Pipi

    I think Greta goes nicely with Arlo! I also love Grace and Flora

  • Delphine

    I have a Disney name for you! Perdita, Perdie for short 🙂 from 101 dalmatians

    I have an Ivy Constance & Margot Harriet 💖

  • kyra

    I offer my own name Kyra as a suggestion! Short and ending with a vowel. I pronounce it like the other spelling Keira and have met less than 5 other Kyras in my whole 25 years. I did always wish I had a cool nickname and Kiki was tossed around when I was little but (thankfully?) didn’t stick. I think it’s cute for a little kid but can’t picture being an adult called Kiki.

    Good luck!!

  • Molly

    I love the name Margo!

    But other names I like are Chloe, Sabina, Sasha, Jacey and Pia for girls!

    For boys, I like Sebastian and Jenson. 🙂

  • Katie

    Names were so hard to come up with for both of my kiddos! I had a running list throughout the adoption process, but then had 2 different stork drops (ahhhh!) and had to choose a name at a moment’s notice! Ultimately, I had to meet both of them first before I knew the right name…with our new daughter I ended up going with something completely not on my original list, go figure!

    I love my son’s name – Everett – classic, but not used super often. We call him “Ev” for short, but could also use “Rhett” as a nickname.

    Our daughter’s name is Chloe – I laugh because I almost always call her “Chlo” and don’t add the “e” when I talk to her.

    Other boy names I liked: Nico, Ezra

    Girl names: Sage (although could work for a boy too!), Meera, Navy, Vera

  • Elsie

    Dean Mindell sounds so nice

  • Alison

    We have boys Hank and Arlo. Other boy names considered: Otto, Sid, Wally, Benny, Ike

    For girls, we liked: Etta, Greta. Ida, Freya, Willa

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