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DIY Pretzel Pillow


DIY Pretzel Pillow

Did you KNOW National Pretzel Day is this Sunday, April 26th!? I sure hope so. In addition to snagging some free pretzels, I highly encourage you to make this pretzel PILLOW! ‘Cause everyone needs a pretzel pillow, ladies and gents. Yes, it does involve a little sewing but it’s the perfect beginner sewing project becase it is SO easy. Stitch, twist and salt! Ba-BAM! Let’s do this.

DIY Pretzel Pillow

DIY Pretzel Pillow

Brown Fabric – Cotton, Polyester or Knit Works!
White Felt
Sewing Machine + Thread
Sewing Needle
Fabric Glue
Polyester Stuffing

DIY Pretzel Pillow DIY Pretzel Pillow
DIY Pretzel Pillow DIY Pretzel Pillow
DIY Pretzel Pillow DIY Pretzel Pillow
DIY Pretzel Pillow
DIY Pretzel Pillow DIY Pretzel Pillow

1. Cut a strip of fabric, about 10″ by 60″ (or whatever the length of your fabric is). Making the strip wider or shorter will result in a fatter pretzel. Making it narrower or longer will result in a bigger, skinnier one!
2. Fold your fabric in half, right sides together, and stitch around the perimeter (with a 1/2″ seam allowance), leaving a 3″ gap on one end for stuffing.
3. Trim the corners of your fabric off, close to the stitching.
4. Flip your pillow right side out.
5. Stuff the pillow! Since the pillow is long and narrow, you can use a yardstick or dowel to help push the stuffing down towards the end of the pillow.
6. Hand stitch the gap you left using a slip stitch. Here’s a great tutorial for a slip stitch!
7. Time to twist! Follow the gif above to twist your tube into a pretzel! Tack the pretzel together where it twists, and where the ends meet the bottom of the pretzel with a few quick hand stitches.
8. Cut small squares of white felt (AKA salt!).
9. Use fabric glue to glue the salt onto the pretzel.

DIY Pretzel Pillow

Photos by Studio DIY

I’m kind of really feeling pretzels right now, guys. They’re up there in the running for becoming my next “thing”! How do we feel about that!? Happy National Pretzel Day!!!!


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