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10 Things I Want To Do Before I Turn 30 (+ A Giveaway!)


10 Things I Want To Do Before I Turn 30

Unpopular opinion perhaps but I’ve never been one to be scared of getting older. In fact, for as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to BE older. But writing 30 up there felt SUPER WEIRD.

Ok, ok… so later this month, I turn 29. Which means I have almost exactly a year until I’m no longer a twenty-something. CRAZY but I’m looking forward to it. I spent my twenties graduating college, getting married, starting a family and figuring out how to run a growing business, and there were so many question marks, curveballs and “what ifs.” I’m sure my thirties will have its fair share of those too, but I feel really excited to head into a new decade already having been through so many of those life changes and ready to start living the life I’ve been building for our family.

Alllll that said, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit there were still a few big things I want to do before I hit the big 3-0!! I love making bucket lists and resolutions, so this was the perfect excuse to actually write down these things as the clock ticks down!! I partnered with Olay today to share ’em with you guys. Olay is celebrating women everywhere who are hitting all milestones in life including that thirty, flirty and thriving milestone! In fact, THIRTY of you (YES, THIRTY!!!!) will have the chance to win an awesome box of goodies from Olay over on my Instagram later today!! So, keep an eye over there, and then read below to see what I’m still hoping to accomplish in this FINAL year of my twenties!

10 Things I Want To Do Before I Turn 3010 Things I Want To Do Before I Turn 30

1. Grow Our Family: We’re so excited to have a big family some day and are planning to start the adoption process again sooner than later! It’s so crazy to think about Arlo being the “big” brother but I just can’t wait for him to have a sibling to hang and play with! Eeeek!!!

2. Take a Big Trip: Since we’ll likely be adding to our family (see above, haha!), we’ve been thinking a lot about taking a big family trip before we have another babe in the mix. One of the top contenders is Australia. Eeeeek! I am such a huge fan of all the art and design there that part of me feels like I’d never come back but we may finally just go for it and make the trip. The flight kind of terrifies me but I know it will be worth it!!

3. Make Retirement A Priority: Well, retirement is always a priority (Amiright!? LOL) but I mean saving for that retirement. Jeff and I both have retirement accounts started but they aren’t something that we contribute to regularly and that needs to change. Money is my number one worry in life and I stress about it ALL the time. Especially in LA and with kids. YOWZA. The sooner you start, the more you can save and the more it compounds, so this is a non-negotiable thing I need to focus on and plan for before I exit my twenties.

10 Things I Want To Do Before I Turn 30

4. Have A Girl’s Weekend with my BFF: I got to spend a not-planned weekend with just my best friend Lauren a few weekends back and it was something I didn’t know how badly I needed. Since Lauren, her husband Mike, Jeff and I all know each other from college we almost always see each other all together but it was so nice having some time just the two of us. Want to try to plan another weekend like this.

5. Prioritize My Skin: Samantha is our office skin care expert and not a day goes by without her talking about how important it is to take care of your skin now if you want it to look good in 10, 30, 40 years! I just gotta start actually listening! The box of goodies Olay sent had some skincare goodies in it (like their Ultimate Eye Cream and their Regenerist Whip Moisturizer) so I’m excited to get started.

10 Things I Want To Do Before I Turn 30

6. Find the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe: Lauren and I decided during our Mexico trip that we were going to spend our final year of our twenties (She’s just one week older than me!) finding the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe. We’re going to try a new recipe each month and cross compare our thoughts. Luckily, we have the same taste in cookies so we should be on the same page. 😉 We both want to be that person that makes the *best* cookies! I may do a whole other post on our findings, let me know if you’d wanna see it!

7. Develop Some “Signature” Dishes: While we’re talking food, I’m not a chef by ANY means, in fact I don’t even cook real meals most nights, but I’d love to settle in on some recipes that I make and love for when we’re entertaining or just as “go-tos” to have on hand so Arlo can say “I love mom’s _________.” Haha! Is that weird!? My sister-in-law always comes to mind when I think of this as she has some awesome go-to recipes that everyone knows and loves her for!

8. Invest In My Wardrobe: I will always be a “more is more” person when it comes to my wardrobe. I like trying out new trends, I have a shoe problem… really this isn’t news to any of you. But I would like to start spending a little more on quality staple pieces. I want to start honing in on the “best” jeans and the “best” white t-shirt so that I don’t just pick up the one closest to me when I need it in a pinch and then end up not loving it. Things that I’m going to wear frequently are 100% worth the investment!

10 Things I Want To Do Before I Turn 30

9. Find A Morning Routine That Works: Every interview I read or listen to with a successful person starts with a solid morning routine I do not have this. Currently, I wake up to Arlo whining from his room and then immediately jump into mom mode and squeeze in breakfast, makeup and getting dressed in between. I think the reality is, I need to start setting my alarm for an hour before he wakes up so I have time get myself together before he jumps into the mix!

10. Make Our House A Home: Obviously this is an ongoing one, but we’ve been in our house for almost a year now (which is NUTS!!) and it still doesn’t fully feel like a home. I’m hoping to really focus in on some of our bigger renovation projects and get moving on them so we have more space and so we make the home more functional for our family. Every time I’ve finished a room, I’ve felt SO good about it and have really enjoyed the design process, so I’m excited to get the rest of the house wrapped up too!

10 Things I Want To Do Before I Turn 30

Photos by Jeff Mindell

If you’re under 30, what’s number one on your list to do before you hit that number?! And if you’ve already turned 30… anything you’re glad you did or wish you did? I’d love to hear! And be sure to pop over to Instagram later today to enter to win an amazing Olay box!!

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  • Michelle

    There are some good plans in there! Although I still have a little bit of time left before I turn 30, some of the things you mentioned would probably go on my list as well, like building a home, developing some signature dishes (good idea!) and investing in my wardrobe. I am still a student, so I hope I can spend some more on good clothes when I start working!

  • Heather O

    I just turned 28 so I have two years and the number one thing on my list is finding a job / career that I really love. My current one sort of just fell in my lap and I know I can be doing more! I loved your list, I’ll have to take some time to actually write down my list!

    • Kelly

      Thanks Heather! And I think that’s an awesome goal! I have a few friends who were in similar situations with their jobs and felt exactly like you do! It’s been so cool to watch them try new things and switch up their career path!

  • Jamie O.

    Averie Cooks has some of the best, if not the best, cookie recipe’s I’ve found online!

  • elsie

    I love these!!!! The chocolate chip cookie one is my fave!

    We’re thinking the same thing- vacation wise. It’s totally different planning a vacation with a little kiddo. Like, TOTALLY different. haha

    Love you!

    • Kelly

      Thanks Elsie! Yes, it’s SOO different!! Fun to see the world through their eyes, but soo much more planning has to go into it!

  • Jessi

    Omg. I turned 29 last month and I still don’t know what I want to become when I grow up XD I can’t believe you are 29!! Daaaamn. Now I feel like a little failure oops :p

    • Kelly

      You’re not a failure!! There are so many successful women who didn’t find their career path until their 30s or even 40s! Jen Gotch, Vera Wang and Ina Garten are a few that come to mind!

  • Christie Grix

    I am a chocolate chip cookie fiend! My favorite recipe is America’s Test Kitchen recipe-
    BUT I have 2 adjustments. Brown the butter before you use it and sprinkle flaky sea salt over the top when you’re finished.

    You should definitely do a round-up post of your favorite recipes. I’m always up for adding one to the mix!

    • Kelly

      Adding this to our list!!! Thank you!!! (And will definitely do a post!)

  • kelly

    #6!! I’m glad I’m not the only crazy baker out there – finding the best Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe has been on my list for years. Over time I’ve gathered the best recipes for other cookies, but I’m still searching for the Chocolate Chip one!!

  • Becky

    We’re totally in the big family boat, too. Trying to have our FOURTH and final baby before I hit 30 next fall. 🙌

    Prayers for you guys as you start your next adoption journey. We’re all rooting for you, Jeff, and Arlo!

  • Corinne

    I have two months to go. I’m feeling pretty good about what I’ve accomplished at this point. A month ago, I had to have an emergency appendectomy. Despite it being a routine procedure, the seriousness of the situation was a good wake up call for me to start focusing on really experiencing life, enjoying my time with my husband and kids, and not getting too hung up on where I am with all my “projects.” I appreciate the way you and Jeff make family time a priority. That is definitely my goal leading up to my thirtieth.

    • Kelly

      Happy (almost) birthday! I’m so glad you are OK!! Having had a few similar “wake up calls,” I totally get what you mean. It really helps you prioritize what’s important in life. Yay for more family time!!

  • Celina

    Love this post! I’m only three months from thirty (HOLY YIKES!), and I’ve been trying to squeeze in as much as possible!

    For money stuff, I recommend the book I Will Teach You to Be Rich by Ramit Sethi. It is written in understandable English and was the first time I found money talk accessible. It also kicked my butt into gear to start saving.

    You could also consider opening an investment account with a service like Ellevest. There are plenty out there, I like Ellevest because it is a women-empowered business that both takes our financial needs into consideration and invests in businesses that support women and the world. You can start with tiny baby steps, like even $50 a month, but it’s money that wouldn’t grow otherwise.

    As for chocolate chip cookies, check out the Food Lab recipe. Kenji made thousands of cookies to figure out exactly which variables impact what. He developed his own perfect cookie, but he explains how you can alter the recipe to suit your own needs. Warning: It’s a long read!

    Happy almost birthday!

  • Emma

    Yesss come to Australia!

  • torrents

    This is such a great list. I will follow this. Now I’m 27 years old. I have 3 years to do my wish list.

  • color picker

    Aw~ Love your post. I’m also not scared of getting older, and I’m 28, just two more years to reach 30. I have never thought seriously about retirement, like it’s another world. Your list helps me realize I should worry for my future more 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

  • Janssen

    I know it’s totally presumptuous but I feel CERTAIN my chocolate chip cookie recipe is the best one ever 😉

    And to back me up, The Kitchn wrote about it. Ha!

  • hotmaIl sign up login

    It is really a great and useful information part. I am very good


    I love this list! I still have five years until 30 but this post has made me revisit my five year plan. Also, I’m definitely going to spend the next year looking for the best chocolate chip recipe, too. Haha!

  • Holly

    I haven’t even THOUGHT about 30 yet, but I probably should start since it’s getting close. However, I have been on my own mission for the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe and tried soooo many, and this one is my personal favorite!

  • Cari

    Woo, Australia! I really hope you do come here so you can show me the studiodiy vibes in my own country! Adelaide is great! I turn 30 in a few months so I will be making a “things i want to do in my 30’s” list, as i am a bit late for the pre-30 lists. Good luck with the cookies!

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